Arn Anderson Reveals Why The Four Horsemen Never Arrived In WWE

Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard were one-half of the infamous The Four Horsemen when they left the NWA to join the then-WWF. According to Anderson, the WWF crowd made it clear that they knew who he and Blanchard were.


"We came through the curtain and everybody threw [The Four Horsemen hand sign] up," Anderson said on an episode of "Ask Arn" on AdFreeShows. "And we had a match and went back through the curtain and go '[The Four Horsemen hand sign] is dead, no more of that. You are The Brain Busters, you are not The Four Horseman.' It was Jack Lanza who I have nothing but respect for, love him, we knew he wasn't kidding." 

According to Anderson, they were part of a big machine that was "winning convincingly," and the former NWA Tag Team Champions team worked hard to prove their loyalty to the company. 

"They gave us the opportunity [to come up with a name] saying 'obviously the Horseman thing isn't gonna fly,'" Arn explained further. "Everything you'd done in the past, when you came to WWF you became someone different." 


Arn says neither he nor Tully could come up with anything, and that he doesn't remember if it was them or new manager Bobby Heenan that came up with the name "The Brain Busters," but the name stuck. Anderson and Blanchard went on to win the WWF World Tag Team Championship during their tenure with the now WWE, but Anderson soon found himself back in WCW in 1989.