Magnum T.A. Recalls Massive Food Fight Involving Road Warrior Hawk And Ric Flair

One of the biggest "What if?" scenarios in the history of professional wrestling revolves around Magnum T.A., real name Terry Allen. In 1986, when he was one of the top babyfaces for Jim Crockett Promotions, the predecessor company to WCW, Allen, then just 27 years old, fell victim to a car accident that ended his in-ring career. He was almost surely the next babyface in line to stand atop the company as Dusty Rhodes slowed down. He stayed involved in wrestling for the next several years but has largely been on the outside looking in ever since leaving his WCW office job in the early 1990s. The exception would be autograph signings and other similar appearances, and on Thursday, the Norfolk Navy Flagship published a new interview with Magnum to promote an area independent show. Asked for his best printable Ric Flair story, he had to think it over before answering.

"Comically enough, one of the great Ric stories was in Richmond, Virginia," he said, flashing back to a company dinner at the Sheraton Hotel after the 1986 Great American Bash show in Richmond. "Road Warrior Hawk is sitting there, Flair has flipped some food over and it hit Hawk. Well, Hawk, of course, returns the favor and the biggest food fight that I ever personally seen in my life that probably rivals the food fight in the movie Animal House and Ric was the catalyst of the whole thing. It turned into the biggest fiasco to the point."

The next morning, Flair, Rhodes, and Magnum, the only ones staff could reliably identify, were banned from the hotel. "Supposedly, we had done $2,500 water damage that Jimmy of course had to pay. Ric was just classic like that," Magnum added. "He liked to play hard and every night he went out in the ring and gave you 60 minutes, tear the house down and do only what Ric Flair can do."

Magnum T.A. appears at the VCW show in Hampton, Virginia next Saturday, March 18.