Missy Hyatt Claims She Was The Original Choice To Be 'Macho Man' Randy Savage's Valet

Over the course of his career, "Macho Man" Randy Savage's name became synonymous with that of Miss Elizabeth. Elizabeth was a key part of his persona, a gentle counterbalance to his wild rage. She would play an integral role in arguably the greatest storyline WWE has ever told — the Mega Powers' explosion. However, despite her perfect fit with Savage, Miss Elizabeth wasn't at the top of the list to fill the role. In a recent interview, "The First Lady of Wrestling" Missy Hyatt revealed that she received a call from WWE about taking the gig.

"I was originally supposed to be his valet," Hyatt told "GAW TV." "I sent my photos to George Scott who was in the booker in — it was WWF at the time ... He was like, 'We want you to be Randy Poffo's valet,' and it was really Randy Savage. And when Randy found out he was getting a valet or a manager, he was like — he wanted his wife to do it because he was cheap with the money." His wife at the time was Miss Elizabeth, and the rest is history.

As prime of a spot as that wound being, Hyatt managed to carve out her own path in the industry, primarily in WCW. There, she would find herself involved in a number of major storylines — such as her feud with Paul E. Dangerously — and was the manager of the Steiner Brothers early in her run with the company. 

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