Vickie Guerrero Reveals Origin Of 'Excuse Me,' Would Love To Interrupt MJF With It

Vickie Guerrero has two words for audiences around the world — "excuse me!" According to Guerrero, the now-famous catchphrase was essentially an ad-lib that took on a life of its own.

"'Excuse me' was a fluke," Guerrero told "The Whole Story" podcast. "I was going live on 'Raw' and I was in a wheelchair kayfabing that I was injured and they changed my promo about five or six times and I went out there and Teddy Long was pushing me in the wheelchair and I wasn't memorizing any of the promos." 

According to Guerrero, things kept changing in the script, with Vince McMahon having one of his infamous rewriting bouts. Guerrero was so flustered that she figured she was going to be fired by the end of the episode, to which her scene partner Teddy Long agreed. 

"He goes, 'Yeah, you're going to suck tonight, this is awful,'" Vickie chuckled. "He felt so bad for me." Guerrero says Long wheeled her out into the arena, and while she had her first two lines memorized, she quickly found herself lost, and the fans could tell that she was in over her head. 

The WWE Universe began pelting Guerrero with abuse, and so she yelled "excuse me" and had Long wheel her out of the arena, much to the glee of WWE writers, who then added it into every promo they wrote for her. 17 years later, Guerrero is still yelling her trademark catchphrase.

Now that Guerrero owns the catchphrase, she can say it wherever and to whoever, and there are two names that Vickie Guerrero wishes she could use her trademark line on. One, obviously, being her late husband Eddie Guerrero, who passed away before she coined the now famous interruption, and the other being AEW World Champion, MJF.