Impact Sacrifice Results (03/24): Busted Open Match, Six-Man Tag Team Main Event

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s results of Impact Wrestling: Sacrifice on March 24, 2023!

Headlining this year's Sacrifice event will be a six-man tag team match pitting unlikely teammates Steve Maclin, Rich Swann, and Frankie Kazarian up against Time Machine's Kushida and Motor City Machine Guns. Maclin is replacing Josh Alexander, who is now out indefinitely following a torn triceps. As a result, Alexander vacated the Impact World Championship, leaving Maclin and Kushida to battle at Rebellion on April 16 to crown the new titleholder.


Impact's first ever "Busted Open" match will go down as Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer look to settle their decades-long rivalry in the ring yet again. The two sat down at No Surrender last month for a live "Busted Open Radio" interview with Dave LaGreca, however Bully made things go south when he threw coffee in Dreamer's eyes. 

Another grudge match will see Deonna Purrazzo take on Gisele Shaw after Shaw scored a big win over "The Virtuosa" at No Surrender with help from Savannah Evans. We will also hear a status update on Knockouts World Champion Mickie James as Impact announced Thursday that she will not able to defend against Jordynne Grace as scheduled due to injury.

Lince Dorado will make his Impact debut when he challenges Trey Miguel for the X-Division Championship. Another singles title match will see Brian Myers challenge Joe Hendry for the Digital Media Championship. Meanwhile, Ace Austin and Chris Bey will defend the Impact Tag Team titles against TMDK.


Rounding out the card is Jonathan Gresham vs. Mike Bailey in a rematch from No Surrender, plus Kenny King vs. PCO.


Countdown: Eddie Edwards def. Bhupinder Gujjar

Countdown: Rosemary def. KiLynn King

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Mike Bailey vs. Jonathan Gresham

They start off quickly, running around each other and trading offense. They roll to the outside locked up and then split on the floor. Gresham is leaning heel and picks Bailey apart while remaining cocky. Bailey is able to get back to his feet and tries a headlock but gets his left arm twisted. Gresham tries stretching Bailey's foot, but he reaches the bottom rope to break it. Gresham couldn't untangle it at first and Bailey gets frustrated.


Bailey unloads with kicks and then boots Gresham out of the ring. Bailey moonsaults out onto him. Back inside, Bailey chops Gresham and then gets tripped to the mat. Gresham slams Bailey's left leg into the mat several times to show his aggression. Gresham continues working the left ankle until Bailey kicked his way free. Gresham floats back into an ankle lock. Bailey breaks free and lands a shooting star press for a nearfall.

Bailey delivers more kicks until Gresham wipes out the left leg again. The crowd chants "this is awesome" as they rise to their feet. Bailey kicks Gresham's legs, but Gresham counters with a figure four. Bailey tries to keep his shoulders up before rolling to the bottom rope. Out on the apron, Gresham drives Bailey's left knee into the apron. Back inside they trade kicks before Bailey does the tornado kick. Gresham dodges Ultimo Weapon. Bailey locks Gresham in a leg lock and Gresham quickly taps.


Winner: Mike Bailey

Gia Miller interviews Brian Myers backstage. Moose walks up and says he's going to help Myers beat Hendry tonight. Santino walks up and declares Moose if forbidden from ringside.

Digital Media Title: Joe Hendry (c) vs. Brian Myers

Hendry cuts a promo before the match regarding Myers and Moose.

Hendry hip tosses Myers a couple times to start. Myers rolls out to recover. Hendry chases after and body slams Myers on the floor. Back inside, Myers flatlines Hendry and applies a headlock. Myers attempts covers before digging his knee into Hendry's back. Hendry gets back to his feet and clotheslines Myers before doing a fallaway slam. Hendry hits a cutter off the ropes for a two count. Myers comes back with an implant DDT for a cover. Myers connects with a spear for another nearfall. Hendry catches Myers with a cutter and then hits Standing Ovation for the three.


Winner: Joe Hendry (c)

Mickie James announcement

Mickie James sits down with Santino and Gia Miller backstage. Mickie said she is not cleared to compete tonight or at Multiverse United. Mickie says she hopes she can compete at Rebellion. However, Jordynne Grace will face the winner of the Multiverse United match at Rebellion for the title. If Mickie is cleared by then, the match will be a three-way with Mickie defending.

Gisele Shaw vs. Deonna Purrazzo

Purrazzo takes it to Shaw right away with punches. They spill to the outside where Evans clotheslines Purrazzo while the ref was checking on Shaw. Back inside, Shaw hits a series of running uppercuts, cover. Shaw keeps Purrazzo grounded briefly before getting hit with a neckbreaker. They get back to their feet for more punches and clotheslines from Deonna, Russian Legsweep follows. Shaw locks in the wrist as they trade more blows. Purrazzo does elbow strikes to the head and applies Venus Demilo for the win.


Winner: Deonna Purrazzo

After, Evans attacks Deonna in the ring and unloads with punches. Evans goes to slam Purrazzo and out comes Tasha Steelz. She comes face to face with Evans and they agree to attack Deonna. When Evans turns her back, Steelz strikes. Steelz DDTs Jai Vidal and lands a cutter on him before tossing him out.

Kenny King vs. PCO

King attacks PCO before the bell rings. PCO takes King down and stomps on his gut. King gets PCO out of the ring where Eddie teases attacking. Back inside, King punches away. PCO appears to "short circuit" and runs out of the ring only to land on no one. PCO then dives out on another side and wipes King out. PCO clotheslines King inside. PCO does a leg drop onto the back of King's head. King fires back on outside the ring where he drops PCO on the floor a couple times with the mat exposed.


King covers PCO back inside, but he kicks out. King hits a snap suplex, kick out again. King hits a frog splash, kick out. PCO punches King through a chair and covers for the win.

Winner: PCO

Maclin talks to Kazarian and Swann backstage.

We see a video package advertising Jody Threat is coming to Impact.

X-Division Title: Trey Miguel (c) vs. Lince Dorado

Miguel refuses to shake Dorado's hand but Dorado does an arm drag and drop kick. Miguel does a huricanrana out on the floor. Back in, Miguel does a dropkick before holding Dorado in the ropes. Miguel rakes the eyes and applies a left leg lock. Dorado clotheslines Trey on the apron and low dropkicks him out of the ring. Dorado leaps off the top to level the champ. In the ring, Dorado delivers chest chops and a powerslam for a cover.


Dorado hits a series of moonsaults until Trey rolls away and hits an enziguri to capitalize. Miguel rolls through after an attempted flip and then hits a series of kicks for a cover. Dorado follows Trey up top for a huricanrana. Dorado hits the Lucha Lit shooting star, but Trey evades the ring. Trey tries a roll up and then kicks Dorado on the turnbuckle before hitting a sunset powerbomb. Trey flips Dorado into a cover and scores the three.

Winner: Trey Miguel (c)

Tag Titles: Bullet Club (c) vs. TMDK

Haste and Ace start things off. Bey and Ace double team Haste after Tito gets knocked off the apron. Bey attempts a cover. Haste manages to tag Tito, who hits Ace with a standing blue thunderbomb, cover. Tito holds his foot on Ace's groin in the ropes. Haste returns but Ace punches his way out for a moment only to be hit with a suplex. Haste keeps Ace grounded with a wrist lock. Ace gets to his feet and kicks Haste to get Bey tagged in.


Bey wipes out Tito on the apron and then dives onto him. Bey lands The Finesser on Haste for a two count. Tags made. Tito catches Ace with an enziguri and gut wrench powerbomb. Tito dives out onto Bey for payback. Haste plants Ace as Tito hits a frog splash only for Bey to break the cover. Bey drops Tito with a slam, Ace covers, and Haste breaks it. Bey and Ace double knee strike Haste on the apron before double kicking Tito in the ring. Ace and Bey hit their combo and Ace covers for the win.

Winners: Bullet Club (c)

Busted Open Match: Tommy Dreamer vs. Bully Ray

Bully ambushes Dreamer with a chair shot. They scrap at ringside until Dreamer tosses Bully and a chair into the ring. Dreamer has an ECW title in hand as the ref calls for the bell to officially start the match. They do dueling chair shots until Bully is struck. Dreamer runs the ECW belt into Bully's head outside. Dreamers mists Bully wit a drink and then uses the soda can against the skull. Bully drops Dreamer on the barricade crotch-first. Bully takes a drink and tosses it in the face of a hockey player in the front row.


Bully finds a step ladder under the ring and uses it against Dreamer's head. Bully makes the ref hold the step ladder while he gets on it and goes for a splash, but Dreamer moves and hits a DDT. Dreamer spreads tacks over the mat. Bully flips Dreamer over his shoulder and then retrieves a cheese grater. Dreamer manages to grab it and ambushes Bully but flattens the ref. Dreamer hits Bully who rolls out. Bully is bleeding as the ref is down.

The Good Hands run down and try to attack Dreamer. Hotch wipes Bully's face off as Dreamer cutters Skyler. Dreamer grabs Bully back into the ring, but Bully throws tacks in Dreamer's eyes. Bully then shoves Dreamer's face into the tacks on the mat. Both are bleeding and the ref is still down. Dreamer grabs a cheesegrater and tries to use it as Bully resists. Dreamer presses but Bully convinces him to stop. Bully low blows him and then throws more tacks into Dreamer's arm. Dreamer is shoved into the ring post outside. Good Hands roll Dreamer into the ring as the ref gets up and sees Dreamer is bleeding.


Winner: Bully Ray

After, Good Hands set up a table until Yuya runs down to the make the save. The numbers game catches up. The hockey player tries to enter the ring but security stops him. Bully tells them to let him go. The Red Wings hockey player and Bully duke it out until Good Hands beat him down. McCarty is sent through a table by all three men.

Scott D'Amore walks out and takes his jacket off. Then out walks Heath, Rhino, Hendry, Gresham, and Bailey and they all chase Bully and Good Hands off. Hotch sneaks up and tries to attack D'Amore only to get hit with a Canadian Destroyer from the VP.

Maclin, Swann & Kazarian vs. Time Machine

Swann and Shelley start the bout with a lock up. Shelley takes Swann down and flexes. Swann fist bumps him before they tag out to Kaz and Sabin who go back and forth with attempted headlocks. Kaz arm drags out of it but then gets arm dragged himself. Kushida and Maclin meet as Kushida takes him down into a headlock. They run around each other until Maclin cuts him off with a back elbow. Shelley gets the tag as Time Splitters double team for a moment.


Shelly works Maclin's left arm. Swann gets the tag and he delivers kicks to Shelley to control the pace. Time Splitters double hold Swann, which frustrates Maclin and Kaz to the point Sabin kicks Swann while the ref is distracted. Maclin and Kushida come face to face but Maclin turns his back as Time Machine all beat down Swann. Shelley picks Swann's right hand apart. Kaz comes in and backstabs Kushida before wiping out Shelley's legs.

Kaz manhandles all of Time Machine one by one with slams and leg drops. Sabin returns the favor and holds his own against the three opponents. Sabin does a dropkick/flatliner combo with Shelley to pin Kaz. Swann returns to clothesline Sabin. Shelley works Maclin's left arm and tags Kushida who hits a senton and crossbody. Maclin comes back with caught in the crosshairs spear. Kaz and Swann both hit Kushida with cutters. Swann 450 on Kushida, nearfall.


Time Machine takes all three men down with different submissions. Maclin breaks free and punches all three from Time Machine. They turn it around with triple team offense before triple kicking Swann. Maclin tags in and goes up top with Kushida but gets his elbow hyperextended. Sliced Bread from Shelley to Swann. Maclin double clotheslines MCMG. Kushida applies Hoverboard Lock on Maclin for the win.

Winners: Time Machine

Time Machine celebrates as Maclin watches from the ramp in disappointment.