Edge Doesn't Miss Being On The Road With WWE, Says His Favorite Job Is Being A Dad

Since returning to WWE, Edge has been working a part-time schedule and he told Sportsnet 520 The Fan that he is "really happy with the balance" as he gets to enjoy wrestling, acting, and his number one role — being a father – which he described as his "most important job."


Edge has appeared regularly on television during this run, and a big part of that is because of his love for the locker room as he enjoys joking around and being a mentor to the younger talent. However, despite being a veteran of life as a WWE Superstar that doesn't mean that he enjoys all of it. 

"The one thing I never enjoyed was the road. I can do it, I can do it with my eyes closed," he said. "But I would much prefer to be sitting on my deck and watching the sunset with my girls, and putting them to bed than anything else."

While Edge finds it "amazing and spectacular" that he has been able to wrestle again after nine years retired, the focus for him very much remains on his family and being a father. The WWE Hall Of Famer has two young daughters with Beth Phoenix and it is all about getting his priorities in order at the moment.


"If I could wrestle and be home every night, I could do it, I feel like I could do it my body feels great," he said. "Next week I fly out on Wednesday and I don't get home until Monday and I know the girls will be bummed. They like having dad around, and moms and dads bring different things to the table ... my most enjoyable job is being a dad."

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