Carmelo Hayes Believes He And Bron Breakker Will Headline WrestleMania One Day

Carmelo Hayes might be about to get a shot at the "WWE NXT" Championship in the main event of NXT Stand & Deliver, but he is already looking ahead as he told Under The Ring that he and Bron Breakker will "probably be a match that's on WrestleMania" in the future. 

The two men have been key parts of "NXT" since the company rebranded and refocused the show to be more about developing fresh stars rather than independent talent, and fans have often said both are ready for a main roster call-up. However, the idea of going on to headline WrestleMania isn't out of the realm of possibility, as "NXT" alumni Roman Reigns is showcasing this year.

"What they can expect is to see two guys who really, in the next five years, are going to be the future of WWE. This is a match in its infancy, a rivalry in its infancy that will headline a WrestleMania one day," Hayes said. "The limits are just limitless between our feud as far as what we can do."

Before he reaches the heights of WrestleMania, Hayes will be focusing on attempting to become the "NXT" Champion for the first time. Hayes has steadily risen up the card on the developmental brand, and he believes that he has earned the opportunity this weekend.

"I really did start from the bottom of NXT and worked my way through every single rank to get to this point... 18 months we talk about all the time," he said. "That 18 months was a lot of ups and a lot of downs for me. It wasn't just a straight shot up to Bron Breakker."

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