AEW Dynamite Results (3/29): Adam Cole Returns To Action, Kenny Omega Vs. Jeff Cobb

This is Wrestling INC.'s live coverage of "AEW Dynamite" for March 29, 2023!

Tonight's main event will see the long-awaited return to in-ring action for Adam Cole. While he has been back on television for several weeks now, this will mark his first match since the AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door event in 2022 when he suffered a serious concussion. Tonight he gets the chance to go one on one against Daniel Garcia and has promised that he will be kickstarting a new chapter of his career.

Elsewhere there will be another major singles match taking place as Kenny Omega is once again in singles action as he will defend his IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship against Jeff Cobb. But Omega has also been dealing with attacks from Blackpool Combat Club as of late, as well as the fact that Adam Page has been hinting about wanting to reconcile with the rest of The Elite, which Don Callis helped to stop last week. 

Speaking of the BCC, the trio will be able to showcase their aggressive nature once again this week when they face former ROH World Six-Man Champions Dalton Castle and The Boys. 

There will also be another title on the line as Orange Cassidy defends his International Championship as he competes against The Butcher, who he has been battling against in recent weeks. As well as that there will be singles action for Jungle Boy as he continues his quest to win a title on his own this season as he competes against wrestling veteran Matt Hardy. 

Finally, Willow Nightingale will get the chance to keep fighting for the originals of the AEW women's roster as she goes one on one against Ruby Soho, who has recently aligned herself with fellow Outcasts Toni Storm and Saraya to terrorize the women's division. 

Jungle Boy vs. Matt Hardy

The two men shake hands to kick things off and the two then exchange a variety of holds until Matt Hardy drops "Jungle Boy" Jack Perry with a shoulder tackle, but the younger man responds with a dropkick which sends Hardy outside. Perry looks to dive out but Ethan Page gets in the way, Hardy tells him he is fine, and then Perry is able to hit the dive but he gets caught and dropped with a Side Effect. 

However, as Hardy is then being checked on by the official, Page takes a cheap shot and throws him into the barricade. Despite that Perry gets the best of the brawl with Hardy when he goes back to him and they then trade forearm strikes on the ring apron, but Hardy wins out with a Side Effect onto the apron. Back inside the ring, Hardy hits his Delete attack in the corner and follows it up with a powerbomb that gets a near fall. 

Hardy then starts focusing on the back of Perry, but he follows up with a big clothesline to turn things around, with a dropkick taking down the veteran. However, as he gets to the top turnbuckle Page provides a distraction, and that allows Hardy to take control and hit a superplex. HOOK has seen enough though as he heads down and starts brawling with Page, but Hardy pulls back HOOK to try to stop things only for HOOK to avoid a punch as Page hits Hardy. 

Perry then dives out to the outside and nails Hardy, and inside the ring, he avoids a Twist Of Fate and hits a Flatliner which he follows up with a running elbow strike to the back of the head. 

Winner: Jungle Boy

MJF then makes his way out and tells Perry it was kind of a Kanye move to interrupt his Re-Bar Mitzvah. He then recalls Perry's comments from that night and he agrees, as he says his job is a joke. He barely wrestles, he gets a fat cheque and then goes back to Long Island, while Perry's career has been mid. He credits Perry for clawing his way back to the top of the card and he has the right to be p*ssed at his lack of TV time, he can only feel that way about himself. 

MJF recalls their previous PPV match and he got to the back and felt that he'd met his match and a man he respected and he found Perry in the back and shuck his hand. Perry says that MJF told him nice guys finish last and that he should care about himself. MJF says Perry's former friends held him back, and he could have run this show, yet now he's the best wrestler in the world while Perry is still just Jungle Boy. 

Perry admits he wished he was more like MJF in certain ways, such as being a narcissistic piece of sh*t, but that isn't him, so if his road is harder then so be it. But when he becomes AEW World Campion, he won't wake up alone and hate the person he sees in the mirror. MJF praises that promo, but says Perry is weak, and he also says Anna Jay told him Perry is weak between the knees. That leads to Perry attacking him and he lays out the champion, but MJF scampers away just in time. 

Blackpool Combat Club vs. Dalton Castle & The Boys

Backstage Don Callis is shown with Kenny Omega and he says he lost his balance last week and it was his fault. He then questions why Omega judged Adam Page straight away and says he will take care of Page and apologize. 

A video package is then shown of 2.0 treating The Acclaimed to a day out and The Acclaimed say they will make a decision next week about possibly joining The Inner Circle.

As Dalton Castle and The Boys then try to make their entrance they get jumped from behind by Blackpool Combat Club who start the fight and when the match begins Brandon Tate ends up getting launched across the ring by Claudio Castagnoli. Outside the ring the rest of the members are being attacked and Castagnoli drops Tate with a huge Powerbomb to secure an immediate win. 

Winners: Blackpool Combat Club

Adam Page is then shown backstage and says Matt Jackson's bicep is partially torn and Nick Jackson has injured his shoulder. He confirms BCC did it, but then Callis shows up. He apologizes to Page and offers his hand to shake, but BCC then turn up and ambush Page and leave him laying before Moxley also drops Callis with a forearm which busts him wide open. 

Before the match Tony Schiavone informs Kenny Omega about the attack that just took place.

Kenny Omega (c) vs. Jeff Cobb (IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship Match)

Jeff Cobb starts by showing disrespect to Kenny Omega, but the champion sends the big man to the outside and then dives out of the ring onto Cobb. Omega then tries to lift up Cobb but his taped ribs give way on him and the challenger responds with a running brainbuster. Cobb then takes the action outside of the ring to launch Omega into the barricade and he then just stamps on Omega when they get back into the ring. 

Omega then looks to fight back with a few shots of his own, but Cobb instantly regains control with just one of his own. Cobb locks in a bear hug to continue to put pressure on Omega's injuries, but he fights out of it and connects with a big boot, but as he tries to lift Cobb his body gives way again. Cobb then picks Omega up and launches Omega across the ring and follows up with a big splash. 

He then tries to suplex Omega but he lands on his feet only to be caught with a quick right hand. However, there's a hesitation before his next move and Omega reverses and hits the V-Trigger which gets him a near fall. He looks for another but Omega is met with a dropkick instead only for Omega to hit a couple of dragon suplexes. He kicks away Cobb's arms and follows it with a big knee strike and another snap dragon, but Cobb instantly responds with a massive lariat as both men go down. 

Cobb then gets the best of their back-and-forth punches and he leaps into Omega in the corner once again. He follows that with a delayed vertical suplex from the top rope, and while Omega kicks out he is immediately hit with a standing moonsault and Omega has to kick out again. Cobb then mocks Omega and delivers a V-Trigger of his own before trying to hit a One-Winged Angel but Omega blocks it. Omega then blocks the Tour Of The Islands and Omega hits a V-Trigger of his own. Omega then powers up Cobb to hit the One-Winged Angel to retain. 

Winner (and still IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion): Kenny Omega

After the match the Blackpool Combat Club surrounds the ring...but Bryan Danielson makes his way out. He tells the BCC members to get off the ring apron as he makes them back down from the attack. Danielson lifts him up but then he turns on him and drops Omega with the Busaiku Knee as the rest of the group joins him in attacking Omega. He puts in the Lebell Lock while the rest of his group fights off the security and Brandon Cutler. 

Orange Cassidy (c) vs. The Butcher w/The Blade (AEW International Championship Match)

The Gunns are shown backstage mocking how long it took FTR to get to the top, claiming that they politicked to get the upcoming title shot. They say that FTR were their heroes, but not anymore, and that next week FTR's tag line makes sense... top guys, out. 

Before the bell rings for the title match The Blade attacks Orange Cassidy, but that leads to him getting kicked out from ringside. When the bell rings the champion goes for an Orange Punch and a Beach Break but neither land. He then tries his slow kicks but The Butcher has none of that and instead he just attacks Cassidy, which sees him catch Cassidy from the top turnbuckle to then throw him back onto them. 

Butcher then grabs Cassidy and just slingshots him back-and-forth into the barricades. Back inside the ring, Buthcer locks in a bear hug just to add further damage before hitting a back breaker which is followed by a side slam. He swats Cassidy down but the champion begins to fight back with a diving DDT, but then The Blade turns up again to attack Cassidy with a crowbar when the official is distracted. The Best Friends arrive to attack Blade, and they then hit Butcher with the weapon and he turns around into an Orange Punch and then the Beach Break to retain!

Winner (and still AEW International Champion): Orange Cassidy

A video package is then shown of Juice Robinson claiming that his match against Action Andretti will be just like what he is going to do to Ricky Starks.

Ruby Soho vs. Willow Nightingale

Ruby Soho starts the match by trying to avoid Willow Nightingale, but she gets hold of her former partner and slams her down to the mat, following it up with a running splash. Nightingale then hits a trio of body slams which she follows up with some big chops in the corner of the ring before a flurry of forearm strikes to showcase her more aggressive side. 

Soho then begs to Nightingale and goads her in by pulling her down to the middle rope as she then puts more pressure on her. Soho then smartly distracts the official and that allows Saraya to get onto the apron to nail several knee strikes on Nightingale with Soho following it up with a suplex as she pushes her down onto the bottom rope by standing on Nightingale. However, Nightingale turns things around with some chops which leads to Soho grabbing her hair to regain control as she then mocks Nightingale inside the ring.  

Soho once again yanks the hair of her opponent, pulling her back to the mat, but Saraya is then knocked off the apron and the distraction allows Nightingale to hit a splash and then a spine buster, getting a near fall for her efforts. Soho once again acts like she wants to be friends with Nightingale but this time it doesn't work and she hits a Death Valley Driver, yet Soho kicks out!

Nightingale looks to go to the top rope but a distraction from Toni Storm allows Soho to hit the No Future from the top rope and then again in the ring but Nightingale kicks out! She responds with a huge pounce, but Saraya gets onto the ropes, and that allows Storm to help Soho who then gets a roll-up win as Storm holds Soho's feet on the ropes to cheat.

Winner: Ruby Soho

The Outcasts then grab a chair around Nightingale's ankle but Riho and Skye Blue make the save only to be outnumbered as well. However, that leads to Jamie Hayter hitting the ring to clean house with a Hatebreaker to Soho while the others scamper away.

Adam Cole vs. Daniel Garcia

Adam Cole starts out by working the arm of Daniel Garcia, but he gets out of it by putting Cole to the mat and slapping his back. Garcia then spikes Cole with a piledriver and he immediately heads to the outside holding his neck. Garcia looks for another outside the ring but Cole reverses with a big back body drop, yet back inside the ring Garcia regains control easily, pushing Cole down onto the ropes as he then drops him with a right hand. 

Cole begins fighting back though before dropping Garcia down onto his knee, but Garcia kicks out of the pinfall attempt. Garcia then blocks a kick and slaps Cole, yet the two men then exchange pump kicks as Gacia connects with a German suplex. Cole responds with a big kick of his own and this time it is the Jericho Appreciation Society member having to kick out, which he manages to do. 

Cole looks for The Boom but Garcia ducks it and then lays in some hammer and anvil elbow strikes, but Cole fights back and aims for a Panama Sunrise only for Garcia to roll through and lock in the Dragon Tamer. Garcia then nails another piledriver, but Cole is able to kick out to keep this match alive. Garcia tries to charge into him in the corner but he eats a superkick and then the Panama Sunrise which is followed by The Boom. 

Winner: Adam Cole

After the match, Britt Baker makes her way down to the ring and the two of them share a hug and a kiss as huge confetti shoots out to end the show as Cole makes his return. Chris Jericho then makes his way down to pull Garcia out of the ring to walk him to the back, but Jericho refuses to look at Cole.