GCW Vs. DDT Results (3/31): Homicide & Tony Deppen Vs. Jun Akiyama & Tetsuya Endo, Joey Janela Vs. Yuki Ueno, More

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Game Changer Wrestling battle DDT Pro-Wrestling at the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Los Angeles, California, as part of The Collective. The Japanese promotion presented a standalone show yesterday in LA, but now they will take on the GCW roster. Nine matches are currently scheduled, including Homicide and Tony Deppen going up against reigning DDT Universal Champion Tetsuya Endo and All Japan Pro Wrestling legend and current DDT Extreme Champion Jun Akiyama. Elsewhere, Joey Janela, who was defeated by Endo last night at DDT Goes Hollywood!, is set to face 2022 D-Oh Grand Prix winner Yuki Ueno. 

Announced card prior to the show

* Homicide and Tony Deppen vs. Jun Akiyama and Tetsuya Endo

* Joey Janela vs. Yuki Ueno


* Moonlight Express (MAO and Mike Bailey) vs. East West Express (Jordan Oliver and Nick Wayne)

* Kazusada Higuchi vs. Blake Christian

* Cole Radrick vs. Yoshihiko

* BUSSY (Allie Katch and EFFY) vs. Pheromones (Danshoku Dino and Yuki Ino)

* Dark Sheik vs. Saki Akai

* Chris Brookes, Mizuki Watase, Shunma Katsumata vs. Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner, Matthew Justice, and 1 Called Manders)

* Gringo Loco, Alec Price, Los Mazisos (Ciclope and Miedo Extremo) vs. DAMNATION T.A (Daisuke Sasaki and KANON), Takeshi Masada, and Sanshiro Takagi

Eight-Man Tag Team Bout

Gringo Loco, Jack Cartwheel, Wasted Youth (Marcus Mathers and Dyln McKay) vs. DAMNATION T.A (Daisuke Sasaki and KANON), Takeshi Masada, and Sanshiro Takagi

Cartwheel and Takagi started out. Cartwheel and Takagi both did a cartwheel. Cartwheel and Takagi immediately tagged out of the match. Sasaki and Mathers collided. Mathers delivered a Northern Lights suplex and registered a bridged pin attempt. McKay and Masada were tagged in. Masada connected with a dropkick. McKay landed a DDT from the turnbuckles and transitioned into a spinning brainbuster. 


The action spilled out to the floor as the match broke down. KANON and Mathers battled inside the ring. Takagi dropped an elbow on Mathers after he was tagged in. Team DDT kept Mathers in their corner. Mathers fought back and tagged in Loco. Cartwheel dived to the floor with Loco's help. KANON delivered a dropkick to Loco. Team DDT worked together to take out Team GCW. 

Masada connected with a spinning kick on Loco, but the pinfall attempt that followed was broken up. Team GCW delivered a series of high-risk moves from the top, with Cartwheel pulling off a twisting splash to pick up the win for his team. 

Winners: Gringo Loco, Jack Cartwheel, Wasted Youth (Marcus Mathers and Dyln McKay) via pinfall [GCW 1-0 DDT]


Dark Sheik against Saki Akai

Dark Sheik vs. Saki Akai

Akai took Sheik down on the canvas with a side headlock. Sheik sent Akai down with a shoulder tackle and connected with a spinning kick moments later. Sheik landed a leg drop after leaping over the ropes from the apron. Sheik turned the splits into a standing leg drop. Sheik continued to be in control. 


Akai responded with a knee strike to the face. Akai soared off the top turnbuckle and connected with a crossbody. Sheik landed a German suplex and held the bridge for a pin attempt. Akai swept Sheik's legs and delivered another knee strike. Akai and Sheik exchanged boots to the face. Akai went for a cover after landing a big kick. Sheik missed a high-risk move but picked up the victory with an inside cradle. 

Winner: Dark Sheik via pinfall [GCW 2-0 DDT]

Tag Team Action

Moonlight Express (MAO and Mike Bailey) vs. East West Express (Jordan Oliver and Nick Wayne)

Bailey and Wayne started the match as the legal wrestlers. After reaching a stalemate, Oliver and MAO were tagged in. MAO sent Oliver down with a dropkick. East West Express worked together to send Bailey and MAO to the floor. Oliver and Wayne performed a double dive. East West Express attempted another dive to the outside, but Moonlight Express had it scouted this time. 


MAO kept Oliver grounded inside the ring. Bailey tagged back in and kept control of Oliver's arm on the canvas. MAO tagged in and coolly rolled into an abdominal stretch on Oliver. MAO performed a split-legged moonsault and attempted a pin. Oliver fought back and delivered a big clothesline to Bailey. Oliver tagged in Wayne. Wayne performed a standing Spanish Fly on Bailey. 

Moonlight Express regained control. MAO and Wayne traded forearm strikes. MAO connected with a kick to the head, which sent Wayne into the ropes and back to deliver a cutter. Oliver and Bailey were tagged back into the match. Oliver landed a sitout powerbomb. Bailey landed a number of kicks on Wayne. Moonlight Express connected with a double dropkick. Bailey and MAO performed a moonsault to the floor together to wipe out Oliver and Wayne. Wayne was busted open. 


Back inside the ring, Oliver and Wayne connected with a double big boot. East West Express attempted a cover after Bailey was driven into the canvas. MAO and Bailey delivered a double standing Spanish Fly and went for a cover. Both teams went back and forth. Bailey and MAO drove Oliver into the canvas. Wayne and Oliver landed a double Clout Cutter on Bailey to win. 

Winners: East West Express (Nick Wayne and Jordan Oliver) via pinfall [GCW 3-0 DDT]

Starboy Charlie battles Kazusada Higuchi

Starboy Charlie vs. Kazusada Higuchi

Blake Christian was replaced by Starboy Charlie in this match. Higuchi backed Charlie into the corner. Charlie used his speed to take Higuchi off his feet. Charlie repeatedly chopped Higuchi in the chest with little effect. Charlie asked Higuchi to chop him in the chest. Higuchi obliged and sent Charlie down. Higuchi took control of the bout. 


Charlie attempted to fight back, but Higuchi caught him in the air and drove him into the canvas. Higuchi sent Charlie down with another monstrous chop. Charlie briefly fired up. Higuchi delivered a chop and two running clotheslines to Charlie in the corner of the ring. Charlie powerbombed Higuchi out of the corner. 

Charlie bravely exchanged chops with Higuchi. Charlie was turned inside out by a big lariat. Higuchi missed a spear and ended up on the floor. Charlie performed a moonsault from the apron. Charlie dropkicked Higuchi into the corner of the ring. Higuchi delivered a Doctor Bomb and attempted a pin. Charlie locked in a crossface on Higuchi. Higuchi escaped and powerslammed Charlie into the mat. Higuchi picked up the win after delivering an iron claw slam. 


Winner: Kazusada Higuchi via pinfall [GCW 3-1 DDT]

Joey Janela against Yuki Ueno

Joey Janela vs. Yuki Ueno

Janela and Ueno collided in the middle of the ring. Ueno eventually knocked "The Bad Boy" down with a shoulder tackle. Janela focused on Ueno's arm and wrist on the mat. Janela drove his elbow into Ueno's shoulder. Ueno fired back, but Janela sent him down with a chop. Ueno sent Janela into the corner. Ueno began to build some momentum. 


Ueno missed a high-risk move, and Janela immediately went back after his arm. Janela landed a Death Valley driver and attempted a pin. Janela connected with an elbow, and Ueno rolled to the floor. Janela soared through the ropes to wipe out his opponent. Ueno kicked Janela off the apron and performed his own leap to the floor. 

Moments later, Janela locked Ueno in an arm submission in the center of the ring. Ueno managed to break the hold by grabbing the bottom rope. Janela and Ueno went back and forth. Ueno landed a dropkick. Janela replied with a brainbuster. Ueno connected with a super hurricanrana from the top turnbuckle and then planted Janela into the canvas to win. 

Winner: Yuki Ueno via pinfall [GCW 3-2 DDT]


Tag Team Encounter

Homicide and Tony Deppen vs. Jun Akiyama and Tetsuya Endo

Homicide and Akiyama began by locking up. Akiyama backed Homicide into the corner. Both wrestlers locked up again and Homicide backed Akiyama into the corner. After Homicide and Akiyama reached a stalemate, Endo and Deppen were tagged into the match. Deppen and Endo battled for the advantage on the mat. 


Endo sent Deppen down with a shoulder tackle. Deppen responded with a big dropkick in the center of the ring. Homicide tagged in and took Endo off his feet. Akiyama tagged back in. Homicide sent Akiyama to the floor. The bout spilled to the ringside area. Back inside the ring, Deppen and Homicide kept Akiyama in their corner. 

Akiyama took Homicide out with a knee strike and tagged in Endo. Endo took down Homicide and Deppen with a springboard lariat. Moments later, Deppen connected with a double stomp to Endo from the top. Endo locked Deppen in a crab variation. Homicide hit a cutter on Endo. In the end, Endo picked up the win for his team after landing a shooting star press on Deppen from the top turnbuckle. 


Winners: Jun Akiyama and Tetsuya Endo via pinfall [GCW 3-3 DDT]

Six-Man Tag Team Match

Chris Brookes, Mizuki Watase, Shunma Katsumata vs. Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner, Matthew Justice, and 1 Called Manders)

The match immediately broke down. Steel chairs were used as all six wrestlers brawled around the ringside area. Katsumuta leaped to the floor from the ring to take out the Second Gear Crew. Back inside the ring, Manders used his wrestling boots as a weapon. Lego was scattered on the canvas as Manders attempted to run across the ring. Brookes smashed a plastic box over Justice's head. 


Katsumuta had a ladder over his head and was speared by Justice. Brookes leaped from the top turnbuckle and put Justice through another plastic box. Staple guns were introduced and were used as a weapon by the Second Gear Crew. 

A door bridge was set up in the ring. Second Gear Crew sent Katsumata through the door from the top. Manders set up another door in the corner. Manders accidentally drove Justice and Warner through the door. Brookes, Watase, and Katsumata all performed a Coast to Coast at the same time. Katsumata climbed a ladder and put Justice through two doors on the floor. 

Katsumata missed a high-risk move, and SGC took advantage. Justice dived to the floor to wipe out Brookes and Watase. Manders connected with a lariat, but Katsumata kicked out of the cover that followed. Warner delivered a DDT to Katsumata and won the match for his team and GCW. 


Winners: Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner, Matthew Justice, and 1 Called Manders) via pinfall [GCW 4-3]

Pheromones face BUSSY

BUSSY (Allie Katch and EFFY) vs. Pheromones (Danshoku Dino and Yuki Ino)

Katch became annoyed as Ino kept posing for the fans. EFFY and Dino were tagged into the match. EFFY and Dino sized each other up. Katch prevented a kiss from taking place. EFFY locked in a suggestive waistlock. Katch entered again and was sandwiched between EFFY and Dino. Katch told EFFY to keep his focus on the match. BUSSY worked together to take out Dino and Ino. 


Dino pulled down his shoulder straps and then took off his wrestling attire. Ino did the same. EFFY later took off his wrestling shorts and joined forces with Dino and Ino to deliver a merry-go-round with their butts to Katch in the center of the ring. 

Katch tried to keep her focus on the bout while EFFY was distracted by Dino and Ino. Katch eventually took off her wrestling trunks and delivered cannonballs to Dino and Ino. EFFY put Katch and GCW officials into a human centipede. The referee ultimately called for the bell. 

Winners: No contest due to too much a** eating

Main Event for the Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship

Yoshihiko (c) vs. Cole Radrick for the Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship

Radrick was a little hesitant as the match got underway. Radrick shook hands with the champion in the corner of the ring. Yoshihiko took Radrick down with a headlock. Radrick was unable to escape the headlock. Yoshihiko sent Radrick out of the ring with an arm drag. Radrick caught Yoshihiko on the floor and sent the champion into a wall. 


Yoshihiko delivered a suplex to Radrick on the floor. The champion then performed a swinging DDT. Yoshihiko attempted a pin upon returning to the ring. Radrick caught Yoshihiko with a backbreaker. Yoshihiko landed a Pelé kick and then performed a satellite headscissors. The champion countered Radrick and delivered a top rope rana. Yoshihiko wiped out Radrick on the floor with a dive.

Radrick sent Yoshihiko into the turnbuckles with an Air Raid Crash. Radrick sent several chairs and two doors into the ring. Yoshihiko was placed on top of a door bridge. The champion sat up and fought back. Yoshihiko sent Radrick through the door with a superplex. Radrick responded by putting Yoshihiko through a door set up in the corner. 


Yoshihiko landed a piledriver and attempted a cover. Yoshihiko launched a steel chair at Radrick. The challenger connected with a missile dropkick. Radrick delivered Lil Sebastian's Curse onto a steel chair and won the title. 

Winner and NEW Ironman Heavymetalweight Champion: Cole Radrick via pinfall [GCW 5-3 DDT]

After the match, Yoshihiko shook Radrick's hand. Yoshihiko kicked Radrick in the groin and rolled him up to win back the gold. 

Winner and NEW Ironman Heavymetalweight Champion: Yoshihiko via pinfall [GCW 5-4 DDT]

- That's all for GCW vs. DDT!