WWE NXT Stand & Deliver Results (4/1) New Champions Crowned, Gargano Vs. Waller, More

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"WWE NXT" kicks off WrestleMania Saturday with Stand & Deliver. The show will be headlined by WWE NXT Champion Bron Breakker defending his title against former-WWE NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes. The WWE NXT Women's Championship will be defended in a 6-Woman Ladder match. Also, Johnny Gargano faces constant thorn-in-his-side Grayson Waller in an Unsanctioned Match.

WWE NXT Stand & Deliver is set to air on Peacock at 1 pm ET with a Kickoff show at noon ET. Here is the full card:

-WWE NXT Championship Match: Bron Breakker (c) vs. Carmelo Hayes

-Unsanctioned Match: Grayson Waller vs. Johnny Gargano

-WWE NXT Women's Championship Ladder Match: Roxanne Perez (c) vs. Zoey Stark vs. Gigi Dolin vs. Indi Hartwell vs. Lyra Valkyria vs. Tiffany Stratton

-WWE NXT North American Championship Match: Wes Lee (c) vs. Dragon Lee vs. JD McDonagh vs. Axiom vs. Ilja Dragunov

-WWE NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Gallus (c) vs. The Creed Brothers vs. The D'Angelo Family

-WWE NXT Women's Tag Team Championship Match: Fallon Henley & Kiana James (c) vs. Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn

-8-Person Tag Team Match For Control of Chase U: Andre Chase, Duke Hudson, Tyler Bate & Thea Hail vs. Joe Gacy, Jagger Reid, Rip Fowler & Ava

Kickoff Show

8-Person Tag Team Match For Control of Chase U: Andre Chase, Duke Hudson, Tyler Bate & Thea Hail vs. Joe Gacy, Jagger Reid, Rip Fowler & Ava

Chase starts the match against Rip Fowler, getting the better of Fowler. Fowler tags in Reid but Reid gets little offense. Bate tags in and pummels Reid, getting a nearfall off a European uppercut. Duke Hudson tags in but there is a breakdown in communication. Hall tags in and Ava comes in the ring but Ava tags in Gacy before either can come to blows. Chase tags in but gets leveled by Gacy.

Gacy dominates but Andre Chase fights back and tags in Bate, much to Hudson's chagrin. Chase and Bate double team Gacy for a nearfall. Ava tags in. Thea Hail tags in. Ava beats up the gung-ho Hail. Hail comes back with a flurry of strikes. Somersault Senton followed by a springboard for a nearfall. Reid comes in, Bate comes in and embarrassed Reid with unique strikes. Fowler tags in and double teams Bate with a flapjack. Fowler punishes Bate. Bate turns the tables with a stalling Vertical Suplex. Gacy tags in. Chase tags in.

Chase clears the Schism apron and hits Gacy with a big bodyslam. Bate tags in and hits a rebound lariat. Reid and Fowler attack Bate and send him out of the ring. Duke Hudson has had enough and runs into the ring to beat up Fowler and Reid. Duke Hudson hits Reid with a Bionic Elbow. Ava smacks Duke. Hail tackles Ava. Hail hits a Satellite DDT on Reid. Gacy counters Tyler Driver '97. A flurry of confusion leads to Duke Hudson hitting Bate with a big boot. Gacy hits the handspring lariat but Chase breaks up the pinfall.

Schism dominates Chase U. Hudson gets between Schism and Chase U. Hudson and Gacy staredown. Reid gives Gacy a Schism shirt. Hudson takes off his Chase U shirt and takes the Schism shirt from Gacy. Hudson puts the shirt on. The Schism hugs Hudson. Hudson rips the shirt off and both teams begin brawling. Chase U takes out all of Schism and then stomps them, spelling "CHASE U" with the crowd. Hudson and Chase hit the Fratliner on Jagger Reid for the pinfall in 11:13.

WINNERS: Andre Chase, Duke Hudson, Tyler Bate & Thea Hail

Women's Ladder Match Opens Main Show

The women of the ladder match make their entrances as the kickoff show transitions into the main card.

WWE NXT Women's Championship Ladder Match: Roxanne Perez (c) vs. Zoey Stark vs. Gigi Dolin vs. Indi Hartwell vs. Lyra Valkyria vs. Tiffany Stratton

The match starts with Roxanne taking out as much of the competition as possible, but she's soon sent out of the ring. Stark and Stratton exchange blows in the ring but are soon taken out by Indi Hartwell. Hartwell is stopped from bringing a ladder into the match. Dolin uses the ladder to crush Perez in the corner. More brawling on the outside, as Hartwell continues to pick fights with Stark and Stratton. In the ring, Lyra sets up a ladder under the belt, but Stark pulls her off the ladder and sends her crashing into the steel.

Lyra and Stratton fight on top of the ladder but both get sent to the canvas. Hartwell gets in the ring and boots Stark from the ring. Hartwell sets up the ladder. Hartwell and Stratton climb the ladder. Roxanne climbs on Hartwell and sends Hartwell to the canvas. Hartwell knocks Stratton and Perez off the ladder. Dolin stops Hartwell and smashes her into the ladder. Dolin puts the ladder on her shoulders and spins the ladder, taking out all of the women in the ring. Valkyria gets hung up on a ladder in the corner. Stark goes for a crossbody but Dolin ducks and Stark crashes into Lyra. Dolin sets up the ladder. Dolin gets taken out and Stratton and Perez battle over the ladder. Both women climb the ladder and exchange blows. Both women fall to the mat. Stratton climbs the ladder but Hartwell pulls her off. Hartwell hits a massive spinebuster on the ladder and starts climbing. Stark pulls her off.

Stark rams Hartwell with a ladder repeatedly. Stark sets up the ladder perpendicular with the standing ladder. Stark climbs the ring and begins to grip the title but Perez stops her. Perez pulls Stark off the ladder. Perez counters a back suplex and hits a Canadian Destroyer. Stratton counters a Canadian Destroyer. Perez takes Stratton out of the ring and gets back in the ring. Perez climbs the ladder. Perez grips the title but Dolin pulls her down. Dolin smashes Perez into the ladder and then hits a crucifix bomb. Dolin climbs the ladder. Lyra and Dolin brawl. Lyra climbs the ladder and grips the belt but Dolin hangs her in a Tree of Woe position. Dolin and Lyra fight on top of the ladder. Dolin sends Lyra crashing to the floor. Dolin climbs the ladder. Jacy Jayne appears out of nowhere and stops Gigi from grabbing the title. Jayne refuses to grab the title herself, settling on ruining Gigi's moment.

Stratton climbs the ladder. Hartwell stops her and sends her crashing to the floor on Lyra and Stark. Indi can't climb the ladder. Dexter Lumis appears from under the ring and helps Indi climb the ladder and grab the title in 17:01.


Tag Team Title Triple Threat

WWE NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Gallus (c) vs. The Creed Brothers vs. The D'Angelo Family

Wild chaotic start as various men tag in and out, brawling with each other and breaking up pinfalls. Stacks and D'Angelo soon get the better of the Creed brothers, double teaming them before getting pulled out of the ring by Gallus. Creeds come flying to the outside, taking out everyone, and drop their straps. Brutus and Julius hit Wolfgang with a huge double team and then celebrate with Daniel Cormier at ringside.

Brutus Creed tosses Tony D'Angelo around. Coffey takes out everyone and tags in Wolfgang who hits Brutus with a big senton. Wolfgang powerslams D'Angelo. D'Angelo trades blows with Wolfgang. Julius tags in and hits a huge Belly To Belly on D'Angelo, then Wolfgang, then Coffey, repeat ad nauseum. Stacks tags in and takes out everyone. Stacks gets back in the ring and hits a Diving Crossbody on Julius Creed for a nearfall. Julius fights back. Julius Creed gets both Stacks and Coffey on his shoulders for a Double Doomsday Device. Everyone is down on the outside.

Back in the ring, D'Angelo hits a spinning Fisherman Buster on Julius Creed. Stacks hits a diving splash but Coffey makes the save. Another nearfall is broken up. D'Angelo and Stacks hit Bada Bing Bada Boom on Coffey for a nearfall. Joe Coffey breaks up the pinfall to no reaction whatsoever. Gallus hit their finisher on Stacks for the pinfall in 8:13.


After the match, NXT hypes the return of Cora Jade with a video package.

Backstage, Pretty Deadly are outside Bron Breakker's dressing room.

North American Title Five Way

WWE NXT North American Championship Match: Wes Lee (c) vs. Dragon Lee vs. JD McDonagh vs. Axiom vs. Ilja Dragunov

Every stares down Wes Lee, who is standing in the middle of the ring. Brawl to start sends Dragunov and McDonagh to the outside. Wes, Axiom and Dragon Lee all exchange acrobatic offense. McDonagh and Dragunov chop Axion and Wes Lee in the corners. Dragon Lee clears the ring and takes out McDonagh only to eat a strike from Dragunov. Dragon Lee comes back with a series of dropkicks. Lee somersaults away from a splash from Axiom. Axiom and Lee hit stereo dropkicks. Lee hits a Tope Con Hilo out of the ring onto Wes Lee and Axiom.

Back in the ring, Wes and Dragon exchange blows. Wes gets the better of Dragon. Dragunov runs in but Wes avoids a suplex. Wes sends Dragunov into corner. Lee misses a dive to the outside but recovers and hits McDonagh with a superkick. Axiom gets sent to the floor. McDonagh hits an Enzui Lariat. Dragon Lee levels McDonagh. McDonagh levels Dragon Lee. McDonagh gets the better of Axiom. McDonagh hits a moonsault to the floor.

McDonagh and Dragunov come to blows but Dragunov gets an assist from Dragon Lee and Axiom, hitting a triple dropkick on McDonagh. Dragunov recovers and unleashes a storm of strikes on Axiom, Wes Lee and Dragon Lee. Dragunov delivers a series of high suplexes. Dragunov hits a King Kong Knee Drop on Dragon Lee and then attacks Wes Lee, driving Lee into Lee with a Death Valley Driver. Dragunov hits Wes Lee with a Diving Senton. Dragunov climbs the ropes again but gets sent to the outside. McDonagh als gets sent to the outside. Axiom hits a Golden Triangle Moonsault to Dragunov and McDonagh. Wes Lee and Dragon Lee fight on the top rope. Axiom joins them but gets sent to the canvas. Dragon Lee hits Wes Lee with a Hanging Double Stomp to the floor.

Back in the ring, Axiom hits tandem offense on Dragunov and McDonagh, including a Double Northern Lights Suplex. Axiom locks an Ankle Lock on Ilja but JD breaks it up. Axiom hits a Superkick to McDonagh. Axiom stretches Dragunov. Dragunov chokes McDonagh. Dragunov and McDonagh headbutt each other. Dragon Lee gets in on the submission fest but Dragunov powerbombs Axiom onto them to break it up. Dragunov goes for a pinfall but Wes Lee breaks it up with a dive. A flurry of offense from all five men ends with Dragunov getting a nearfall on Dragon Lee. Dragon Lee hits a Sitout Last Ride on Wes Lee for a nearfall.

McDonagh takes out Axiom and Dragon Lee for a nearfall. Axiom hits a handspring DDT for a nearfall. Another flurry of offense leads to everyone on the outside. Dragunov hits Axiom with a deadlift Superplex. Sliding Strike gets a nearfall for Dragunov. After more chaos, Lee and Dragunov hit Dragon Lee with their finishers but Wes Lee is able to take advantage for the pinfall in 19:19.


Backstage, Pretty Deadly are told "Hollywood ain't ready, Bron Breakker ain't ready" by Trick Williams.

Unsanctioned Match

Unsanctioned Match: Grayson Waller vs. Johnny Gargano

The two begin fighting during Gargano's entrance, immediately going to the outside, where Waller gets thrown over the announce table. Waller taunts the announcers, giving Gargano time to take him out. Gargano throws Waller back in the ring and starts collecting weapons. A trash can, a kendo stick, a chair.

Gargano hits a springboard spear and pummels Waller. Gargano hits Waller with the trash can and wedges it in the corner. Waller gets sent out of the ring. Gargano goes for a suicide dive but Waller smacks him with a trash can lid. Waller grabs a large number of chairs. Waller begins setting up some kind of chair contraption. Waller takes Gargano to the apron. Gagrano fights our of a Death Valley Driver. Gargano counters a Somersault Stunner. Waller powerbombs Gargano into the trash can in the corner. Gargano counters another powerbomb. Gargano suplexes Waller from the apron through the chairs on the floor.

Gargano gets Waller back in the ring. Gargano gets a table from under the ring. Gargano sets up the table. Waller counters a slingshot spear with a knee to the face. Waller hits a rolling elbow. Gargano gets the better of Waller and takes him to the outside. Gargano drapes Waller on the table. Gargano climbs to the top rope but clumbs down. Waller recovers and hits a somersault stunner and powerbombs Gargano through the table. Back in the ring Gargano kicks out at two.

Waller punishes Gargano's torso with a chair. Waller and Gargano trade blows. Waller hits a spinning side slam through a steel chair. Waller pummels Gargano with a kendo stick. Waller taunts Candice LeRae and Baby Quill at ringside, while he beats up Johnny. Waller lays Gargano on the ringsteps and grabs a chair. Garagano evades. Gargano attacks Waller with the kendo stick. Candice gives the baby to a stranger and hops the barricade to pummel Waller with a kendo stick. Gargano gets Waller back in the ring for a nearfall. Gargano locks in the Gargano escape. Waller counters with an eye rake. Waller comes back.

Waller gets a new trash can. Waller puts the trash can over Gargano's head. Waller hits a Coast To Coast on Gargano for a nearfall. Waller drapes Gargano on the announce table and then puts a busted chair on Gargano's face. Waller climbs to the top rope. Gargano throws the chair at Waller's face. Gargano powerbombs Waller through the announce table. Waller hits a low blow and gets Gargano back in the ring for a nearfall. Waller hits Gargano with a bunch of chair shots. Gargano hits a low blow on Waller and then hits a number of chair shots to Waller's back. Gargano grabs a fresh chair and continues the assault. Gargano wraps a chair around Waller's neck and hits a homerun with another chair. Gargano locks in the Gargano Escape for the submission in 18:13.

WINNER: Johnny Gargano

After the match, Gargano celebrates with LeRae, as well as Dexter Lumis and new champion Indi Hartwell.

Women's Tag Team Title Action

Backstage, Pretty Deadly gets in a scuffle with Tony D'Angelo & Stacks.

WWE NXT Women's Tag Team Championship Match: Fallon Henley & Kiana James (c) vs. Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn

Brawl during the entrances to start. Fyre and Dawn get an early advantage over Henley and James but soon Henley and James find their footing. Henley tags in and pummels Fyre, but gets grabbed by Dawn. Neither team is able to get the upperhand. James and Henley keep finding ways to save each other, despite the friction in the team. Dawn and Fyre completely dominate from a teamwork perspective. After a flurry of offense (and a bevy of streaming issues sorry for the truncated result) both teams are down. Henley crawls to the ropes and asks Jensen to give her the large bag he carries for her but Jensen refuses. A backstabber and swanton bomb combination from Fyre and Dawn gets the pinfall in 8:43.


Main Event Time In Los Angeles

WWE NXT Championship Match: Bron Breakker (c) vs. Carmelo Hayes

Lock up to start. Another lock up. Neither go Hayes's way. Bron grabs Hayes around the waist and slams him. Bron taunts Hayes. Hayes uses his speed to his advantage and takes out Bron with a dropkick. Breakker drops Hayes with a shoulder tackle. Hayes slips up on a springboard and Bron takes advantage. Hayes tries again and Bron dodges the attack. Breakker hits a big Frankensteiner. Breakker hits a big stalling suplex. Breakker gets a nearfall on Hayes.

Breakker alligator rolls Hayes around the ring. Hayes tries to wriggle out but Breakker keeps the headlock cinched in. Hayes fights to his feet but Breakker keeps the hold locked in and tosses Hayes. Hayes fights back and gets some stomps in on Breakker. Hayes hits a springboard crossbody for a nearfall. Hayes locks in a Fujiwara Armbar. Breakker struggles into a rollup to counter. Hayes takes Breakker to the corner and chops away on Bron. The two men trade chops. Breakker manhandles Hayes and gets a nearfall.

Breakker tries to stretch Hayes and drags him to his feet. Breakker punishes Hayes's torso. Breakker hits a big back suplex for a nearfall. Hayes counters another back suplex. Bron transitions to a Torture Rack but Williams pulls Hayes to the apron. The referee sends Hayes to the back. Breakker leaps over the top rope and hits a tope on Trick and Hayes. Back in the ring, Breakker hits a diving bulldog for a nearfall.

Breakker stomps away on Hayes. Hayes hits a tilt-a-whirl facebuster. Hayes hits a Cutter. Hayes covers for a nearfall. Hayes climbs to the top rope. Breakker dodges a splash. Hayes hits a Pump Kick. Breakker goes to the apron. Hayes hits a Springboard Suplex into the ring for a nearfall.

Hayes climbs to the top rope but Breakker recovers and hits a top rope Frankensteiner. Both men struggle to their feet. They trade slaps. Breakker takes Hayes to the mat. Hayes counters a Steiner Recliner. Hayes locks in a Crossface. Breakker counters with a rollup for a nearfall. 

Breakker hits a spear on Hayes, but the referee gets taken out as well. Breakker locks in the Steiner Recliner. Hayes taps. There's no referee. Trick slides in the ring and smacks Breakker in the back of the head with the title belt and puts the unconscious Hayes on top of Breakker for a nearfall. Breakker goes for a Gorilla Press Slam. Hayes counters. Hayes climbs the top rope. Hayes hits Nothing But Net for the pinfall in 16:13.


Breakker presents Hayes with the title belt and the two show respect. Breakker raises Hayes's hand.