Tony Schiavone Explains Why He's Barely In AEW All Access

"AEW All Access" debuted last week, but don't expect to see a lot of AEW announcer Tony Schiavone. "I think it's gonna be ... centered on Britt Baker and Adam Cole, their relationship, and also on The Young Bucks and their family life," Schiavone said on "What Happened When" recently. "I did make a couple of cameo appearances in there and then I decided it was probably not in my best interest to be there on a regular basis. You'll see me in there. I think it's very, very unique. I have not seen it."

The show not only features Cole, Baker and The Bucks, but also has some of its spotlight shared by Jericho Appreciation Society's Sammy Guevara and Tay Melo. Schiavone believes that his role in AEW's front office prevents him from being anywhere near the reality show spotlight. Schiavone was made a Senior Producer and Special Advisor to Talent when AEW expanded its talent relations department in August of last year.

"I think I need to remove myself from that stuff," Schiavone told his co-host Conrad Thompson. "Let it be on the wrestlers and not the people that work there." Thompson and Schiavone then joked that following Tony or his wife around would not make for very interesting or kinetic reality show programming. The premiere of "AEW All Access" was met with underwhelming ratings, retaining only 328,000 of "AEW Dynamite"'s 833,000 viewers, similar numbers to the final episode of AEW's previous reality show "Rhodes To The Top."