AEW Dynamite Results (4/5): Tony Khan's Major Announcement, MJF Day, FTR Put Their AEW Careers On The Line

This is Wrestling INC.'s live coverage of "AEW Dynamite" for April 5, 2023!

Tonight promises to be a special episode as Tony Khan has promised he will make a very special announcement that has been hyped up as one of the most important in the history of the company. Elsewhere, the AEW World Champion will be getting celebrated on 'MJF Day,' which promises to be met with a huge atmosphere because the show is taking place in Long Island, New York.


The expected main event also has a lot on the line as the AEW World Tag Team Championships are on the line as The Gunns defend the gold against FTR, who have put their careers on the line in this encounter to earn a shot in the first place. That will not be the only title match on the show though as the AEW World Trios Championships are also going to be put on the line as House Of Black competes against Best Friends and Orange Cassidy. The champions attempted to attack the popular tag team on "AEW Rampage" last week, but they were saved by the AEW International Champion to set this match up.

HOOK will also be defending his FTW Championship against Ethan Page, whose faction has been causing problems for the upcoming wrestler for a while. The final title match of the night will see Jamie Hayter facing Riho in an AEW Women's World Championship encounter.


The Acclaimed will be giving their answer to the Jericho Appreciation Society's offer to join, while another person who has feuded with that faction will be in action as Ricky Starks faces Juice Robinson, who attacked him recently. Speaking of attacking, the Blackpool Combat Club are expected to speak on the show to explain their recent behavior, and finally, Sammy Guevara will be aiming to keep pace with the rest of the pillars as he faces Komander.

Ricky Starks vs. Juice Robinson

Before the match can start Jay White's music hits and he sprints down to the ring to attack Ricky Starks alongside Juice Robinson as the two of them then hug in the ring. Starks manages to fight back after that, attacking White in the corner but he runs into a huge boot to the face from Robinson. That is followed by the Blade Runner from White as Starks is left laying in the ring. 


Chris Jericho is then shown backstage and says he has nothing against Adam Cole and he's pleased to see him back. He had a good match last week and got the win, then Britt Baker comes down and he has the girl, then he has the streamers and he has the celebration. Meanwhile, Daniel Garcia is in the ring, and Jericho says Cole punked him out and he had to stop his disrespect. 

All of a sudden Keith Lee turns up and says Jericho has been the poster child of disrespect since he got here. He admits he has had wars with Cole and isn't fond of him, but he's got respect for him. He then says next week he might teach Jericho a thing or two about respect as the veteran leans back and appears visually scared. 


House Of Black (c) vs. Best Friends & Orange Cassidy (AEW World Trios Championship Match)

The challengers arrive in style as Sue drops them off with Sue driving them in. Trent Beretta starts things out with Malakai Black as the two go back and forth with several strikes until Beretta hits a jumping knee strike to take control. He brings in Chuck Taylor and the two work together but Black gets the best of both with his striking ability as Brody King then tags in and starts throwing big chops. 


King misses with a senton and Taylor rocks him with a kick which leads to Buddy Matthews tagging in as Orange Cassidy does the same, throwing his glasses at Matthews in the process. He aims for Orange Punch but Matthews avoids it and he then blocks a DDT with his strength to hit a big snake eyes. King then runs and takes out both of his partners before chopping Cassidy in the corner. This leads to all six men getting in the ring as they all brawl around the ring. 

Inside the ring, Cassidy sends Matthews to the floor while King runs and hits a crossbody that sandwiches Taylor into the barricade. Cassidy looks to hit a leap of faith back to Matthews and Black but they catch him and launch him into the ring apron. Beretta then flips over the top rope but they catch him as well, throwing him into the apron before launching him into the air for King to nail with a forearm strike. 


King then bullies Beretta in the ring until Black tags in, but he gets caught with a kick to the head and Cassidy gets in with a crossbody while he sends Matthews out as well. King sprints at him but Cassidy avoids it and he dives out and takes down his teammates before Best Friends flip Cassidy over the top rope to take all their opponents down. Inside the ring, they hit a triple powerbomb yet Black kicks out. 

Everyone involved then takes each other out in a sequence until it is Black and Cassidy standing face to face and Cassidy hits his slow kicks until Black responds with a huge knee. Cassidy does hit Stundog Millionaire and that allows Beretta to return with a clothesline against Black. He then gets dropped with a piledriver. Then King is hit with Orange Punch and a piledriver by Beretta but Black breaks up the pinfall. 

Matthews almost gets caught with a roll-up from Taylor but he fires back by stomping Taylor first-first into the mat to retain their titles. 

Winners (and still AEW World Trios Champion): House Of Black

Christian Cage is then shown near a room with red lightning and smoke as Luchasaurus makes his return!

Jamie Hayter w/Britt Baker (c) vs. Riho (AEW Women's World Championship Match)

Jamie Hayter looks for Hayterade several times but the challenger is too quick and she almost catches the champion with a hurricanrana into a pinfall attempt. However, Hayter starts to show her strength with a trio of shoulder tackles, but Riho uses her speed again to respond with a dropkick. The champion looks for a break outside the ring, but Riho hits a crossbody to the floor to continue the attack as she takes Hayter down. 


Back inside the ring, Riho's crossbody is caught and Hayter connects with a gutbuster which gets a near fall. She then nails a kick to the side of Riho's head as she pushes out of the ropes and the two then brawl on the ring apron trading blows until Hayter spikes her down. Back inside the ring, Riho tries to light up Hayter with a series of chops, but that is something the champion reverses with a couple of dominant slams as Riho is then sent head-first into the turnbuckle. 

Riho manages to turn things around on the champion and she is able to hit a 619 and then a diving crossbody, but Hayter kicks out just in time. She then hits a German suplex and then a dragon suplex, but it's still not enough to get the win. She then misses with another top rope move into a neck breaker and a running lariat, and this time it is Riho having to kick out to keep the match alive. 


Hayter then looks for a brainbuster, but it is reversed into a DDT and both women are down! Hayter places Riho onto the top turnbuckle, but Riho gets the best of it with a hurricanrana which is followed by running knees, yet the champion gets her foot on the ropes to stop the pinfall. Riho continues the attack with a barrage of shots into Hayter's neck, but she replies with a big boot and then Hayterade, but Riho kicks out again! That is followed by the Ripcord Hayterade that she throws everything into, and this time Riho can't reply. 

Winner (and still AEW Women's World Champion): Jamie Hayter

After the match, Hayter shows her respect to Riho. Renee Paquette is then shown with The Outcasts who congratulate Hayter, but tell her not to get attached to the title as they're here to get control by one of them becoming champion. They say which one of them isn't the concern right now.

2.0 arrive next as Matt Menard asks if people want to know what makes his nipples hard, as the answer is The Acclaimed joining the Jericho Appreciation Society. The popular tag team then arrives and barge past them hitting their rap, but Max Caster says they can't join because Chris Jericho is full of sh*t. However, they get their big entrance cut by Coolhand Ange, who says it sounds like they want to fight...together, so he got them a match on "AEW Rampage" this week. Parker then tries to hit their catchphrase but Billy Gunn shuts them down and says it is only done by professionals so they show them how it is done.



MJF is shown getting his key to the Oyster Bay key. He then has a live band playing him out to welcome MJF to the show. The band then begins to play and MJF sings "Penny's From Heaven" live for the fans. The supervisor of Oyster Bay arrives and gets heavily booed which MJF tells fans not to ruin the moment for him, he then presents him with the key again as he announces this will be known as MJF Day in the town of Oyster Bay. 


They've made the key much bigger just for him, and he hypes up MJF once again. MJF says it's a huge honor and others don't deserve it like Jungle Boy, Sammy Guevara, and Darby Allin. MJF has a story about his childhood in Long Island as he reveals he has ADD, he admits growing up with that had disadvantages at times and he couldn't focus at school. He then calls out one of his former teachers who would pounce on him when he lost concentration. 

She asked where his brain would go in class, and the answer was professional wrestling. She told him the chances of that happening were slim to one, but MJF tells her that her math was a bit off. His lesson is to not be like his teacher, and by that he means don't be a stupid b**ch. MJF then asks if people want to hear an ncore and the crowd pops, but one of the muscians starts too soon, and MJF loses it at him. However, that is Jungle Boy and the two of them brawl with Jack Perry being booed and MJF getting cheered until security pull them apart. Sammy Guevara then makes his way out as he comes down for his match, but he picks up the AEW World Championship up in the air first. 


Sammy Guevara vs. Komander

As Komander is taking off his ring jacket Sammy Guevara attacks him and he then springboards from the ropes with a moonsault to the outside to wipe out the masked man again. Guevara takes too long with the follow-up and Komander hits a superkick as Guevara dives from the top turnbuckle, and he follows it with a shooting star press from the top rope with Komander then climbing to the top rope on the opposite side of the ring as he runs and leaps off but gets nailed by a boot to the face in mid-air by the "Spanish God."


Back inside the ring, Komander responds with a reverse hurricanrana off a springboard, but Guevara kicks out of the following pinfall attempt. Komander then walks the ropes again, and he leaps from the top rope to take out Guevara once more on the floor. Komander then lands on his feet with a shooting star press attempt as Guevara avoids it, but he is instantly kicked in the face by the masked man and he then hits a Phoenix Splash, but Guevara kicks out. 

Komander once again walks the ropes and his shooting star press attempt is reversed as Guevara gets the knees up, and he then goes for the GTH but Komander reverses with a roll-up. Guevara gets out of it and nails a pump kick, yet his follow-up move doesn't happen as Komander catches him with a kick while Guevara is on the top turnbuckle, but as Komander walks the ropes he gets caught again, this time with a cutter. That is followed by a GTH for the victory. 


Winner: Sammy Guevara

After the match, he says he just did something the champion never does...wrestle. He says the sh*t he was just watching was "American Idol," and he points out that when he and MJF actually got in the ring back in 2021, he had him beat until Shawn Spears got involved. He says if they're the four pillars, it's safe to say MJF's side wasn't build by him, it was built by others as MJF lied his way to the top, and he admits he is almost jealous of it. 

Guevara asks who the hell MJF is, as he was Cody's friend, then he wasn't. He was Tony's friend then he wasn't, he was in the Inner Circle, The Pinnacle, and The Firm but then he wasn't as Guevara claims MJF bought his way to being a pillaer, whereas he fought and put his heart and soul into this place and he's going nowhere. He's not going anywhere else and he will be damned if he's letting a rich b**ch tear things down with the bidding way of 2024. He then claims that he is the World Heavyweight Champion. 

HOOK (c) vs. Ethan Page w/Matt Hardy (FTW Championship Match)

Ethan Page talks trash to start the match but he is instantly sent flying across the ring due to a T-Bone suplex, and as HOOK tries to follow him, "All-Ego" charges him into the ring apron. He then throws HOOK into the steel stairs and then into the ring apron before dumping the champion back into the ring. He then tries to pay tribute to Matt Hardy with a Twist Of Fate, but HOOK reverses and hits the move himself. 


Isiah Kassidy then provides a distraction and Page attempts to use the FTW Championship as a weapon, but Hardy grabs it. They have a tug of war which Hardy wins, and he nails Page with the title itself which sets Page up for the Red Rum as Page taps out. 

Winner (and still FTW Champion): HOOK

After the match, Hardy and Kassidy head to the back together as HOOK shows respect to them with some fist bumps. 

Nigel McGuinness is then shown backstage with Tony Khan, he says some moments once seemed impossible and this is one of them. Khan reveals five years ago there were five pioneers, The Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes, and Kenny Omega put on All-In. That got interested from around the world, and AEW reveals on Sunday, August 27th the company is going to London, England and it will be AEW's first All-In. 


Adam Cole then turns up and says that the show is coming to London's Wembley Stadium! 

Blackpool Combat Club Explain Their Actions

Blackpool Combat Club hit the ring and instantly start attacking their opponents, just brawling with them as they all get launched around the ringside area. Inside the ring, Wheeler Yuta locks in a single-leg crab, and as his partner tries to make the save Claudio Castagnoli and Jon Moxley stop him and launch him into the turnbuckles as Yuta then hammers elbow strikes down on his opponent and then a cross-face leads to him submitting. 


Winners: Blackpool Combat Club

Bryan Danielson then explains he has been at home with his family, who he loves. He also loves Jon Moxley ripping at people's mouths, he loves Castagnoli destroying people and he loves Yuta even if he is a sh*thead. He also loves professional wrestling. He questions if the people they just beat look like professionals, he says they're people the EVPs might have hired, and they're amateurs.

He looks around the locker room and thinks they're the only professional wrestlers in the building, but this leads to "Hangman" Adam Page powerwalking, and Danielson that it is another amateur making his way to the ring. He asks Page what he's got and the Cowboy tries to start fighting but he is immediately outnumbered. He points out that nobody is coming out because nobody loves Page.


Danielson says he has been teaching his children about fixing things and he thinks the house of AEW needs to be fixed up and he then gets a screwdriver out and starts attacking Page's head. 

The Gunns (c) vs. FTR (AEW World Tag Team Titles vs. Careers)

Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood dominate early on with double team moves and regular tags as Colten Gunn is forced to scramble out of the ring as the champions regroup outside. Wheeler then hits a sliding dropkick to Colten, but this allows Austin to grab his boot and Colten dropkicks him from the ring apron to the barricade. Colten then sends Wheeler into the turnbuckle and then plants him on the mat, but it only gets a two count. 


Austin then brings himself in and continues to isolate Wheeler, but he manages to attack Austin with a kick as he tries to make a tag but he gets dragged back to stop it only for him to keep fighting. Harwood comes in with a series of jabs, chops, and forearms as he begins attacking both men, hitting a crossbody to Austin and a short-armed lariat to Colten Gunn. Austin then gets caught in an inside cradle but the champion manages to kick out.

FTR then works together to drop Colten with a double-draped DDT from the second rope, and Wheeler returns to action as he nails several chops but FTR make a blind tag and hit a spiked piledriver only for Austin to kick out. They aim for the Big Rig but it gets blocked, however when they try it a second time it connects, but just as the match is won Colten pulls the official out. They want the DQ finish but the official doesn't, and as Wheeler gives chase Colten sends him into the steel post. 


Harwood then sends Colten to the barricade as they collide heads, and Austin hits the Famouser, almost getting the win, but Harwood kicks out! Harwood responds with a couple of pinfall attempts, but Austin manages to kick out each time and he then nails Harwood with a low blow, but Wheeler blocks the DQ finish , only for him to be dropped with a double team from the champions. Harwood and Austin then fight at the top turnbuckle and the champions try to use the titles to cheat, but while the official blocks one of them Colten slides another one in and as he goes for a diving headbutt he hits the title, yet he kicks out again! 

Harwood keeps fighting back and Wheeler then blocks a double team by diving from the top rope to roll up Colten while Harwood does the same to Austin as they become new champions and save their careers! 

Winners (and new AEW World Tag Team Champions): FTR

Mark Briscoe hits the ring afterward to congratulate both men.