AEW Rampage Results (04/07) - FTW Championship Match, Darby Allin Vs. Lee Moriarty, Jade Cargill And Taya Valkyrie Come Face-To-Face

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s results of "AEW Rampage" on April 7, 2023, coming to you live from the Ryan Center in Kingston, Rhode Island!

Ethan Page squared off with HOOK for the FTW Championship this past Wednesday on "AEW Dynamite", but ultimately came up short after HOOK received a helping hand from Matt Hardy and Isiah Kassidy. Tonight, Page will get his another shot at the FTW Championship match in an FTW Rules Match, whereby anything goes and falls count anywhere.


Darby Allin has made it clear that he has sights set on MJF's AEW World Championship over the past few weeks. Tonight, he looks to get one step closer to that goal as he strives to score a win over The Firm's Lee Moriarty. Allin's most recent victory came after he joined forces with Sting and Orange Cassidy to defeat Kip Sabian, The Butcher, and The Blade.

Jericho Appreciation Society's Anna Jay.A.S. will be squaring off with Julia Hart of House of Black. Tensions between the duo have been on the rise over the past few weeks as a result of their respective stables being at odds over the AEW World Trios Champions.

Two other members of the Jericho Appreciation Society will be in action tonight, as Matt Menard and Angelo Parker will be joining forces with Anthony Bowens and Max Caster of The Acclaimed in eight-man tag team action. "Daddy Magic" and "Cool Hand Ang" have been trying to get the former AEW World Tag Team Champions to join them and their Jericho Appreciation Society members for the past several weeks.


Taya Valkyrie has been vying for a shot at Jade Cargill's TBS Champion, and tonight, the two women will come face-to-face with one another. Cargill has clashed with Valkyrie over the past few weeks as Cargill has maken her disapproval of Valkyrie's finisher crystal clear due to the uncanny resemblance it shares with her own.

Additionally, Swerve Strickland will be making a huge announcement.

We are live! Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, and Excalibur greet audiences at home as HOOK heads to the ring. Ethan Page is already waiting in the ring.

HOOK (c) vs. Ethan Page for the FTW Championship in an FTW Rules Match

The bell rings and Page sends HOOK flying out of the ring. HOOK delivers a knee to his midsection and sends him crashing into the barricade, then pulls a table out of the ring and tosses it into the ring. He sends Page crashing into the ring post, then fires off rights and lefts on his midsection.


The two men spill into the crowd and brawl up the stairs. We see Matt Hardy and Isiah Kassidy watching on from backstage as Page and HOOK brawl through a row. HOOK throws a drink on Page, but Page fires back with right hands. HOOK then sits Page down in one of the seats and delivers a series of right hands.

Back from the break, Page tosses HOOK back into the ringside area. HOOK delivers a T-Bone suplex, then tosses some chairs into the ring. Page sends HOOK's head bouncing off the timekeeper's table, then sends him colliding with the ring post. He powerslams him through the table. He goes for a pin on the floor, but HOOK kicks out. Page tosses HOOK into the ring, then sets a table up in the corner. He hits HOOK with a chair in the midsection, but HOOK delivers a Twist of Fate on top of the chair. He goes for a pin, but Page kicks out. Page then delivers a pump kick and sets up for Ego's Edge through the table, but HOOK escapes and locks in Red Rum for the win.


Winner (and still): HOOK

After the match, HOOK points to the table and delivers a T-Bone suplex to Page through it.

We then head over to the latest edition of QTV, where QT Marshall, Harley Cameron, and Aaron Solo are celebrating Marshall's purchase of a car with Wardlow's credit card. They then strategize regarding their upcoming match with The Lucha Brothers at "AEW Battle of the Belts VI".

Back from the break, Matt Menard, Angelo Parker, and Jake Hager, The Acclaimed, and Billy Gunn head to the ring. LSG, Bobby Orlando, and The Infantry are already waiting in the ring.

The Acclaimed and Jericho Appreciation Society (w/ Billy Gunn and Jake Hager) vs. LSG, Bobby Orlando, and The Infantry

Bowens and LSG begin the action. The bell rings and Bowens delivers a chop. He follows it up with a kick and tags in Menard. Menard and Parker deliver a double shoulder tackle, then whip Orlando into the corner. Caster tags in, then Bowens tags in. Caster plants Orlando, and Bowens hits Scissor Me Timbers. The Acclaimed tease scissoring the J.A.S., but just end up scissoring one another. Caster tags in, and Bowens then hits The Arrival before Caster delivers Mic Drop for the win.


Winners: The Acclaimed and Jericho Appreciation Society

We then head to a video from Swerve Strickland. Swerve says just because he's lost soldiers, the war still goes on. He says a merger is going on, then announces that he owns 51% of an entity, but won't reveal who it is until later tonight.

Back at ringside, Lee Moriarty and Big Bill head down. Darby Allin follows.

After the match, Hager plants Gunn as Menard and Parker attack The Acclaimed. Menard and Parker then deliver a double DDT to Bowens.

Darby Allin vs. Lee Moriarty (w/ Big Bill)

The bell rings and the two lock up. We see "Jungle Boy" Jack Perry, as well as Sammy Guevara and Tay Melo watching on from backstage as Allin and Moriarty go back and forth with submission holds. Moriarty delivers a double chop to his spine, then sends him out of the ring. He drives Allin into the barricade, then hits an uppercut and looks for a big boot. Allin moves out of the way and Moriarty collides with the barricade. He tosses Moriarty back in the ring before Bill delivers a big boot while the referee is distracted.


Back from the break, Allin delivers a shotgun dropkick that sends Moriarty into the corner. Allin ascends to the top, but Bill causes a distraction, allowing Moriarty to knock him off the top. Moriarty then delivers a suplex and rains down right hands, then drapes him across the top rope and delivers a kick to his head. He sits Allin on the top rope, then delivers a superplex and looks to roll through. Allin counters into a pin, but Moriarty kicks out. Allin then delivers a Code Red and levels Bill before he executes the Coffin Drop on Moriarty for the win.

Winner: Darby Allin

Mogul Affiliates' music hits, and Swerve Strickland heads to the ring. He stares down Allin and offers his hand to Allin, but Brian Cage appears and blindsides Allin. He plants Allin on the ramp and Prince Nana appears. He shakes Swerve's hand, and the three men stand tall.


We head backstage to RJ City, Taya Valkyrie, Jade Cargill, and "Smart" Mark Sterling. City recaps the issues between the two, and City asks Valkyrie how she feels about being a criminal. Valkyrie says people have been using the move for decades and says she has been using it long before she got in the business. She tells Cargill she's only been around for a cup of coffee and Cargill gets in her face.

Anna Jay.A.S. heads to the ring, followed by Julia Hart.

Anna Jay.A.S. vs. Julia Hart

The bell rings and Jay wastes no time. She blindsides Hart, but Hart overpowers her and sends her crashing into the barricade. She tosses her into the ring, then sends her head repeatedly bouncing off the mat. Hart sends Jay's head bouncing off the top rope, but Jay delivers a kick to her head. She pulls her out of the ring and tosses her into the barricade, then sends her colliding with it shoulder first.


Back from the break, Hart sends Jay into all four of the top turnbuckles. She delivers a pair of kicks and a standing moonsault, then goes for a pin but Jay kicks out. Hart looks for a handspring elbow, but Jay ducks out of the way and plants Hart face first. Hart fires back with a back elbow and sits Jay on the top turnbuckle, then delivers a chop and joins her up there. Hart winds up hanging off the top by her knees, then pulls Jay off the top and ascends to the top. She delivers a moonsault and looks to lock in Hartless, but Jay reverses it and attempts to lock in the Queenslayer. Hart escapes and Jay tries locking in the hold again, but Hart escapes by tumbling to the outside. She then spits the Black Mist into Jay's face and rolls her up for the win.


Winner: Julia Hart