Seth Rollins' Wrestling School Thanks Vince McMahon For WWE Ring Upgrade

Seth Rollins' Black & Brave Wrestling Academy has thanked WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon for a new wrestling ring they received this week.

The school in Davenport, Iowa took to Instagram on Tuesday and posted a photo of a WWE wrestling ring that still needed to be put together. For some reason the post was deleted shortly after it was published.

"Thanks for the upgrade, Vince! [smile emoji]," the caption read.

The label on the delivery noted that it was a practice ring for Seth's school, with ropes, cables, turnbuckle cushions and turnbuckle covers. It also listed a WWE emergency contact phone number based in Stamford, CT, which could be why the post was deleted.

Rollins and his partner Marek Brave actively train students at the school, which launched in 2014. The most notable talent to graduate from the school is Ben Carter, who was already making a name in the UK before signing up. He is now known as WWE NXT UK Superstar Nathan Frazer.

You can see the Black & Brave tweet thanking Vince below, which is still active and links to the deleted Instagram post.