Juice Robinson Suspended From NJPW, Fred Rosser Replaces Him In US Title Tournament

Fred Rosser and Juice Robinson were scheduled to meet one-on-one at NJPW Capital Collision on Saturday, but as it turns out, that match never even had a chance to officially start. Prior to their meeting, Rosser said he wanted Robinson's real-life wife, Toni Storm, to watch the carnage unfold from ringside. Rosser also reserved a front-row seat with Storm's name on it. This, in addition to Rosser's previous comment, seemed to spark serious anger inside Robinson. As Rosser emerged from the curtain to make his entrance, Robinson followed closely behind, stunning his opponent with a vicious attack.

After nailing Rosser with a piledriver on the entrance stage, Robinson undid his belt to deliver thunderous whips to Rosser and then moved the action to the ring. There, a referee attempted to intervene but was instead knocked down by Robinson, who then unloaded a subsequent series of chair shots on Rosser. The final blow came when Robinson hit Rosser with a roll of quarters as he issued a final warning to him. "You keep my wife's name out of your f***ing mouth!" Robinson exclaimed.

As a result of Robinson's attack, that match was ruled a no-contest, and NJPW has announced that the Bullet Club member has been suspended. With Robinson forced out of action, Rosser will also take his place in a semi-finals matchup against Lance Archer in the IWGP United States Championship Contender's Tournament. That contest will go down later today at NJPW Collision in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Rosser was originally slated to partner with Rocky Romero against SANADA and Yoshinobu Kanemaru at Collision, but as he now steps up to face Archer, Homicide will replace him in the tag team bout.