Speedball Mike Bailey Vouches For Veda Scott On Wrestling Commentary

There are a number of key players in the storytelling aspect of professional wrestling — the wrestlers, the booker/creative team, the referee, and even the audience. But often one element that gets overlooked is the commentary team. 


Although the best announcers don't always get the proper recognition they deserve, when it comes to excellent commentators on the scene right now, Veda Scott deserves to be recognized. Naturally, leading the charge on that front is her partner "Speedball" Mike Bailey.

In a recent interview with "Fightful," he shined a spotlight on her prowess in the booth and touched on how women's matches traditionally don't get called with the same care as their male counterparts. But because Scott's dealt with this firsthand as a wrestler, she can use this experience to enhance her color commentary.

"Veda cares so much," said Bailey. "As a femme presenting person, they know the perspective of what it can be like to have commentary on your match. You have a match that you love, then you go back and watch it and it's rough because it's easy to say the wrong things and stray from the story. But Veda just cares so much and there's so much technique and detail and attention behind their commentary ... I know a lot of people that tell us, 'I was at the show and I couldn't wait to get home so I could watch it with the commentary,' which I think is absolutely fantastic and fully deserved for Veda."


Previously, Veda Scott had done commentary for various indie promotions, as well as AEW and most recently NJPW. With representation being so important in every aspect of media, it's great to see her — and other incredible commentators like Alyssa Marino or Val Capone — earn more opportunities in wrestling.