EC3 Discusses Where The Concept Of Control Your Narrative Went Awry

Following his WWE departure in 2020, EC3 set out to launch his own wrestling project. He put on a Free The Narrative pay-per-view in May 2021, and by the start of 2022, Control Your Narrative (CYN) was officially launched with several former WWE stars advertised for a national tour.

During a recent interview with "The Wrestling Perspective Podcast," EC3 explained that he could've maintained a "rich guy" persona and landed in AEW following his WWE release, but that wasn't how he was feeling or living. Rather, he had a vision for his Punisher-esque character in Control Your Narrative, but there were factors working against him.

"Doing Control Your Narrative had a plethora of things working against it in lies, backstabbing, sabotage, and people not living up to any of their ends of the bargains to where the darkness was kind of in jest," EC3 said. Later, he continued, "I lost sight of what the intention was. I did not want it to become some promotion like the three-letter brands, I would call it."

EC3 explained that he found it to be cathartic to create his own stories without walking into a company and being handed a script. He wanted to give independence back to people who sought it, but then agents got involved when Braun Strowman joined CYN. After that, they were promised big things like a TV deal despite him not intending for that to happen. EC3 also revealed that he's working on a book that will help "neglected" or younger talent find their voice so that they can become stars their own way, which was the original mission of CYN from the start.

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "The Wrestling Perspective Podcast" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.