AEW Dynamite Results (4/19): Chris Jericho Confronts Adam Cole, Powerhouse Hobbs Vs Wardlow

This is Wrestling INC.'s live coverage of "AEW Dynamite" for April 19, 2023!

Tonight will see the TNT Championship be defended as Powerhouse Hobbs puts the title on the line against the man that he defeated for it in the first place. Hobbs required the help of QT Marshall during that match, with the QTV group having been by Hobbs' side ever since.

The issues between The Outcasts and some of the original AEW women's wrestlers will also continue on the show as Ruby Soho and Toni Storm are set to team up to compete against AEW Women's World Champion Jamie Hayter and Britt Baker.

Jay White will also be in action on the show as he will go one on one against Komander as both men look to put some momentum together as new stars on the roster.

There will also be a six-man tag team match with The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn will team up to take on Daddy Magic, Cool Hand Ang, and Jake Hager as the issues between the six of them continue to boil over. A defeat for The Acclaimed's team will lead to them having to join Jericho Appreciation Society until Double or Nothing. 

Chris Jericho is set to confront Adam Cole in a face-to-face situation on the show as well, with Jericho having had issues with Cole ever since he defeated Daniel Garcia on his return from injury.

But they are not the only wrestlers that fans will hear from because The Elite are also set to be on the show, addressing their current issues with the Blackpool Combat Club. Meanwhile, FTR will also be on the show.

Let's Hear From The Pillars

"Jungle Boy" Jack Perry kickstarts the show, but before he can say a single word he is interrupted by Sammy Guevara, and the same then happens to him as Darby Allin makes his way down to the ring. Allin says he has known Guevara the longest and he likes him the most, but he thinks to the fans Guevara is least qualified because perception is reality and people view him as a follower.

Allin says he and Sting view each other as equals, it isn't called the Sting Appreciation Society, and he tells Guevara that Chris Jericho is holding him back. Allin then turns his attention to Perry and questions what name he's going by nowadays. He claims Perry was handpicked due to being part of the California clique, and he remembers he was still living in his car when Perry was announced to be signed and he was jealous. But it didn't take long for that to disappear, as nothing about Perry intimidated him. 

Perry says he sees kids with Allin's face paint, and he thinks, 'oh boy, if only they knew what Allin is really like.' He claims he is antisocial, unfriendly, he is rude to people who aren't cool enough for him. Perry then claims this wasn't Allin's first choice and he is only here because he didn't make it as a skateboarder. Perry then says it would be a challenge to find a new way to describe what a dirtbag Guevara is. However, he respects Guevara the most out of the pillars because what you see is what you get. 

Guevara then points out that Perry and MJF were the golden children of AEW as he points out they were both on the first PPV and the most recent. He relates the most to Allin as they're two sides of the same coin, they'll do crazy things to make it and he watched Allin become TNT Champion and he decided to do it better and he did, three times. Guevara claims now it's Allin's turn to sit back and watch him become World Champion. 

Perry says he is the next champion, and he's doing it for every single person who has supported him, and this leads to MJF appearing. He tells them to stop fighting over him and he and Tony Khan have decided there will be a pillars tournament, and the winner gets to face him at Double Or Nothing. It is revealed Allin is getting a bye in round one. So it will be Guevara vs. Jungle Boy and that's happening tonight. 

Ruby Soho & Toni Storm w/Saraya vs. Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter

The Outcasts waste zero time by jumping Jamie Hayter and Britt Baker as they make their entrances, but back inside the ring, Hayter takes down both of her opponents and then charges into each corner to flatten both women as she follows it up with a double suplex. Storm stops a lariat though with a clubbing forearm which allows Ruby Soho to connect with a superkick as Storm then drops her to the floor with a Hip Attack. 

Baker then comes to try and help but she isn't able to hit the Panama sunrise as it gets blocked with Storm then superkicking Baker in front of her family in the crowd. Inside the ring, Hayter pushes her way back to the corner, but Storm pulls Baker away to stop the tag and The Outcasts then work together inside the ring to isolate the champion. Saraya then gets a few cheap shots in, but she fights back and drops Storm as Baker tags in. 

She hits the ring and wipes out Storm several times before hitting a sling blade as Soho eats a superkick as well. "DMD" throws Storm head-first into the second turnbuckle, but a distraction from Soho works as Storm hits a German suplex. Baker responds immediately with an air raid crash, but Soho breaks it up as Hayter and Baker then work together going back and forth with moves until Soho pushes Hayter into them to break the pinfall. 

The Outcasts then cheat but it doesn't work after the Storm Zero as Baker kicks out. However, Storm then slams Hayter into the stairs and dropkicks her shoulder into them for good measure. Yet back inside the ring Baker keeps fighting and hits the Panama sunrise to Soho, but this time she kicks out. She follows it with a stomp, but while Soho kicks out she is put into the Lockjaw and she taps. 

Winners: Britt Baker & Toni Storm

Wardlow is interviewed backstage and he admits it wasn't long ago that he had a Horseman with him who told him about leveling the playing field, so he reached out to another. Ar Anderson then turns up and runs through everything that QTV have done, which is kid stuff, until they took his championship. He says what they used to do wakes people up, and he claims that starting tonight they will start playing chess.

The Elite Address Blackpool Combat Club

Kenny Omega says these few weeks have been the hardest of his life. He says Blackpool Combat Club are great, respected athletes, but that was until they made his friends bleed. He wishes he took the screwdriver out of the turnbuckle and plunged it into the face of Jon Moxley. Omega doesn't have much to say, they're here with an invitation and they want to see BCC in the ring to settle things like men. 

Bryan Danielson then appears on the titantron and he calls them amateurs and the rest of BCC then turn up inside the ring and begin brawling with The Elite. However, it is The Elite that comes out on top as they turn things around with Nick Jackson launching himself over the barricade to attack Claudio Castagnoli while Matt Jackson hits Wheeler Yeta with his suplexes. 

Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley start brawling as well, but Yuta then slams a title into Matt's injured arm and he then targets the injured area. Castagnoli then drops Nick, and even though Omega helps them briefly the numbers catch up and the three-on-one attack leads to him being planted in the ring. Danielson then makes his way down and says they're amateurs except for Omega, he thought he would be a professional. 

Don Callis then appears with a chair in hand but Danielson asks what he is doing and he runs to the back. Danielson says if Omega is not going to live up to his potential he needs to be gone. He gets out the screwdriver, but then Callis returns with Konosuke Takeshita and he cleans house and puts himself between Danielson and Omega and BCC runaway. 

Powerhouse Hobbs w/QT Marshall & Harley Cameron (c) vs. Wardlow w/Arn Anderson (TNT Championship Match)

Powerhouse Hobbs takes the fight to Wardlow straight away, dominating the match early on with a trio of belly-to-belly suplexes. However, the challenger fires back by sending Hobbs out of the ring and into the guardrail before clotheslining him over it as they begin brawling to the floor where the fans are. They brawl back to the ringside area, and Hobbs sidesteps him as Wardlow collides with the steel stairs. 

Back inside the ring, Hobbs connects with a Frog Splash, but Wardlow manages to kick out. Wardlow brings Hobbs down to the mat and connects with a few shots, but the champion responds with some of his own and then QT Marshall cheats with a cheap shot behind the official's back. They fight their way up to the top turnbuckle but Wardlow sends Hobbs down and that is followed by a Senton Bomb. 

The two men then throw punches back and forth as they then just clobber into each other with blows and it is Wardlow who comes out on top and then follows it with a couple of German suplexes. He hits a headbutt and then swings back to drop the champion with his lariat. However, Harley Cameron gets onto the ring apron to provide a distraction, but Arn Anderson gets up and takes a look. However, the distraction allows Marshall to drop Wardlow with a cutter, but it doesn't work as he kicks out. 

Marshall then argues with the official until Anderson gets in and he pretends to pull a gun out which leads to him running up the ramp into Penta who nails a superkick. Marshall stumbles back to the ring and into a DDT from Anderson while Wardlow then hits a Powerbomb to Hobbs. Wardlow follows that with another one as he begins working the crowd as he hits a third Powerbomb to reclaim the gold. 

Winner (and new TNT Champion): Wardlow

After the match, Christian Cage makes his way out with Luchasaurus as they stare down the new champion. 

MJF and Guevara are then shown backstage as the champion says he has an agreement that would help them both and the two of them hug it out after Guevara lets him know his price and MJF agrees to give a blank cheque. 

Jay White w/Juice Robinson vs. Komander

Jay White starts out dominating the match, taking the fight to Komander in the corner with a huge chop as he stomps away at him. Shawn Spears is shown in the crowd looking on, meanwhile inside the ring an back heel kick rocks White, and he then showcases his ability by jumping up and down on the top rope as he then sends White out of the ring. He takes too long with the follow up though and misses with a moonsault to the outside as White just throws him face-first into the ring apron. 

White then begins delivering chops outside the ring to Komander in front of Spears, who holds up a score of 4, which leads to White doing another that grants him a score of 6 from Spears. Despite that, White continues acting aggressively with his chops inside the ring, and even though he allows Komander to hit him with one it doesn't have an impact. He asks for more from the masked man and that leads to them going back and forth as he almost catches White out with a pinfall attempt, but he then gets dropped with a huge clothesline.

White digs into the eyes of Komander, but then gets sent over the top rope and he then runs the ropes and leaps to the skies to wipe out White which gets a 10 from Spears. Komander hits a rope walk Shooting Star Press, but White manages to kick out. He follows with a springboard Phoenix Splash, but White kicks out again! Komander heads to the top again but this time White avoids it as he nails a cut-throat suplex and then the Bladerunner. 

Winner: Jay White

Juice Robinson then pulls Spears over the barricade and he and White begin attacking him until Ricky Starks hits the ring. He Spears Robinson but White makes his way up the ramp. 

FTR are then shown backstage as it is revealed Mark Briscoe was jumped by the Trustbusters. They go to check on him but Jay Lethal's crew are already there and they argue over it as both teams want to solve the situation. Briscoe tells them to work together and they agree. 

Chris Jericho Confronts Adam Cole

Adam Cole says anyone who has followed his career will know he studied Chris Jericho and even his catchphrase was inspired by him. He read Jericho's first book and he wanted to be like him. Fast forward to now and they're in the ring for the first time ever Cole thinks that's pretty damn cool, and he admits that he has a ton of respect for Jericho. Jericho puts out his hand and the two of them shake hands. 

Jericho says he appreciates the words and he has watched Cole's stuff lately, and he has absolutely zero respect for him. He thinks he's an arrogant son of a b*tch. He says what Cole did last week is unacceptable, and he's lucky he doesn't slap his dumb face right now. Cole says lately he and the fans think he has been a jagoff, and he understands Jericho has his minions, but he wonders when Jericho last asked himself who the real version of himself is. 

Is it the guy who has JAS win matches for him, or the GOAT? Cole says the real Jericho is an insecure, fickle, stupid idiot. He points out Jericho wanted his attention, he has it, so now what? Jericho says Cole doesn't want to meet his idol or have anything to do with him and if he's smart he will get out of the ring right now. However, Cole has heard enough and he starts attacking him until Daniel Garcia pops up from behind to attack him. The two men then dominate until Britt Baker comes and pulls Jericho off him and she slaps him. However, The Outcasts then turn up and the three of them jump her. 

They then handcuff Cole and make him watch as The Outcasts attack Baker. Jericho gets a Kendo stick and Cole dares him to hit him but instead, he hands it to Saraya and they force him to watch her get attacked.

The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn vs. Jake Hager, Daddy Magic, & Cool Hand Ang

Jericho Appreciation Society attacks their opponents as soon as they get into the ring, but the babyfaces quickly turn it around and Anthony Bowens hits Scissor Me Timbers on Cool Hand Ang. The three of them scissor in the middle of the ring as Max Caster tags in and dropkicks Ang while attacking Daddy Magic as well until Jake Hager drops him with a clothesline, turning things around. 

Hager blasts Bowens off the ring apron and then looks for the Hager Bomb but Caster gets his boots up to counter it. That allows Billy Gunn to tag in and he sends Ang over the top rope before attacking Hager, but he turns around the Famouser and plants the veteran onto the mat. Daddy Magic then tags in as does Bowens and the two men begin brawling inside the ring. 

Bowens gets the best of things with a combination of moves, but Ang then turns up and rocks Bowens with a right hand while having a weapon in his hand as Aubrey Edwards is distracted by Hager. Despite the cheating, Bowens kicks out and then Ang accidentally hits Hager with it which takes him down. Gunn then turns up and grabs Ange's comb and breaks it as Bowens drops him with an elbow strike. Caster then hits the Mic Drop and it's over.

Winers: The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn

Jungle Boy vs. Sammy Guevara (Four Pillars Tournament Match)

"Jungle Boy" Jack Perry starts out hot by wiping Sammy Guevara out to the floor, but Guevara responds with a suicide dive of his own. Perry fights back with a hurricanrana to the floor, but as he gets back to the top turnbuckle he takes too long as Guevara is able to hit a Spanish Fly. The two then end up on the ring apron together and they start brawling until Perry connects with a superkick, but as he dives back to him Guevara replies with a knee strike, and he follows it with a Spanish Fly to the floor. 

The two then spill into the audience and exchange chops, which includes each of them being sat onto a fan's lap as they deliver the blows. Perry grabs a sign and slams it onto Guevara's head, but when they get back to the ring it's the "Spanish God" who regains control. Perry responds with an elbow strike and then a huge lariat after bouncing off the turnbuckles. Perry then hits a powerbomb onto the ring apron and then he catches Guevara with a Destroyer after diving from the top turnbuckle, but Guevara manages to kick out. 

However, as he goes for another high-risk move Guevara kicks the top rope which leads to him falling down to the mat, and while Perry avoids Guevara's move he turns back around into a superkick and then a cutter. Guevara nails an implant DDT, but Perry is able to kick out. Perry then manages to hit a running elbow strike to the back of Guevara's head, but he is unable to cover him. 

Both men make it to their knees and then begin trading slaps, and Perry then locks in the Snare Trap, but Guevara makes it to the ropes. Perry then heads to the top turnbuckle but Guevara dropkicks him off and Perry flies back and slams into the timekeeper's table. The 10 count is about to happen but Guevara grabs the official, and then MJF turns up and nails Perry with his Dynamite Diamond ring and the count continues. 

Winner (advancing to face Darby Allin): Sammy Guevara