Impact Wrestling Results (04/20): Maclin's Changing Of The Guard, Digital Media Title Match

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s results of "Impact Wrestling" on April 20, 2023!

Hot off the heels of Impact Rebellion on Sunday, Steve Maclin will host a "Changing of the Guard" ceremony to celebrate his first Impact World Championship win. Maclin defeated KUSHIDA in Toronto for the vacant title after Josh Alexander was pulled from the card due to a triceps injury. We also know that Nick Aldis will appear in some capacity after he confronted Maclin following the world title bout and subsequent attack against Impact President Scott D'Amore.


After competing in a four-on-three tag match at Rebellion, Joe Hendry will defend his Digital Media Championship tonight against the up and coming Sheldon Jean. We will also see former opponents Trey Miguel, Mike Bailey, and Jonathan Gresham attempt to join forces when they battle Time Machine in a six-man tag bout.

Following their participation in the 10-person Hardcore War match, Moose will take on Yuya Uemura in singles competition. Uemura was part of the winning team on Sunday when Tommy Dreamer pinned Bully Ray to settle their extended rivalry. Another extension of Hardcore War will see Frankie Kazarian take on The Good Hands in a two-on-one match tonight. When The Good Hands attempted to interfere in Hardcore War, their plans were thwarted by Kazarian's impressive cutter on John Skyler off the apron and through two ringside tables. 


Time Machine vs. Miguel, Bailey & Gresham

Shelley and Gresham kick off the six-man tag match with lock ups. Sabin and Bailey come in next. Kushida comes in and locks up the arm but only for a moment as Trey tags in. Trey quickly works around the ring but gets stopped by a kick to the arm. Sabin comes in with an arm lock before tagging Shelley. Time Machine takes turns twisting Trey's arm around until Trey rakes Kushida. Bailey comes back in but he gets triple teamed as well. Sabin continues working the left arm.


Shelley returns with chops and more arm locks. Trey accidentally distracts the ref while Sabin sneaks in attacks on Bailey. Kushida and Bailey kick each other before Sabin dives out on Miguel and Gresham. After the break, Bailey is back to getting decimated by Time Machine. Bailey kicks Shelley several times to finally tag Gresham, who gets in a shoving match with Kushida. Gresham attempts a few pinfalls, Shelley breaks the last one. Gresham battles both Kushida and Shelley while the ref deals with Trey.

Kushida kicks out of a bridging suplex. Sabin accidentally kicks Shelley when Gresham ducks. Trey shoves Bailey and then dives out. Kushida hits him from behind before Bailey sends him out. Bailey moonsaults off the ropes to take out the field. Gresham wraps around Kushida, but Trey tags in and unloads on Kushida. Kushida droops Trey into a Hoverboard Lock as MCMG take out Bailey and Gresham. Trey puts his foot on the bottom rope. 


After another break, Kushida is still picking Trey apart, but Trey comes back with an uppercut and boot in the corner. Sabin missile dropkicks Trey before breaking out in a punching fest with Bailey. Bailey gets a cover, chest kick, and knees to the chest. Tornado Kick doesn't connect, Trey gets the tag. MCMG prevent Trey from making a tag and then he eats a triple kick. Bailey hits Ultimo Weapon on a standing Sabin, who was holding Trey. Shelley trips Bailey. Action breaks down in the ring while the ref checks on Sabin. Trey gets triple teamed. Sabin cradleshocks Trey for the win.

Winners: Time Machine

Alisha Edwards vs. Tara Rising

Backstage, Gia Miller interviews Santino Marella. He says he might get in the ring from time to time, but justice was served at Rebellion. Alisha interrupts and asks what he's gonna do about PCO. He informs her that she has a match coming up. Swinger and Dice walk up trying to get a match booked.


A vignette for Deonna Purrazzo airs as the new Knockouts Champion. 

Alisha Edwards vs. Tara Rising

Alisha does back elbows in the corner to Tara before chopping her chest. Alisha throws Tara into another corner. She runs at her but gets kicked. Tara is clotheslined and then tossed out of the ring. Alisha runs Tara into the apron several times. Back inside, Alisha hits a face buster for the win.

Winner: Alisha Edwards

Post-match, Jody Threat runs down to the make the save when Alisha tried attacking Tara after the bell. Alisha retreated up the ramp as Jody stared her down. 

Backstage, Threat checks on Rising and says not to let anyone push her around like that. Jody says she'll take care of Alisha.


Moose vs. Yuya Uemura; Nick Aldis speaks

Brian Myers and Bhupinder Gujjar are at ringside. Moose runs Yuya into the corner right out the gate. Yuya tries a few arm drags but gets stopped by Moose's strength. Yuya finally hits an arm drag and then sends Moose out of the ring. Yuya hits two sliding dropkicks. Myers takes a crossbody on the outside before Moose hits a powerbomb on the floor. Back inside, Moose pulls his hair and then ragdolls him. Moose continues to pick Yuya apart in the ropes. Yuya fires back with face slaps. Myers tries to trip him, allowing Moose to pump kick him off the apron. 


Yuya returns with a strikes and a big shoulder tackle. Yuya back elbows out of the corner and then nails a bulldog. Moose hip tosses Yuya off of him but then Yuya hits a German suplex, cover. Moose tosses Yuya off the top rope. Yuya gets back up and hits a double underhook from the top rope, nearfall. Myers tries to distract the ref. Yuya goes back up top and connects with a huge crossbody. Myers gets on the apron and then Gujjar takes him down. Yuya rolls Moose up out of the corner, nearfall. Yuya gets dropped on the top rope and then speared. Moose covers for the three.

Winner: Moose

Jimmy Jacobs interviews Nick Aldis

Aldis thanks the fans for their support. He runs down how Impact got him his start. He was here for six years and forged through the fire until he won the world title. He set the standard for what it means to be a world champion elsewhere and now he's back with his sights set on the gold. Aldis asks Maclin if he understands what he holds. He warns Maclin that he's ready to pounce and will usher in a new (old) era. Aldis says he won't be attending Maclin's ceremony tonight, but he will be matching.


Frankie Kazarian vs. The Good Hands

John Skyler cuts a promo on his way out. He says Impact was built brick by brick by two good hands.

The match starts with Kaz slapping Hotch off the apron before Skyler ambushes him. Hotch comes in with slaps and stomps in the corner. Skyler holds the ropes to allow Kaz to fall out of the ring. Hotch throws him back in and unloads with punches. Skyler tags in but gets dropped by Kaz. Hotch runs in and eats a legdrop off the ropes. Kaz applies a Figure Four on Hotch and rolls up Skyler at the same time. Double knees to Hotch, Skyler tries a roll up. Hotch eats a slingshot cutter. Kaz drops Skyler with the chicken wing for the win.


Winner: Frankie Kazarian

We see a vignette for The Coven as they read new Tarot cards. Something new is coming. Taylor asks if there is anything on The Virtuosa. She calls Deonna a fraud. King suggests they kick her ass and Wilde agrees. This is the age of Aquarius. "Harmony and understanding, b******," says King.

Sami Callihan addresses a camera backstage and talks about going through The Design's seven steps. He didn't care about shaving his head. The rest of the steps were to merely destroy The Design, and he's not done yet.

Digital Media Title Match; Maclin's Ceremony

Joe Hendry (c) vs. Sheldon Jean

Hendry cuts a brief promo. The match starts with Hendry targeting Jean's left arm. They trade headlocks before Hendry tries a stalling suplex. Jean gets out and rakes Hendry's face. Jean takes Hendry to the corner and continues to rake his forearm in the champ's face. Hendry comes back with a chest chop and then lands a cutter in the middle of the ring. Back elbows from Hendry followed by a fallaway slam. Jean unloads with kicks and strikes but then gets taken down by a clothesline. Hendry slams Jean to the mat and covers to retain.


Winner: Joe Hendry (c)

Set for next week:

  • Knockouts World Title: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Taylor Wilde
  • Masha Slamovich vs. Jordynne Grace
  • The Design vs. ABC

Steve Maclin's Changing of the Guard ceremony

Maclin is escorted by men in camo shirts. In the ring, Maclin says Impact gave him an opportunity in 2021. He was able to do what he said he would and now his mission is complete – he is the World Champ. He planned to humiliate the former world champ in his home country, but now he's issuing an open challenge. Maclin yells at kids in the crowd until Scott D'Amore comes out. Scott says he never doubted Maclin's ability to become world champion, but he takes issue with his execution. He could've stepped to Josh during his record reign but just didn't. Scott asks Maclin if he's ducking Aldis now.

Maclin hypes up Scott as a leader and recalls his recent Canadian Destroyer. Scott says he shouldn't have thrown the belt in Steve's face, but Maclin had his chance to fight him on Sunday. Instead, Maclin waited to attack him from behind. Scott says he rarely makes the same mistake twice. He takes his coat off and says he has the perfect Canadian for Maclin to face at Under Siege. PCO enters and takes out the security. Security gang up on PCO until he breaks free and takes the fight to the champ. PCO hits a DDT before Maclin escapes and retreats up the ramp. PCO then spears two security members through a table in the corner. Maclin and PCO stare off to end the show.