WWE Raw Results (04/24) - Bad Bunny Returns, Triple H Makes Major Announcement And More

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s results of "WWE Raw" on April 24, 2023, coming to you live from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois!

Three weeks ago, Bad Bunny got into a physical altercation with Judgment Day whilst watching the action on "Raw" from ringside, which ultimately culminated in Damian Priest delivering a chokeslam to him that sent him crashing through the announce desk. Tonight, Bad Bunny will be making his return to The Red Brand ahead of his hosting duties at WWE Backlash on May 6 for the first time since the attack occurred.


Speaking of Priest, he will be in action tonight as he collides with WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio. It's no secret that Priest and Rey have been at odds for a number of months now as a result of the ongoing issues between their respective factions, the aforementioned Judgment Day and LWO. They most recently encountered one another during a tag team match this past Friday on "WWE SmackDown", during which Priest and Finn Balor defeated Rey and Santos Escobar.

Additionally, WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H has a major announcement for the WWE Universe, as announced on the company's Twitter account earlier today.

We are live! Corey Graves and Kevin Patrick greet audiences at home as Cody Rhodes makes his way to the ring.


We Hear From Cody Rhodes

Rhodes asks Chicago what they want to talk about, then says they could talk about the WWE Draft or his upcoming match with Brock Lesnar at Backlash. He then throws it over to a few pictures of Lesnar's attack on him three weeks ago on "Raw", then says he wants to show fans something else. He takes off his watch and weight belt, then reveals a scar on his shoulder. He says thi is the first time he's stood in the Allstate Arena since facing Seth Rollins at Hell in a Cell with a torn pec. He addresses Lesnar directly and tells Lesnar to pick a spot. He says he was able to defeat one of the very best with the aforementioned injury, but he didn't do anything that night. He says a sold out arena propped him up on their shoulders and carried him to the finish line. He thanks Chicago before Finn Balor's music hits and he appears.


Balor says he hates to break up the party, but everyone has scars. He says he saw that Rhodes had Roman Reigns beat at WrestleMania, but he got screwed. He questions why Rhodes got screwed and says the answer was that no one had his back. He says he understood why he trusted Lesnar to be his tag team partner, but he needs to be smarter. He says Rhodes can't win his match with Lesnar on his own in Puerto Rico. Rhodes cuts Balor off and says he was under the impression there was mutual respect between them. He says he's not buying whatever Balor's selling, and Balor says if he respects him, then he'll hear him out. Balor says that Rhodes as a member of Judgment Day would be unstoppable, and tells him not to make the same mistake he made at WrestleMania on May 6.


Rhodes says he appreciates all Balor has done for him, but he declines to join Judgment Day. Balor says that's a pity because you're either with Judgment Day or against them. Rhodes says Balor is of the impression that he's not medically cleared to compete tonight, but that's not the case and he was cleared a few hours ago. He says he can't think of a better message to send to Lesnar than to go toe-to-toe with him tonight.

Solo Sikoa and The Usos then make their way to the ring. LWO follows. 

The Bloodline vs. LWO

Wilde and Jey begin the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. Wilde delivers a dropkick before Jimmy tags in and delivers a chop followed by a shoulder to his midsection. Sikoa tags in and executes a headbutt, but Wilde sends Sikoa to the outside. The Usos try to interfere, but Escobar and Del Toro send them crashing to the outside with dropkicks. Wilde and Del Toro then go flying over the top to level them as Escobar does the same to Sikoa.


Back from the break, Sikoa delivers a back elbow to Wilde. Wilde fires back with a DDT, then tags in Escobar as Sikoa tags in Jimmy. Escobar delivers a pair of jumping elbows, but Jimmy fires back with a kick to his midsection. Escobar responds with an enziguri and a crossbody off the top rope. Del Toro tags in and delivers a dropkick off the top, then climbs back up to the top and delivers a 450 Splash. He goes for a pin, but Jey breaks the fall. Escobar attacks him and the action spills to the outside. Jey sends him crashing into the ring post before Wilde jumps him. Sikoa sends Wilde crashing into the apron spine first as Del Toro delivers an enziguri to Jimmy back inside the ring. Sikoa tries to interfere, but the referee catches him. Jey then hops up on the apron and the referee gets distracted by him. This allows Sikoa to deliver the Samoan Spike to Del Toro. The Usos then follow it up with 1D for the win.


Winners: The Bloodline

After the match, Jey grabs a mic and says himself and Jimmy had one bad night at WrestleMania. Jimmy says Friday won't be a bad day for The Bloodline when they recapture the Undisputed Tag Team Champions and their victory will be dedicated to Roman Reigns.

We then head backstage to Cathy Kelley and Bianca Belair. Kelley asks Belair how she feels about facing IYO SKY at Backlash, and Belair says she's excited. Damage CTRL walks in and Bayley tells Belair SKY will bring home the "Raw" Women's Championship to Damage CTRL. SKY tells Belair she wants to face her tonight, and Belair tells her to say less. Bayley tells Belair to get ready for the three of them to beat up herself and two other opponents, and Belair says that while she was talking to SKY, she's happy to accept Bayley's challenge.

Back from the break, we head backstage and see Jey Uso on the phone. He runs into Sami Zayn and cuts himself off mid sentence. Zayn says he's not here for a fight, but he heard him dedicate their upcoming Undisputed Tag Team Championship match to Roman Reigns. He asks him whether or not he thinks that's weird, then asks what happens if they come up short after putting Reigns' name on the match. He tells him that it won't be good and he deserves better. Jey asks Zayn why he cares, and Zayn says he feels bad. Jey tells him that he shouldn't feel bad and he doesn't need to worry about Bloodline business anymore because they both made their choices.


We then head to a video recapping Trish Stratus' betrayal of Becky Lynch, as well as her promo from last week.

We then head backstage to Cathy Kelley and Trish Stratus. Kelley asks Stratus if she can provide any insight as to why Becky Lynch isn't at "Raw", and Stratus says Lynch isn't doing so well. She says she confided in her about her struggles being at the top of the women's division and being a mom. She says she's thriving while Lynch cracked and crumbled. She says she puts Lynch out of her misery and she deserves to be thanked.

Back at ringside, The Street Profits head to the ring. Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander follows. 

The Street Profits vs. Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander

Benjamin and Ford begin the action. The bell rings and Benjamin delivers a knee to Dawkins on the apron. Ford then delivers a series of right hands to his spine, but Benjamin gets Ford on his shoulders. Alexander makes the blind tag and rains down right hands, then tags Benjamin back in. Ford catches him with an enziguri, then tags in Dawkins as Benjamin tags in Alexander. Dawkins delivers a splash in the corner, then follows it up with an enziguri. Dawkins hits a spinebuster, then tags in Ford. Ford ascends to the top and delivers a Frog Splash for the win.


Winners: The Street Profits

Back from the break, Triple H heads to the ring.

Triple H Makes A Huge Announcement

Triple H says he had the incredible privilege of competing in front of the WWE Universe, but now he has the incredible privilege of ensuring WWE can be around for generations to come. He says he's here to talk about Roman Reigns, who is coming up on 1,000 days as champion. He says he can't name too many Superstars who would be able to hang in the ring with Reigns, then says along the way, he did something smart: negotiating himself into a position where he didn't have to defend that championship as frequently. He says while that's great for Reigns, it's not great for WWE because fans deserve more. He says that why he said WWE would be changed by its core during the WWE Draft. Triple H says that Reigns will stay as Undisputed WWE Universal Champion on the brand he is assigned to while the other brand will crown a new World Heavyweight Champion at Night of Champion at the end of May. He unveils the redesigned title before he says the champion will be one of respect that defends the title at any place and any time. He says the champion will earn the acknowledgement of fans.


We then head backstage to Cathy Kelley and Judgment Day. Kelley addresses Damian Priest, and Finn Balor asks if he's invisible. Priest tells Balor to get ready, and Balor does so. Kelley asks Priest for his reaction to Bad Bunny being in Chicago tonight, and Priest says Bad Bunny's success in WWE has come from him. He says he doesn't interfere in Bad Bunny's music career, but he's looking forward to seeing him later tonight.

Back at ringside, Damage CTRL heads to the ring. 

Back from the break, we head backstage to The Usos and Solo Sikoa. Jimmy is trying to strategize with Jey for their upcoming match. Jey is spaced out, and Jimmy asks what's wrong. Jey asks Jimmy if he's thought about what happens if they don't win back the titles, and Jimmy asks where this is coming from. Jey says he ran into Sami Zayn, and Jimmy becomes angry. He tells Jey he needs to stay focused, and Jey says all he's saying is what if they don't win. Jimmy insists that they'll win and that won't be an issue, but Jey doesn't respond. Jimmy then storm off. 


Back at ringside, Bianca Belair heads down followed by her mystery tag team partners...Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez!

Damage CTRL vs. Bianca Belair, Liv Morgan, and Raquel Rodriguez

Belair and SKY begin the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. Belair delivers a single leg dropkick. Kai tags in and Belair catches her with a delayed vertical suplex. Rodriguez tags in and delivers a splash in the corner before Morgan tags in and delivers a cannonball off Rodriguez's shoulders. She follows it up with a Codebreaker, but the action spills to the outside and SKY delivers a cheap kick to Morgan.


Back from the break, Kai fires off right hands on Morgan. Bayley tags in, then immediately tags SKY in. Bayley delivers a running boot before SKY hits the double knees and locks in a crossface. Morgan escapes and Kai tags in. SKY and Kai then look to double team, but Morgan catches them with a kick and tosses SKY out of the ring. Belair looks to tag in, but SKY pulls her off the apron and tosses her into the ring steps. Morgan then delivers a Backstabber to Kai and tags in Rodriguez as Kai tags in Bayley. Rodriguez delivers a pair of lariats and a Fallaway Slam, then hits a Corkscrew Elbow. She goes for a pin, but Kai breaks the fall. Rodriguez tosses Kai out of the ring, then tags in Morgan. Rodriguez powerbombs Morgan onto Kai and Bayley on the outside. Belair then gets Bayley in the ring and hits the KOD for the win.


Winners: Bianca Belair, Liv Morgan, and Raquel Rodriguez

After the match, SKY and Belair stare one another down before Belair hugs Rodriguez and Morgan.

Austin Theory then heads down to the ring. 

We Hear From Austin Theory

Theory welcomes fans to Austin Theory Live, then says this is the experience everyone wants to be part of. Fans start to boo, and Theory says that while they may not want to be part of the experience, Bobby Lashley and Bronson Reed certainly do. He asks why he was put in a Triple Threat Match at Backlash and questions where his respect is, then points to the World Heavyweight Championship. He says the title should be around his waist rather than on a pedestal because he's earned it, but instead, he's in a Triple Threat Match where he doesn't have to be pinned or submitted to lose his title.


Bobby Lashley's music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. He tells Theory the only problem he has with him is that he's holding the United States Championship. He says Theory keeps running his mouth, then asks him when he'll step up and accept all challengers. He tells Theory he knows how tough he is, but he doesn't think Theory knows that himself. He asks Theory if he's lazy or scared, and says he should be welcoming every chance he has to fight for his title.

Lashley says Theory questions who requested the Triple Threat Match at Backlash and says he did. Theory says if he's so good at requesting matches, then where was his WrestleMania match. Lashley says he should knock Theory's teeth for saying that, and Theory looks to clock him. Lashley ducks it, and the pair spill to the outside. Lashley sends Theory into the barricades before Bronson Reed appears out of nowhere. Himself and Reed beat down Lashley before Theory holds him in place and Reed squishes him between himself and the ring post. Theory and Reed get Lashley inside the ring, where Theory hits Lashley with A-Town Down. Reed then blindsides Theory and delivers a senton. He ascends to the top and delivers Tsunami to Theory, then holds up the United States Championship.


Chad Gable, Otis, and Maxxine Dupri then head down to the ring. Mustafa Ali follows. 

Chad Gable vs. Mustafa Ali

The bell rings and Gable delivers an arm drag. Ali responds with one of his own, but Gable catches him with a suplex and a pair of back elbows. Ali executes a kick to his head, but Gable hits a second suplex. Ali fires back with a Tornado DDT, then ascends to the top and looks for a 450 Splash. Gable rolls out of the way and sets up for a German suplex, but Ali rolls him up for the win.


Winner: Mustafa Ali

We head backstage to Sami Zayn. Jimmy Uso approaches him and tells Zayn to stop playing mind games with Jey. Zayn says he's speaking the truth, and Jimmy asks Zayn what happens if himself and Kevin lose. Jimmy says Kevin will turn on him and he'll deserve every bit of it. He tells him not to worry about Jey, but his own brother instead.

Back at ringside, Finn Balor heads down. Cody Rhodes follows.

Cody Rhodes vs. Finn Balor

The bell rings and the two lock up. They go back and forth with submission holds before Balor delivers an arm drag. He then delivers a chop, but Rhodes responds with several right hands and plants Balor face first, then looks for a crossbody but Balor ducks out of the way and Rhodes is sent to the outside. Balor follows him out there, then sends him crashing into the announce desk before he stares down the World Heavyweight Championship.


Back from the break, Rhodes delivers a right hand to Balor. He follows it up with a scoop powerslam and the Disaster Kick, then goes for a pin but Balor kicks out. Rhodes looks for the Cody Cutter, but Balor catches him and plants him. He then delivers a series of stomps and a Sling Blade, but Rhodes delivers the Cody Cutter and goes for a pin. Balor kicks out and delivers a double stomp, then follows it up with a shotgun dropkick and ascends to the top. He looks for the Coup De Grace, but Rhodes moves out of the way and delivers a Pedigree. He follows it up with Cross Rhodes for the win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Seth "Freakin" Rollins then heads to the ring.

Omos and MVP Confront Seth Rollins

Rollins welcomes fans to Monday Night Rollins, then introduces himself and says he was going to come out and see how chicago was feeling about Omos at Backlash, but something bigger has caught his eye. He stares down the World Heavyweight Championship, then says Triple H came out and said some nice things about Roman Reigns and the list of people he's beaten, but there is one person not on that list. He says some of the roster still want to fight to push the industry forward, then says this is the chance to have a champion that's more than part timers. He says if a new champion will be crowned at Night of Champions, then Chicago has one guess to figure it out.


Omos' music hits, and himself and MVP appear. MVP aks Rollins to forgive him for the interruption and says he respects him immensely. He tells Rollins he thinks that he's one of the greatest Superstars to compete in a WWE ring, then says he's achieved virtually every accomplishment there is. He says that it's his responsibility to get Omos giant matches, and a match over Omos would be huge. He advises Rollins to stop making predictions about his future because he might not have one after Backlash.

Rollins thanks MVP for his kind words, then says Omos is the tallest, strongest, most powerful force he has ever seen. He says Omos is once in a generation because he was born that way. Rollins says that he made himself once in a generation and says while he should be afraid of him, he's not and tells Omos he'll make him famous at Backlash. He says he will deliver a Curbstomp to Omos and when he wakes up, an arena full of people will be singing his song.


Back from the break, we see Matt Riddle strategizing with an annoyed Kevin Owens. Sami Zayn walks in and Owens asks where he's been. Zayn says he hasn't had a great night, and Owens says neither has he as he points over to Riddle. Zayn tells him he talked to Jey Uso, and Owen asks why Zayn is pleading to him. He tells him he needs to focus so they can keep the Undisputed Tag Team Championship, then storms off. Riddle says he knows what Zayn is going through, and tells him that everything will be cool with him and Owens because they're bros.

Back at ringside, Rey Mysterio heads down. Damian Priest follows. 

Damian Priest vs. Rey Mysterio

The bell rings and Rey wastes no time. He fires off a series of right hands and kicks, but Priest responds with a big boot and several stomps. Rey delivers a back elbow and a kick, but Priest catches him with a Gutbuster as we see Bad Bunny pulling up to the Allstate Arena. Priest ascends to the top and gets Rey up on his shoulders, but Rey fights his way out and delivers a hurricanrana. He follows it up with a kick to Priest's face before Priest delivers a right hand and tosses Rey under the bottom rope.


Back from the break, Priest delivers an elbow to Rey in the corner. Rey sends Priest colliding with the ring post shoulder first, then delivers a moonsault to him on the outside. He tosses him back into the ring, then ascends to the top and delivers a senton before he hits a crossbody off the ropes. He catches Priest in the ropes and sets up for the 619, but Priest catches him with a thrust kick and goes for a pin. Rey kicks out and Priest sets up for Razor's Edge, but Rey escapes and goes flying. Priest catches him and plants him.

Priest grabs a chair, but Rey catches him with a dropkick as he goes to get back into the ring. Rey then grabs the chair, but Priest catches him with a chokeslam. Rey escapes and delivers a hurricanarana, then executes the 619 and ascends to the top. Priest tosses the chair at his head before he can fly, which causes a disqualification.


Winner: Rey Mysterio (via disqualification)

Priest hits Rey with South Of Heaven, then clears the announce desk. Bad Bunny's music hits and he appears with a kendo stick in hand. He makes his way down to the ring and hits Priest with the kendo stick. He sends him toppling over the announce desk, then continues beating down Priest with the kendo stick. Priest retreats, but before he can leave, Bad Bunny grabs a mic. He says he's not hosting Backlash, but he's going to beat him in the ring and informs him that they'll be facing one another in a Street Fight.