Ric Flair Says Harley Race Would Have Ruled UFC, Compares Him To Brock Lesnar

"The Nature Boy" Ric Flair stopped by the "Joe Rogan Experience" recently, and the two-time WWE Hall of Famer told the UFC broadcaster that today's tough guys don't hold a candle to "The King" Harley Race.


"Harley would've been the king of the UFC if he was alive," Flair chuckled, "without any training. You have no idea." Flair went on to explain how Race survived a car wreck at 19 and had a metal rod inserted in his arm, giving an extra zing to Race's punches, though he did not limit his offense to punches. 

"He'd headbutt ya, bite ya, I've seen him pull guy's hair out of his head," Flair laughed, before reiterating that Race would've ruled the octagon. "UFC, as tough as they are, they've still got rules."

Rogan went on to note that Race wouldn't be the first wrestler to do that, mentioning Brock Lesnar's speedy ascent to the top of UFC, despite very little MMA experience.

"Brock is our version of Harley Race today," Flair explained. "The difference is Brock wouldn't bite your nose off. I don't think he has it in him. Brock wouldn't pull your eye out." This fact shocked Rogan, who remained incredulous about the removal of eyes. 


"Many times," Flair said. "Simple, boom ... I've seen it twice." According to Flair he's seen a guy's eye get pulled out of their head and left hanging from the socket by the string.

"They were fans in the bar, starting a fight," Flair chuckled. "These weren't wrestlers, these were guys who thought they were tough." 

Flair says Harley would go into a bar to play pool, knocking all the quarters of the people claiming next off the table. Race would declare himself "next" and ask if anyone had a problem with that. Flair said that Race loved being the world champion and picking fights.