Steve Austin Considering Bringing Back His Podcast (But With Some Changes)

Long before Steve Austin collaborated with WWE to launch the "Broken Skulls Sessions" on the WWE Network/Peacock, the WWE Hall of Famer had his own podcast, "The Steve Austin Show," which ran for nearly seven years until the legendary wrestler pulled the plug during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Austin is admittedly flirting with the idea of bringing back his podcast, albeit with a brand-new format. 

"I have been thinking about kicking it back up," Austin told "Wrestle Rant" recently. "I stopped a couple of years ago when COVID hit. Every now and then, I am inspired just to strike it back up, but I want it to be more about what I'm doing in my life, rather than it being guest-driven. You've obviously got to do a lot of research if you want to show respect to the guests. You can't change them."

"So, If I can just do it at a BS level and tell a few stories, and if that's enough to rope people in ... I might just do it because it'll give me something to do," Austin concluded.

Austin was referring to the fact that "The Steve Austin Show" was mostly a guest-driven show with Austin interviewing the likes of Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho, Eric Bischoff, Bret Hart, and many other legends over the course of seven years. The podcast originally launched with two variants — a family-friendly version and an "Unleashed!" adult-oriented version. The latter was dropped in February 2018 and merged with the family-friendly version, and the podcast was altogether discontinued in 2020. 


The interview format was continued on "Broken Skull Sessions" but rarely included Austin's rants that became a highlight of the original show.