Billy Graham Has Lost 80 Pounds Following Recent Health Battles

"Superstar" Billy Graham has lost 80 pounds due to his most recent hospitalization, according to a new report. As laid out in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Graham has lost the weight during an ongoing, four-month stint in the hospital. Graham, 79, has been dealing with "a loss of appetite" and "extreme weakness due to the infection in his ears, skull and nose." Additionally, Graham takes multiple courses of strong antibiotics per day and will need to continue that for the next 90 days, all while remaining on dialysis and dealing with other heart and lung issues.

The WWE Hall of Famer has dealt with a veritable barrage of health issues over the last decade. Since 2002, Graham has been repeatedly hospitalized for a number of reasons, including a liver transplant, double pneumonia, possible heart failure, and internal bleeding. The former WWWF Heavyweight Champion has also dealt with repeated issues surrounding his liver, while he also had toes amputated last year.

In a Facebook post Wednesday, Graham's family noted that the retired wrestler "is currently completely deaf" as a result of his ear infection. "We're praying this is temporary, and will resolve as the infection is treated," the post read. The family has an ongoing GoFundMe page set up to help the WWE Hall of Famer pay for his medical bills. "Anyone who could find it in their heart to donate any amount, would be so greatly appreciated," the post continued, adding, "He is in the fight of his life."