WWE SmackDown Results (04/28) - Undisputed Tag Team Title Match, Night One Of The WWE Draft

This is Wrestling Inc.'s results of "WWE SmackDown" on April 28, 2023, coming to you live from the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas!

The WWE Draft will kick off, with Becky Lynch, Bianca Belair, Cody Rhodes, Damage CTRL, Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley, Edge, Imperium, Candice LeRae, Omos, Matt Riddle, The Street Profits, The Viking Raiders, The O.C. certain "NXT" superstars, Solo Sikoa, and Roman Reigns amongst those eligible to be drafted. As explained by Megan Morant in a video posted to WWE's Twitter account earlier, sixteen draft picks will be announced for both "WWE Raw" and "SmackDown" on tonight's show, with any additional ones being named on "The SmackDown LowDown."

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens will be putting their title on the line against The Usos in their first televised defense. Zayn and Owens dethroned Jimmy and Jey Uso in the main event of Night One of WrestleMania 39, putting an end to their historic reign in the process. The Usos will certainly be feeling the pressure to regain their title tonight, with Roman Reigns making it clear that he wants the pair to reclaim the gold.

Before she challenges Rhea Ripley for the "SmackDown" Women's Championship at WWE Backlash on May 6, Zelina Vega looks to pick up a victory tonight when she goes one-on-one with Sonya Deville. Ripley and Vega have taken issue with one another over the past several weeks as a result of the ongoing issues between their respective factions, Judgment Day and LWO.

We are live! Michael Cole and Wade Barrett greet audiences at home as Triple H makes his way to the ring.

Triple H Announces The First Four Draft Picks

Triple H greets fans to the draft, then explains that every superstar on "Raw" and "SmackDown" is subject to change brands. He says half will be assigned a brand tonight while the other half will be assigned a brand on this coming Monday's episode of "Raw". He says certain "NXT" Stars will be eligible for the draft as well, then announces the first four picks. Number one is Roman Reigns, Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman, who will be staying on "SmackDown". Cody Rhodes is picked at number two and has been drafted to "Raw". "SmackDown" has selected "Raw" Women's Champion Bianca Belair as the number three pick while "Raw" has selected Becky Lynch as the fourth overall pick.

Triple H then introduces The Usos, and the brothers head down to the ring.

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens Confront The Usos

Jimmy congratulates Roman Reigns for being the number one draft pick, and Jey promises Reigns they'll win back the Undisputed Tag Team Championship. Jimmy says while they haven't heard anything from Reigns, they dedicate their victory to him tonight.

Kevin Owens' music hits and himself and Sami Zayn appear. Zayn says he has said everything there is to be said, but he has one last thing to get off his chest. He asks The Usos if they think it's weird that Reigns hasn't talked to them since WrestleMania, then questions why they weren't drafted with Reigns, Solo Sikoa, and Paul Heyman to "SmackDown". Zayn says himself and Owens will beat them, but Jimmy says Owens will turn on Zayn once they lose the title. An irate Owens says he doesn't care about Reigns, and his focus is on beating the two of them up and retaining the Undisputed Tag Team Championship tonight. 

Butch and Sheamus then head to the ring. LA Knight follows. 

Back from the break, we head to a video message from Bianca Belair. Belair says she's excited to be the "SmackDown" Women's Champion once again and become a fighting champion.

Butch (w/ Sheamus) vs. LA Knight

The bell rings and Knight fires off right hands. Butch responds with a clothesline and goes to work manipulating Knight's fingers. He stomps on his elbow, then delivers his own version of The Ten Beats of the Bodhran. He ascends to the top and looks for a crossbody, but Knight ducks it and sends Butch crashing to the outside. Knight then plants Butch spine first on the apron.

Back from the break, Butch delivers a moonsault off the apron to Knight. He tosses him back in the ring, then ascends to the top. Knight meets him up there and delivers a superplex, then goes for a pin. Butch kicks out before Knight gets him on his shoulders. Butch escapes and delivers an enziguri, then locks in an arm and hand submission. Knight makes it to the bottom rope to break the hold, then sends Butch colliding with the ring post. Knight then follows it up with Blunt Force Trauma for the win.

Winner: LA Knight

We head backstage to Solo Sikoa, Paul Heyman and The Usos. Jimmy says tonight is the night, and Heyman agrees with them. He says tonight is the night they will be drafted, and the only avenue for them is success. He tells them to rise to the occasion and hypes them up, then informs them that one way or another, Roman Reigns accepts that tonight is the night as he stares down Sikoa.

Back from the break, Rob Van Dam and Michael Hayes head to the ring to present the next four draft picks.

Rob Van Dam and Michael Hayes Announces The Next Four Picks for the WWE Draft

Michael Hayes announces that the number five draft pick are The Street Profits, and they will be heading over to "SmackDown". RVD reveals Imperium as the number six pick, and they will be moving to "Raw". Hayes announces that Edge will be moving over to "SmackDown" as number seven while RVD names Matt Riddle as the number eight pick for "Raw".

The Profits music hits before Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins appear.

Ford says himself and Dawkins are back in the blue. He says nothing has changed since they left "SmackDown", and they want the smoke.

Ricochet and Braun Strowman then head to the ring. Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro of LWO follows.

The Street Profits vs. Ricochet and Braun Strowman vs. LWO

Strowman, Ford, and Wilde begin the action. The bell rings and Ford and Wilde double team on Strowman. Strowman pushes them off him and tosses them out of the ring before Dawkins and Del Toro get in the ring. Strowman tosses them out of the ring, then dumps Ricochet on top of them.

Back from the break, Ricochet and Del Toro are double teaming on Dawkins. Ricochet dumps Del Toro on the apron, and Del Toro delivers an enziguri to Ricochet. He ascends to the top and delivers a missile dropkick to Dawkins that sends him to the outside. Ricochet then delivers a boot to Del Toro, but Del Toro fires abc with an enziguri. Wilde tags in and levels The Profits on the outside. He plants Ricochet, then tags in Del Toro. Del Toro plants Ricochet before Strowman executes The Strowman Express on the outside. Dawkins goes flying over the top to level Strowman, and Ricochet does the same to take him down. He gets Dawkins back in the ring and ascends to the top, but Dawkins ducks out of the way and tags in Ford. Dawkins plants Ricochet with a spinebuster before Ford ascends to the top and delivers a Frog Splash for the win.

Winners: The Street Profits

Michael Cole and Wade Barrett then throw it over to a video recapping everything that's led to the San Juan Street Fight between Bad Bunny and Damian Priest at WWE Backlash.

Teddy Long and JBL Announce The Selections for The Third Round of the WWE Draft

Back from the break, JBL announces that Bobby Lashley will be heading over to "SmackDown" as the number nine pick. Teddy Long reveals that "Raw" has selected Drew McIntyre as the tenth overall pick before JBL reveals that The O.C. has been drafted as number eleven and will be heading over to "SmackDown". Teddy Long reveals The Miz as the twelfth overall pick and announces that he will stay on "Raw".

Zelina Vega then heads down to the ring. Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green are already waiting in the ring.

Zelina Vega vs. Sonya Deville (w/ Chelsea Green)

The bell rings and Deville sends Vega crashing into the mat face first. The pair then lock up before Deville whips Vega into the corner and delivers a series of right hands to her midsection. The action spills to the outside, and Green gets in Vega's face. Deville takes advantage and delivers a boot, then gets her back in the ring and fires off several knees. She then executes a jawbreaker and sets up for a delayed vertical suplex, but Vega escapes and rolls up Deville for the win.

Winner: Zelina Vega

After the match, Ripley blindsides Vega. She delivers a headbutt to Deville that sends her crashing to the outside, then sets up for Riptide on Vega. Vega manages to counter it into a DDT.

Back from the break, we see Vega chatting with Escobar. Rey Mysterio walks in and compliments her, then provides her with some encouraging words.

Back at ringside, The O.C. heads to the ring.

The O.C. Takes Out The Viking Raiders

Before The O.C. can say anything, The Viking Raiders and Valhalla head to the ring.

AJ Styles asks The Raiders and Valhalla if they came out to pick a fight, but it's four against three. Styles scoots back and tells The O.C. to handle business.

Michin goes at it with Valhalla while Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows brawl with Erik and Ivar. Michin delivers Eat Defeat to Valhalla before Gallows and Anderson deliver Magic Killer to Erik. Styles says they've just started on "SmackDown". Before The O.C. leaves, Styles delivers The Phenomenal Forearm to Ivar.

Shawn Michaels and Road Dogg Announce The Final Four Picks for Night One of the WWE Draft

Shawn Michaels announces that Damage CTRL will be heading over to "SmackDown" as the number thirteenth pick. Road Dogg reveals Shinsuke Nakamura will be heading over to "Raw" as the fourteenth pick. Michaels then reveals that Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn are the fifteenth picks and will be called up to "SmackDown" while Road Dogg announces that Indi Hartwell will be called up to "Raw" as the sixteenth pick.

We head backstage to the Performance Center, where McKenzie Mitchell is standing by with Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre. Kayden Carter and Katana Chance interrupt and challenge Dawn and Fyre to a match for the "NXT" Women's Tag Team Championship, to which Fyre and Dawn accept. 

We then head backstage to Kayla Braxton and Shinsuke Nakamura. Braxton asks Nakamura how he feels about being drafted to "Raw", but before he can answer, Karrion Kross appears and blindsides him with an attack. 

Back at ringside, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens head down. The Usos follow. 

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens (c) vs. The Usos for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship

The bell rings and The Usos blindside Zayn and Owens. Jimmy sends Zayn's head bouncing off the announce desk, then sends him crashing into the ring post. Jey does the same to Owens before getting him back in the ring and delivering a superkick. Jimmy tags in and The Usos deliver a double superkick.

Back from the break, Jimmy sends Owens' leg colliding with the ring post. Jimmy stomps on Owens' head, then tags in Jey. Jey tags in and continues to beat down Owens, then tags Jimmy back in. Jimmy sends Owens' leg crashing into the ring post once again, but Owens sends Jimmy face first into the ring post.

Jey and Zayn tag in. Zayn levels Jey with a series of back elbows, then dumps him to the outside. Jimmy tries to interfere, but Zayn sends him out of the ring to join his brother and goes flying over the top to level them both. Zayn tosses Jey back in the ring, then ascends to the top, Jey joins him up there and Zayn executes a headbutt. He follows it up with a Sunset Flip and goes for a pin, but Jey kicks out. Jey rains down right hands, but Zayn manages to deliver the Blue Thunder Bomb. He climbs to the top, but Jey catches him with a superkick that sends Zayn crashing to the outside.

Back from another break, Owens tags in and knocks Jey off the apron. He delivers a cannonball to Jimmy in the corner and makes his way to the top. Jimmy meets him up there and looks for a superplex, but Owens counters and plants Jimmy. He climbs back to the top and delivers a Swanton Bomb, then goes for the pin but Jimmy kicks out.

We see Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman watching from backstage. Heyman receives a call from Roman Reigns before telling Sikoa that was the call and adds that tonight will be his night. Sikoa walks off.

Back in the ring, Owens delivers a Pop Up Powerbomb to Jimmy. Jimmy rolls up Owens, but Owens kicks out and delivers a Stunner. Sikoa appears at ringside, but Riddle appears and brawls with him to the back. Jimmy delivers an enziguri to Owens, then tags in Jey delivers a superkick before The Usos hit a double superkick. Jimmy tags in and The Usos deliver another double superkick. They do it once more before Jimmy goes for a pin. Owens kicks out and Jey tags in. Jimmy holds Owens in place as Jey delivers a superkick. Jimmy tags back in and The Usos call for 1D, but Zayn pulls Jey out of the ring and sends him into the ring steps. Owens catches Jimmy with a Stunner, and Zayn tags in. He then executes a Helluva Kick on Jimmy for the win.

Winners (and still): Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens