Bayley Wants A WWE Premium Live Event In France Following European Tour

For the second half of last week, part of the WWE main roster crew was traveling abroad as part of the traditional post-WrestleMania tour of Europe. In the aftermath, the crowd in Paris, France in particular has repeatedly been singled out on social media for how particularly loud and engaged they were throughout Saturday's show at Accor Arena, better known by its nickname, "Bercy." This inspired Bayley, who appeared on the Paris show, to tweet a simple message on Monday morning: That WWE needs to run a premium live event or major TV taping in Paris.

Quoting a tweet where WWE producer Shane Helms said that "Paris, France is now in the convo for best wrestling crowds ever," Bayley herself tweeted "PLE or TV in Paris please."

Whether it was Alpha Academy using baguettes as weapons, the "WHOA!" during Cody Rhodes's entrances, "singing" Seth Rollins' entrance music at various points in the night, a celebration of Baron Corbin breaking his long losing streak, or other moments seemingly too numerous to list, the Paris fans were there to have a good time at a level rarely seen in recent years. WWE has never held a TV taping or a premium live event/pay-per-view show in Paris, though the company's first few shows in the city in the late 1980s — all at Bercy — were televised live within France on the Canal+ cable/satellite channel. Most famously, the October 7, 1988 show featured Rockin' Robin winning the WWF Women's Title from Sensational Sherri and was broadcast in its entirety in the U.S. a month later on USA Network's "Prime Time Wrestling," the precursor to "Raw."