WWE NXT Results (05/02) - North American Title Match, JD McDonagh Vs. Dragon Lee And More

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s results of "WWE NXT" on May 2, 2023, coming to you live from the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida!

North American Champion Wes Lee will be putting his title on the line tonight against Drew Gulak. Lee successfully defended his title against Gulak's ally Charlie Dempsey on the April 18 edition of "NXT", which led to Gulak and Dempsey blindsiding Lee after the match. Lee accepted a helping hand from Tyler Bate last week after Bate offered to be in his corner for the upcoming bout in an effort to even the odds.


Another title match is scheduled for tonight, as Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn will be defending their "NXT" Women's Tag Team Championship against Kayden Carter and Katana Chance. The two teams came face-to-face with one another at the Performance Center this past Friday during Night One of the WWE Draft after Carter and Chance requested a title shot while Fyre and Dawn were being interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell to get their reaction after being drafted to "WWE SmackDown".

Gigi Dolin has been looking to get her hands on Jacy Jayne ever since Jayne betrayed her during an episode of Bayley's talk show "Ding Dong, Hello" several weeks ago. Tonight, she will have her chance to do just that as the two face one another in single's action.


Before he officially becomes a member of the "WWE Raw" roster after being called up during Night One of the WWE Draft, JD McDonagh will have one final match in "NXT" as he takes on Dragon Lee. Elsewhere, SCRYPTS will collide with Axiom as the two look to settle their differences once and for all. Tensions between the pair have been on the rise over the past few weeks, with SCRYPTS wanting to prove to the WWE Universe that Axiom is not who he says he is.

Joe Coffey of Gallus is set to go one-on-one with the leader of Schism, Joe Gacy. If Gacy wins, then his fellow Schism teammates The Dyad get another shot at the "NXT" Tag Team Championship, but if Coffey wins, then The Dyad will never be able to challenge again while Gallus holds the belts.

Additionally, Dani Palmer will be competing in the squared circle for the first time on "NXT" programming tonight.

We are live! The show kicks off with a video recapping all the "NXT" talent that were called up over the course of Nights One and Two of the WWE Draft. Vic Joseph and Booker T then greet audiences at home as Wes Lee and Tyler Bate head to the ring. Drew Gulak and Charlie Dempsey follow.

Wes Lee (w/ Tyler Bate) (c) vs. Drew Gulak (w/ Charlie Dempsey) for the North American Championship

The bell rings and Lee wastes no time. He delivers a dropkick before Gulak slides to the outside for a breather. Dempsey hops on the apron and gets in Lee's face, allowing Gulak to roll him up. Lee kicks out and Gulak sets up for a powerbomb, but Lee reverses the move into a hurricanrana. He delivers a double stomp to Gulak's spine, then whips him into the corner and lands a forearm.


Gulak and Lee ascend to the top, but Gulak pushes Lee off and goes flying to deliver a right hand that turns Lee inside out. Gulak locks in a shoulder submission, but Lee escapes. The two then go back and forth with right hands before Lee delivers a snapmare and a dropkick to Gulak's spine. He executes a running uppercut and an enziguri, then looks for a German suplex. Gulak prevents Lee from hitting it and rolls to the outside. Lee surprises him and goes flying through the middle rope, then tosses Gulak back in the ring. He looks to join him inside, but Dempsey blindsides him. Bate levels Dempsey on the outside, allowing Lee to get back in the ring and land the Kardiak Kick for the win.

Winner (and still): Wes Lee


We then head to a video recapping the "NXT" Championship match between Carmelo Hayes and Grayson Waller last week at "NXT" Spring Breakin'.

Back from the break, Trick Williams is waiting in the ring.

We Hear From Trick Williams

Williams says everyone saw what happened between Carmelo Hayes and Bron Breakker last week. Williams says that while Hayes is in the hospital following the attack, Hayes is a fighter and he's known it since they were in high school together. He says himself and Hayes are brothers, and he pushed Hayes out of the way to take a spear from Breakker without hesitation. He says while Hayes doesn't miss, when he does, he's there with the rebound.


Breakker's music hits and he appears. He says Williams hit him with a spear and locked him in the Steiner Recliner, but he's still standing here. He says "NXT" Battleground will be easier now, and Williams asks if he's accepting Hayes' challenge. Breakker says he will never do anything for fans, but he doesn't like the "NXT" Championship on Hayes and wants to embarrass him in front of his loved ones in his home state of Massachusetts.

Breakker goes to leave, but Williams stops him. He says they should handle their issues like men, and Breakker says he's not about to fight Hayes' mouthpiece. Williams gets in Breakker's face and says he's jealous that fans love himself and Hayes. Breakker then challenges Williams to a match on next week's show.


Gigi Dolin then heads down to the ring. Jacy Jayne follows. 

Gigi Dolin vs. Jacy Jayne

The bell rings and Jayne looks for a boot. Dolin catches it and tosses Jayne out of the ring. Dolin looks for a kick off the apron, but Jayne catches it and delivers a cannonball off her apron. She then gets into the face of Dolin's brother (who is front row in the crowd) before she tosses Dolin back in the ring. Jayne delivers a senton and a kick to her face, then follows it up with a superkick. Dolin responds with one of her own, then looks for a suplex. Jayne fights her way out, and the action spills to the outside. Dolin sends Jayne crashing into the barricade and the ring steps, then gets her back in the ring. Jayne manages to hit Dolin with some exposed steel and follows it up with a kick for the win.


Winner: Jacy Jayne

After the match, Jayne continues to beat down Dolin and sends her crashing into the ring steps. She fires off right hands as she continues to taunt Dolin's brother.

Back from the break, Axiom heads to the ring. 

SCRYPTS vs. Axiom

SCRYPTS comes flying out of nowhere and levels Axiom. The bell rings and Axiom delivers a kick. He looks to lock in an arm submission, but SCRYPTS rolls to the outside. Axiom follows him out there, and SCRYPTS goes flying off the announce desk to level Axiom. He gets him back in the ring and goes for a pin, but Axiom kicks out. SCRYPTS then delivers a clothesline and ascends to the top. Axiom meets him up there, but SCRYPTS fights him off and lands a moonsault. He then delivers a kick to Axiom's face, but Axiom responds with a dropkick and a suplex. He ascends to the top and looks to go flying, but SCRYPTS catches him with a dropkick. Axiom fires back with a knee and Golden Ratio, but SCRYPTS ducks out of the way and ascends to the top. Axiom catches him with a kick mid-air before landing Golden Ratio for the win.


Winner: Axiom

After the match, Axiom helps SCRYPTS up to his feet. SCRYPTS delivers a righthands, but Axiom delivers one right back to him and pulls off his mask to reveal...Reggie!

We head to a video of Fallon Henley and Josh Briggs chatting at Henley's family bar. Brooks Jensen walks in and looks to apologize, but Henley and Briggs says there's no need to. Jensen thanks them, then informs them that he learned a few things. Jensen says the land Henley's family bar is on is valuable and they can use that to their advantage. Two girls approach Jensen and ask him to have a drink, and he politely declines. Henley says their little brother has grown up, and they all toast to one another.

Back at ringside, Dragon Lee heads down. JD McDonagh follows. 


Dragon Lee vs. JD McDonagh

The bell rings and Lee offers his hand to McDonagh. McDonagh kicks it away, and the two go back and forth with submissions. McDonagh delivers a series of right hands to Lee before Lee whips McDonagh into the corner and delivers a pair of dropkick. Noam Dar appears at ringside with his Heritage Cup in hand, allowing McDonagh to gain the upperhand and hang Lee off the top rope by his knees. He charges at him, but Lee moves out of the way and McDonagh collides with the ring post. Lee then delivers a black body drop and clotheslines McDonagh to the outside.


Back from the break, McDonagh gets Lee on the top rope and looks to remove his mask. Lee fights him off and delivers a high crossbody, then fires off several right hands and follows it up with a hurricanrana. McDonagh rolls to the outside, and Lee goes flying over the top to level him. He tosses him back in the ring and ascends to the top, then delivers a diving double stomp.

The action spills onto the apron, where McDonagh delivers a chop to Lee. Lee returns the favor, and the two go back and forth before Lee delivers a knee. McDonagh then gets Lee up on his shoulders and delivers a Death Valley Driver on the apron. The referee begins a ten count, and both men beat it despite McDonagh sending Lee spine first into the announce desk.


McDonagh then delivers a chop, but Lee responds with a kick and a Snap Dragon Suplex. He follows it up with a knee to his jaw and a poisionrana, but McDonagh responds with a thunderous clothesline. Lee lands a powerbomb and goes for a pin, but McDonagh kicks out. Lee then ascends to the top, but McDonagh trips him and joins him up there. He lands a Spanish Fly and follows it up with a Brainbuster, then goes for a pin. Lee kicks out at the last second, and delivers a Canadian Destroyer. McDonagh rolls to the outside, but Lee tosses him back in the ring. Dar tries attacking Lee, but Lee levels him which allows McDonagh to hit The Devil Inside for the win.

Winner: JD McDonagh

After the match, Lee delivers a tope suicida to Dar and the two brawl to the back.

Back from the break, Schism heads to the ring. Gallus follows.

Joe Gacy (w/ Schism) vs. Joe Coffey (w/ Gallus)

The bell rings and the two lock up. Coffey delivers a crossbody, but Gacy responds with a uranage. We see Diamond Mine watching on as Coffey delivers a leaping shoulder tackle and a suplex. He follows it up with a back suplex before Coffey ascends to the top and delivers a missile dropkick. He followed it up with Glasgow Send Off and goes for a pin, but Rip Fowler places Gacy's foot on the bottom rope to break the fall. Gallus chases Fowler and Jagger Reid before Ava gets in the ring. She feigns being hit by Coffey, allowing Gacy to deliver the Upside Down for the win.


Winner: Joe Gacy

Back at ringside, Dani Palmer heads to the ring. Tatum Paxley is already waiting in the ring.

Dani Palmer vs. Tatum Paxley

The bell rings and Paxley shoves Palmer into the corner. Palmer responds with a hurricanrana and a dropkick, but Paxley fires off several kicks and follows it up with a suplex. Paxley then delivers an elbow, but Palmer responds with a swinging neckbreaker and ascends to the top. She delivers a splash for the win.


Winner: Dani Palmer

Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn (c) vs. Kayden Carter and Katana Chance for the NXT Women's Tag Team Championship

The two teams begin to brawl with one another in the ring before the bell sounds. Fyre tosses Chance out of the ring while Dawn does the same with Carter. Chance levels both Fyre and Dawn before tossing Fyre into the ring and the bell sounds. Chance rolls up Fyre, but Fyre kicks out. Fyre delivers a kick to Chance's midsection, then tags in Dawn. Dawn fires off several stomps, but Chance delivers an enziguri and tags in Carter. Carter tosses Dawn out of the ring and Fyre tries to interfere, but Carter does the same thing to her and levels the two of them.


Back from the break, Chance tags in and sweeps Fyre off her feet. She follows it up with a hurricanrana and a series of rapid fire chops, then delivers a splash in the corner and follows it up with a kick to her head. Carter tags back in and herself and Chance double team on Fyre. Carter then delivers a kick to Fyre and tags Chance back in. Carter assists Chance in flying, but Fyre gets her knees up and delivers a kick to her. Dawn tags in and holds Chance in place as Fyre ascends to the top. She then delivers a Swanton Bomb before Dawn goes for a pin. Carter pushes Fyre onto Chance and Dawn to break the fall. Carter then levels Fyre with a flatliner, but Dawn levels her with a boot. Chance then rolls her up, but Dawn kicks out. Chance delivers a Codebreaker, then tags in Carter. Carter holds Dawn in place as Chance ascends to the top and delivers a 450 Splash. Fyre and Chance tag in. Fyre ascends to the top, but Chance and Carter meet her up there and deliver a double Spanish Fly. Chance then levels Dawn with a crossbody off the top before Fyre sends her crashing into Chance. Dawn tags in, and herself and Fyre deliver a Gory Bomb-inverted DDT combination for the win.


Winners (and still): Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre

We then see Indi Hartwell backstage making her way to the ring.

Back from the break, Hartwell's music hits, and she makes her way down.

Hartwell reflects on her time in "NXT" and her journey to the "NXT" Women's Championship. She says despite the ankle injury she sustained last week, she was determined to continue on with the Triple Threat "NXT" Women's Championship Match so that her run as titleholder didn't end on the medical table. She says that come May 8, her new home will be on "WWE Raw", but the most important thing to her is still "NXT" and the title she holds. She announces that a tournament will be held beginning next week to crown a new "NXT" Women's Champion, with the finals being held at the upcoming "NXT" Battleground Premium Live Event.

Hartwell then lays the "NXT" Women's Championship in the center of the ring. Dexter Lumis then appears from under the ring and carries Hartwell to the back. Several female talent then appear and begin brawling with one another over the title as the show goes off the air.