Sami Callihan Calls Chris Jericho One Of The All Time Greats For His Ability To Change

Impact Wrestling star Sami Callihan has changed up his character and presentation over the years, even if the subtlety in the changes goes unnoticed by fans. 

In a recent interview with "Wrestling Perspective Podcast," Callihan was asked if it bothers him to not get the credit for his ability to change it up. 

"I do have moments like that," Callihan admitted. "So, it's like when Rob Zombie put on 'The Munsters' movie — it was super campy and cheesy compared to the original 1960s version. I remember people going, 'I think Rob Zombie accidentally made it like this and that's why it's a sucky movie.' No — he made it like that for a reason. People still don't want to give him credit for something he created."

"I used a guy like Chris Jericho as a blueprint. I always tell young wrestlers, 'Look at Chris Jericho's career. Every few years he's done something to reinvent himself and become relevant.' I have followed that my entire wrestling career."

Callihan then brought up his conversation with Jericho, on the "Talk Is Jericho" podcast, on the subject of character reinvention in pro wrestling, and called the AEW star one of the greatest of all time.

"He is, without a doubt, one of the greatest of all time," Callihan said of Jericho. "The dude is still doing it at a high level and constantly reinventing himself, while still being Chris Jericho. And that's the art of professional wrestling."

He believes following Jericho's blueprint has allowed him to stay relevant, even as he deals with a portion of his fanbase that "hates" him. Callihan thinks that being talked about in the wrestling world whether he's on television or not makes him successful at his craft.