Warlord Wants To Be In The WWE HOF, But Says Demolition And Haku Should Get In First

Though he never held a title in WWE, Warlord is synonymous with the golden age of the company as one-half of The Powers of Pain duo, alongside Barbarian. In a new interview with Steve Fall on "The Ten Count," Warlord was asked about the possibility of The Powers of Pain — and their manager Mr. Fuji — getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.


"I really hope so someday," Warlord said. "It'd be an honor, it'd be really fun." However, Warlord feels that there are some stars that need to be inducted before his colorful tandem.

"Demolition should be [in the Hall of Fame before Powers of Pain.] They held that tag team title for so long ... they really deserve to be there." Demolition held the WWE World Tag Team Championship for a historic 478 days, the longest reign in the history of WWE's old tag team title. 

"Another one I believe deserves to be [in the Hall of Fame ahead of Powers of Pain] is Haku," Warlord continued. "I think he's another one that deserves to be there." Warlord is confused by the nature of the Hall's selection process, bemoaning that it took former WWE Intercontinental Champion Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake until 2019 to be inducted.


"Brutus should've been there already," Warlord said. "He was a big star back in the very early days of WWF."

Should The Powers of Pain and Mr. Fuji get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, it would make Fuji a two-time inductee, as he was inducted into the Hall of Fame on his own in 2007.