Earl Hebner Says His Daughter Is Working With AEW, Always Wanted Her To Be A Referee

It appears that Aubrey Edwards, AEW's first full-time female referee, might have a new protégé. During a recent appearance on "Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw," long-time official Earl Hebner revealed that his daughter, Katie, has linked up with All Elite Wrestling, and in a few weeks, she will travel down to Florida to referee some matches at a television taping.

Katie's original pursuits were geared toward performing as a wrestler, but her in-ring career came to a halt after she cracked a bone in her back. As a result, she began focusing on honing her craft as a referee instead, which is a less-physical role. "I wanted her to be a referee to begin with," Earl said, "but, everybody wants to do their own thing. It's fine with me, whatever she wants [to do], what makes her happy. So, if it works out, we'll have another Hebner in the business."

Earl did not specify which television show Katie will be taking part in, but it should be noted that AEW's sibling promotion, Ring of Honor, has been filming some of their recent programming in Florida, including this weekend's tapings at Soundstage 19 in Universal Studios. And as it turns out, Katie has indicated that she is there as well. According to her latest Facebook post, Katie is currently at Stage 19 "chasing the same dream" as her father. She attached a photo of herself standing in front of the venue, in which a referee shirt can be seen hanging over the guardrail. Katie also noted that this weekend marked a "full circle moment" for her, as she spent many summers and holidays down there during her father's run in TNA.