AEW Dynamite Results (5/10): Moxley Faces Omega Inside A Steel Cage, Two Title Matches

This is Wrestling INC.'s live coverage of "AEW Dynamite" for May 10, 2023.

Tonight will be headlined by a steel cage match as Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley are set to do battle once again. The two men have a long-standing history against each other but they have been part of wider issues lately between The Elite and the Blackpool Combat Club, with those problems reaching a boiling point on this show.


Elsewhere the AEW World Trios Championships will be on the line in an Open House match as The House Of Black put their titles on the line against the team of Best Friends and Bandido. Meanwhile, the other member of that stable will also be defending his title on this show as Orange Cassidy will be facing Daniel Garcia in an International Championship match. 

There will also be a no holds barred match from the women's division as Anna Jay A.S. and Julia Hart look to finally settle their issues against each other.

Claudio Castagnoli will be competing against Rey Fenix in a double jeopardy match. If Castagnoli wins he will challenge for the ROH World Tag Team Championship alongside any partner of his choice, but if Fenix wins then he will be able to compete against Castagnoli for the ROH World Championship.


Finally, fans can expect to hear from both Christian Cage and FTR. Cage is expected to address Wardlow after he made it clear he wants the TNT Championship, while FTR will be responding to the challenge given to them by Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal. 

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Rey Fenix (Double Jeapordy Match)

Rey Fenix showcases his agility and pace early on, but the power of Claudio Castagnoli gives him the advantage as he drops the masked man down onto his knee several times. Fenix responds with a few sharp superkicks and then a diving hurricanrana which sends the ROH World Champion out of the ring. Fenix keeps up the momentum with consecutive suicide dives, but the third attempt leads to him being caught and thrown into the barricade. 


He tries to lift Fenix above his head to carry him back into the ring but Fenix catches him with a knee strike and then runs off the barricade to connect with a hurricanrana. Fenix keeps up the attack with a strike to the head of Castagnoli, but he responds by planting Fenix down on the mat. He then tries to power him up over his shoulders on the second rope but it doesn't work and Fenix then hits another hurricanrana off the second rope, but Castagnoli kicks out. 

Castagnoli takes the fight out of the ring and simply tosses Fenix over the barricade and out to the floor. Fenix gets back into the ring and unloads a flurry of chops, but that is met with a huge lariat which turns Fenix inside out. That is followed by a gut wrench from the second turnbuckle, and again Fenix fights back with some chops. He then drops Castagnoli with a thrust kick before rolling into a cutter. Fenix follows it with a moonsault to the outside, dropping his opponent once again. 


Fenix then nails Code Red and almost gets the win, but Castagnoli kicks out just in time. The two then exhanges strikes but as Castagnoli misses with a wild clothesline he bounces back into a superkick. Castagnoli manages to connect with his hammer and anvil elbows and that is followed by the Ricola Bomb. 

Winner: Claudio Castagnoli

FTR Address Their Challengers

Backstage Miro is shown returning to AEW, he ignores Renee Paquette and just barges into Tony Khan's office.

MJF is then shown in a pre-tape claiming the pillars were like The Beatles, claiming he is Paul McCartney because he's the best and will have the longevity. He is begging them to accomplish what he has.


FTR hit the ring and says they owe an apology to someone so they ask their best friend Mark Briscoe to come out, but instead, they get Jeff Jarrett and his entire group. Sonjay Dutt says FTR have one job today which is to accept their challenge. Dax Harwood says he will accept it, if they admit to using Briscoe to get to them. Dutt says they're not using him as they're friends. 

This leads to Briscoe making his way down to the ring and he tells them all to relax as it has become apparent to him they have a hard time controlling their emotions. He spoke to Tony Khan and he has news, at Double Or Nothing the tag team title match is happening and Briscoe will be the special guest referee as they need to keep the peace somehow. They then pass around some cups and pour in some alcohol, but before anyone does a toast Dutt spits it in the face of Harwood.


This leads to a scuffle as Briscoe tries to break it up, but Jarrett pushes him into Harwood who nails him with a piledriver without knowing what he was doing because he couldn't see. 

Chris Jericho is then shown with Paquette and he asks why people are so happy Adam Cole got the best of him with an unprovoked attack, and Cole created an unsafe working environment. He got a court order that says if he's in the building, Cole is banned. Roderick Strong then turns up and says the one thing Cole isn't is a coward, but he's not banned, so he challenges Jericho to a falls count anywhere match. Jericho tells him he will knock Strong's teeth down his throat and next week he will have the match. Strong also got legal counsel and the JAS is also banned. 

Thunder Rosa then shows up backstage, and she also enters Tony Khan's office. 

Tony Khan is then shown and he reveals there are stars lined up looking for chances to wrestle, and it is clear that there are more opportunities for them to deliver, so stay tuned next week. 

Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Daniel Garcia (TNT Championship Match)

Daniel Garcia takes a few cheap shots at Orange Cassidy and then dances around, but Orange Cassidy then showcases his own style by putting his hands in his pockets to deliver several dropkicks. Garcia quickly regains control though by taking the fight outside the ring, dropping the champion on the barricade and the ring apron several times to target the back of the champion. 


Cassidy manages to fight back with some elbow strikes on the top turnbuckle, but Garcia then chops down the right hand of the champion and then connects with a superplex, but he tries to go for another move by hanging on only for Cassidy to reverse it with a stunner. Garcia immediately goes to the knee with a dragon screw though and he follows it with another attack to the kneecap.

Garcia stuffs Cassidy's hands into his own pockets, but his piledriver attempt is reversed with a modified Beach Break. Garcia fires back with a jumping piledriver, but the champion manages to kick out. Cassidy goes for an inside cradle and almost catches him out, but then he hits Beach Beak again only to get a near fall. Garcia sets in the Dragon Tamer though, locking it in tight and he transitions into the crossface as he stamps onto the hand for good measure, but Cassidy gets out with a pinfall attempt and he catches him out to retain his title.


Winner (and still International Champion): Orange Cassidy

Christian Cage Speaks

Christian Cage and Luchasaurus head to the ring and he says he is the number one contender for the TNT Championship because he is Christian Cage, that's why. When you have the accomplishments he has, he is afforded certain opportunities like telling the boss you want a shot – and you get it. He asks why lots of wrestlers in AEW have daddy issues. Much like his previous opponent (Jungle Boy), his current opponent also had a father, but he won't berate him because let's face it nobody cares about him as he wasn't famous. 


He says Wardlow found a father figure in Arn Anderson, and it just so happens he was looking for a new son himself. Cage points out Brock Anderson is under contract, but he thinks Arn is a liar as he said he wanted to send his son down the path to success until he saw Wardlow with the TNT title. He points out that if you're the other guy in a tag team with Tully Blanchard or Ric Flair's lapdog, he guesses that makes you a legend. Meanwhile, he's a multi-time World Heavyweight Champion, he knows the struggle.

A video package is shown for Darby Allin. He says he does crazy things as it makes him show he is capable of so much more. He wants to give back to AEW as it gave so much to him, and that's why he wants to be World Champion.


Anna Jay vs. Julia Hart (No Holds Barred Match)

Julia Hart makes her entrance but Anna Jay turns up from behind and attacks her with a chair as they then head into the ring. Hart dumps her straight out of the ring and then into the barricade repeatedly. She then busts out a kendo stick and attacks her several times, but as they get back into the ring Jay pulls it from her and starts attacking Hart with the weapon herself. 


Jay connects with a snap suplex on the outside, but the House Of Black star responds by sending Jay into the ring post repeatedly. She drops Jay with a DDT outside the ring, but she kicks out. The JAS star responds with a couple of chops but Hart reverses and delivers a few of her own but Jay comes out of the situation on top only for Hart to send her head-first into a chair which is set between the turnbuckles. 

Hart then puts together a collection of chairs outside the ring, but it is she who is planted face-first into them by Jay, yet she is able to kick out of the pinfall attempt. Jay then rams a trash can into Hart and then puts it over her head as she runs and hits a spinning kick into the corner, yet she kicks out once again. Hart fights back after Jay brings a pile of chairs into the ring, and they brawl to the top turnbuckle as Hart hits a superplex that dumps Jay into some of the chairs and she locks in Heartless for the win. 


Winner: Julia Hart

House Of Black (c) vs. Best Friends & Bandido (AEW World Trios Championship Open House Match)

Best Friends are shown backstage and Trent Beretta says tonight they win the big one, they reveal the final rule will be that all witches are barred from ringside. 

The lights are turned down for this one as Bandido takes down Malakai Black with a hurricanrana only for the champion to respond with a huge kick that turns Bandido inside out. Bandido tags out as Best Friends drop Black with a double team and then work with Bandido as the three of them connect with several moves. House Of Black then take charge with chaos at ringside and Brody King charges into Beretta with a running crossbody that smashes him into the barricade.


Black connects with a back elbow to Beretta as King then tags in and stars throwing chops at him for good measure. Buddy Matthews tags in but he gets spiked by Beretta who then nails a thrust kick but that's not enough. He then stomps Matthews down and brings in Bandido who launches himself off the top rope before attacking King and Black as well. He then dives out of the ring to wipe them both out for good measure. 

Bandido lands a kick to Matthews, but as he dives from the top rope he is caught in mid-air with a knee strike from Matthews. Chuck Taylor comes in and hits Soul Food but he is then hit with a knee strike and Dante's Inferno for the champions to retain. 

Winners (and still AEW World Trios Champions): House Of Black


Orange Cassidy is shown laid out backstage as Kyle Fletcher stands over him. 

A video package then runs for Jack Perry.

Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega (Steel Cage Match)

Before things get under way The Young Bucks head out to even up the odds by attacking the other members of the Blackpool Combat Club, but the numbers go against them. They turn things around and everyone brawls to the back as Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley then get into the cage and start brawling immediately. Omega gets the best of the situation and then throws a steel chair wrapped in the barbed wire into the face of Moxley. 


He uses the chair again on the back of Moxley and then hits a stomp that rips the flesh of Moxley's back while he is also busted open in the face. Omega starts throwing him head-first into the ringpost but Moxley responds by slamming Omega into the camera. He puts Omega into the steel cage and then he uses the chair as a weapon himself only for Omega to respond by hitting a bulldog that sends Moxley into the barbed wire chair. 

However, Moxley fires back by superplexing Omega into the chair, dishing out some damage of his own. Moxley starts loosening the top turnbuckle as he grabs the hook from the turnbuckle and pulls it into Omega's mouth to fishhook him. Moxley then gets the top rope and starts choking Omega out, but The Elite star gauges the eyes to provide a break only for Moxley to get back in control with the top rope.


Moxley then puts some broke glass into the ring, but Omega hits a V-Trigger, but as he tries to hit the One-Winged Angel Moxley reverses into a sleeper which leads to Omega dropping backward as Moxley lands in the glass! However, he pops back up and puts Omega straight back into the submission but Omega gets out and hits another V-Trigger. With both men back on their feet they trade slaps until Omega lands several knee strikes and then a snap dragon suplex.

That is followed by another V-Trigger, and this one breaks the cage which leads to Moxley spilling out while Omega's leg got trapped in the process. Moxley throws Omega back in and then grabs a screwdriver but Don Callis pulls it from him and Omega attacks him from behind before hitting another V-Trigger and then the One-Winged Angel, but as Omega goes to win Callis attacks him with the screwdriver and Moxley gets the win. 

Winner: Jon Moxley

After the match, Callis whispers something to Omega and then throws him back to the mat.