Mick Foley Wishes He Had Stayed In Impact Longer So He Could Face Hulk Hogan

Mick Foley's career in professional wrestling is long and distinguished, but the WWE Hall of Famer still has some regrets. Foley spoke about one such regret on the latest "Foley Is Pod." Foley says he had a list of people he always wanted to wrestle: Bruiser Brody, Ric Flair, and Hulk Hogan. "Brody, clearly that's not gonna happen," Foley explained, "Ric and I had a few really good matches, some great promos back and forth, and I just wish I'd stuck around TNA three months longer." Had Foley remained in TNA by then, Foley thinks he would've had a match with Hogan.


"There are two types of people in this world, people who admit it's a big deal to be in the ring with Hogan and the type who pretend it isn't, and it was a big deal," Foley explained. "I got to cut I think two promos, and it's pretty awe-inspiring to be standing face to face with him, and I think if I'd stayed, we could've had a good [match.]" Foley thinks the match wouldn't quite have the energy that fans expect from the two elder wrestlers, but does believe that they'd be able to tell a good story and that a chance to work with Hogan would've motivated him.

"Emotionally I would've been so up for that match," Foley continued, "partially to win Hulk's approval." Foley believes that extra motivation would have made the match all the better. Hogan is a controversial figure, due to his history of using racial slurs on camera, but Foley believes that Hogan's dedication to his fans is second-to-none. "I was the anti-Hogan working in my head," Foley explained, saying former ECW Champion Shane Douglas told him about how Hogan used to make Make-A-Wish kids and other fans feel like the most important people in the world. Foley says that story got Hogan over with him, as Foley respects how Hogan made a difference in the lives of children and went "above and beyond" for his fans.