Ted DiBiase Explains Why He's Fine With Never Winning A World Championship

There are a lot of wrestlers that never won the WWE Championship, but few are as praised as Ted DiBiase. On the inaugural episode of DiBiase's "Everybody's Got A Price" podcast, DiBiase said that it doesn't bother him because he was never promised to be the champion in the first place.


"I don't think that I ever heard him say 'I think you could be the champion,'" DiBiase said. "The Million Dollar Man" said that Vince McMahon saw him as the top heel in the company, and that was seemingly enough for him, recounting that he has a saying about champions in professional wrestling. 

"'Even the world champion isn't really the world champion,'" DiBiase explained. "Because it's a show. It's a story. We're telling a story. For me, the way I always looked at it was if I'm going to be a heel, I'm going to be a top guy. The most important thing is being over and making the crowd hate me as much as I possibly could...I saw where Vince was taking wrestling." DiBiase recounts how his father's generation of wrestler did their best to keep secrets, even from the most discerning fans. DiBiase said he focused on playing the part that was asked of him.


"Getting over for me was more important than having a belt," DiBiase continued, "I guess there was some talk [of him being WWE Champion]." DiBiase mused that even if he'd been able to win the title, he doesn't believe the reign would've lasted long, due to Vince's vision for the business. 

"It's not just wrestling anymore, it's merchandise," DiBiase concluded, noting that fans want to see their hero with the title, and not a villain like him.