Jeff Jarrett Reveals That Road Dogg Was The #2 Merch Seller At WWE WrestleMania 15

Vince McMahon has often been said to be not a fan of tag team wrestling, and on the latest "My World" Jeff Jarrett confirmed that, adding that McMahon's disinterest in tag team wrestling comes down to money.

"A talent is an asset," Jarrett explained. "So how do I get the best return on investment? When you have a tag situation, it's four guys out there minimum, as opposed to two, so you're doubling the expense."

Jarrett says that McMahon tends to look at tag teams and try to determine which member is organically connecting with the audience, and in the case of the New Age Outlaws, it was apparently clear.

"Brian [James] jumps off the page," Jarrett said of the former "Road Dogg" Jesse James. "He's got his schtick. The sing-a-long is with Brian's stuff."

According to Jarrett, he kept hearing a chorus of "Man, that 'Road Dogg's' talented" backstage during the Attitude Era, to the point where Vince McMahon felt he needed to capitalize on "Road Dogg." During WrestleMania 15 in Philadelphia, Jarrett was asking the late Jimmy Miranda about how business was during the show and Miranda reportedly said "Road Dogg" was the number two seller of merchandise in all of Philadelphia that night, just behind Steve Austin. 

"The Chairman was right, VKM was right," Jarrett said, "he got over as a singles star."

Jarrett attributes this to James's ability to entertain an audience, even admitting he was better than the man himself.

"Without question ... the 'Road Dogg' Jesse James is a better sports entertainer than Double-J," Jarrett concluded.

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