WWE NXT Results (05/16) - The Supernova Sessions Returns, Two NXT Women's Title Tournament Matches

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s results of "WWE NXT" on May 16, 2023, coming to you live from the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida!

The tournament to crown a new "NXT" Women's Champion continues with two quarterfinal matches tonight, as Roxanne Perez collides with Jacy Jayne, and Cora Jade goes one-on-one with Fallon Henley. The winners will join Tiffany Stratton and Lyra Valkyria respectively in the semi-finals next week. The title has been vacant since Indi Hartwell relinquished it a couple of weeks ago due to an ankle injury and a call-up to the main roster as part of "WWE Raw".


Noam Dar will be hosting "The Supernova Sessions", with Dragon Lee as his special guest after inviting him to appear last week. The reigning "NXT" Heritage Champion has encountered Lee on a few occasions over the past little while, including costing him a match with JD McDonagh on the May 2 edition of "NXT".

Additionally, The Dyad look to seek retribution on The Creed Brothers. The two teams came face-to-face last week after Brutus and Julius appeared to prevent their Diamond Mine teammate Ivy Nile from beating down Ava after she blindsided her during Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid's match for the "NXT" Tag Team Championship against Gallus.

We are live! Vic Joseph and Booker T greet audiences at home as Cora Jade heads to the ring. Fallon Henley follows.


Cora Jade vs. Fallon Henley In A Quarterfinals Match For The NXT Women's Championship Tournament

The bell rings and the pair lock up. Jade delivers a forearm to Henley, but Henley responds with a shoulder tackle. She delivers a kick to her head and a forearm of her own before Jade sends her knee crashing into the mat. Jade then delivers a chop and a dropkick and continues to wear down her knee as we see the women's locker room watching the action from backstage. Henley delivers a clothesline and a back elbow, then plants Jade face first. Jade then sets up for a DDT, but Henley escapes and delivers a Shining Wizard. She looks to pin Jade, but Jade rolls to the outside. Henley follows her before the two get back in the ring. As Henley gets back in the ring, Jade delivers a chop block. She then follows it up with a DDT for the win.


Winner: Cora Jade

Lyra Valkyria then appears at ringside and stares down Jade.

We head to the women's locker room backstage and see Kiana James and Thea Hail exchange insults with one another. Hail challenges James to a match and asks Hudson for permission to participate in the match, Hudson tells her to do what she wants, and Hail tells James that she'll kick her ass.

We then head over to Wes Lee and Tyler Bate meditating. The Dyad appears out of nowhere and beats them down before Ava and Joe Gacy walk in. Gacy tells Lee and Bate that their friendship will burn out.

Back from the break, we see Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams pulling up to the Performance Center. The duo waste no time and head out to the ring as they pass Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak.


We Hear From Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams

Hayes says Williams defended his honor against Bron Breakker last week. He says Breakker wanted to send him a message, and he received it. He notes that Breakker isn't the same man at Stand & Deliver, and the same goes for him. He says at Battleground, Breakker will be in his yard and challenges him to come out.


Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak's music hits. Gulak says he doesn't care if they're embarrassed because Breakker left them laid out and calls them out for disrespecting himself and Dempsey. Williams questions what he means, and Demspey says Hayes and Williams passed them like they were nothing on the way to the ring while they were being informed that their tag team match was not happening. Gulak says the lifestyle he and Dempsey live is totally different. The crowd begins chanting "Willy Wonka" at Dempsey before Williams challenges Demspey and Gulak to a match. Gulak asks Williams and Hayes if they're sure they want to do that. Himself and Dempsey then attack Williams and Hayes. Hayes and Williams send both men out of the ring and stand tall.


We then head to a video of a confrontation between Dijak and Ilja Dragunov.

Back at ringside, The Creed Brothers and Ivy Nile head down.

Back from the break, we head to a video showing Dani Palmer being attacked by a mysterious figure at a house show. 

Back at ringside, The Dyad and Ava head down. 

The Creed Brothers (w/ Ivy Nile) vs. The Dyad (w/ Ava)

Julius and Fowler begin the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. They go back and forth with submission holds before Fowler delivers a suplex. Julius responds with a dropkick, then tags in Brutus. Reid tags in and rains down right hands on Brutus, but Brutus gets him up for a delayed vertical suplex. Julius tags in and takes over for his brother, planting Reid with the aforementioned move. Fowler tags in, and Julius gets him up for a delayed vertical suplex. Brutus tags in and does the same thing his brother just did. Julius tags back in and Brutus hands him Fowler. He sends him crashing into the mat before Reid tags in and delivers an enziguri to Julius. Fowler then hits an enziguri of his own, and Reid follows it up with a flatliner. Reid locks in a Koji Clutch, but Julius escapes and lands a powerbomb.


Back from the break, Reid delivers a knee to Julius' spine. Julius fires back with a suplex and tags in Brutus. Fowler tags in and Brutus catches him with the Brutus Smash. He delivers a splash in the corner, then gets Fowler up on his shoulders and delivers a slam. Fowler tags in, and Reid tries interfering. Brutus pins them both, but The Dyad kicks out. Fowler and Brutus then level one another with clotheslines before Julius and Reid get in the ring. The pair hit Fowler and Brutus with 450 Splashes off the top rope. Julius then sets up for a powerbomb, but Reid reverses it into a DDT.

Fowler grabs the attention of Nile on the outside, allowing Ava to jump her. Nile gets the better of her and plants her as Brutus levels Fowler with the Brutus Bomb. Meanwhile, Reid looks for a dropkick on Julius in the corner. Julius ducks out of the way and delivers a sliding lariat for the win.


Winners: The Creed Brothers

We then head to a video of The Family discussing recent events. Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo gets a call and walks off. Two officers then approach Tony D'Angelo and tell them that he needs to go to the station with them, as he's associated with a couple of criminal acts. D'Angelo obliges, and a confused Stacks walks out and sees D'Angelo missing. A staff member informs him that he was taken in for questioning, and Stacks asks what he was taken in for.

Back at ringside, Julius Creed grabs a commentary set and throws out a challenge to Gallus for an "NXT" Tag Team Championship match at Battleground.

Noam Dar Hosts Dragon Lee On The Supernova Sessions

Back from the break, Dar welcomes fans to "The Supernova Sessions" and hypes up his talk show before introducing Dragon Lee.

Lee's music hits and he heads to the ring.

The pair sit down, and Dar grabs a Spanish dictionary. He speaks to Lee in Spanish, but Lee cuts him off and says he speaks English. He says his father started training him when he was 14 and taught him to respect his opponent. Dar says they aren't here to talk about his father and says he knows all about Lee. Lee says he loves the spirit and passion of his people, and says it's the same passion the "NXT" Universe has shown him. Dar says the passion Lee has for his people is the same as the passion he has for the Heritage Cup. Lee asks if he wants to defend it, and Dar tries talking his way out of it. Lee says he has to defend it, and Dar once again tries talking his way out of the match by saying there's a lot of rules.


Nathan Frazer appears and says he has to expose Dar as a fraud. He says it doesn't matter how many rules Dar makes up, it has to be defended like any other championship in WWE. Frazer tells Lee himself and everyone else would love to see him challenge Dar for the Heritage Cup and Lee says why don't they do it at Battleground. Frazer then takes a shot at Dar's previous on-screen relationship with Alicia Fox, leading Dar to accept Lee's challenge and challenge Frazer to go one-on-one with him next week.

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams then head to the ring. Drew Gulak and Charlie Dempsey follow. 

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams vs. Drew Gulak and Charlie Dempsey

Williams and Dempsey begin the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. Dempsey delivers a shoulder tackle, then executes a backslide. Williams kicks out and hits a pair of shoulder tackles, then follows it up with a pair of enziguris. Hayes and Gulak tag in. Gulak delivers a knee to Hayes' midsection before Hayes responds with a pair of arm drags. Dempsey tags in, and himself and Gulak deliver a double knee strike to Hayes' midsection. Dempsey then delivers a snapmare and looks to lock in a Boston Crab, but Hayes escapes and tags in Williams. Gulak tags in and wears down Williams, then tags Dempsey back in. Gulak delivers a German suplex to Williams before Dempsey lands one of his own. Williams then delivers an enziguri to Demspsey and tags in Hayes. Gulak tags in and Hayes lands a superkick. Dempsey tags in and Hayes plants him on the mat. Williams tags in and levels an interfering Gulak, then delivers a spinning kick to Dempsey. Hayes tags in and ascends to the top. He hits Nothing But Net for the win.


Winners: Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams

After the match, Hayes and Williams call Bron Breakker to the ring once again. Breakker appears on the Titan Tron and says he has to wait a little longer because he made a pit stop. The camera pans out and we see Breakker in the barber shop. Breakker says he figured he'd stop to get a fresh haircut before he finishes what he started last week.

Back from the break, Thea Hail and Duke Hudson head to the ring. Kiana James follows.

Kiana James vs. Thea Hail (w/ Duke Hudson)

Hudson marks papers on the outside as the bell rings and James shoves Hail. Hail delivers an arm drag and a suplex, then dumps James out of the ring and delivers a tope suicida. She rains down a few right hands as Hudson takes notice and pretends he isn't marking. Hail ascends to the top and looks for a splash, but James rolls out of the way and delivers a series of knees to Hail's midsection. Hail delivers a pair of forearms and a kick to James' midsection, then delivers a back elbow and a suplex. She ascends to the top and executes a crossbody, then goes for a pin. James kicks out and hits a Gore Buster, then follows it up with the 401K for the win.


Winner: Kiana James

After the match, Hail hugs Hudson as he continues to mark papers.

We then head backstage to Wes Lee and Tyler Bate being checked on in the medical room as McKenzie Mitchell stands by. Mitchell asks Lee if he has any clue why Schism would attack the two of them, and Lee tells fans to stay tuned as he storms off. 

Back from the break, Lee heads down to the ring.

Wes Lee's Opponents for NXT Battleground Are Determined

Lee says he wanted to come out to the ring to address everyone. He says his tag team match with Tyler Bate was unexpectedly canceled by Schism. He says while he's gotten better at controlling his anger, he gets pissed off when himself and his friends are attacked. He says Ava and The Dyad are sheep rather than friends while Bate is his real friend. He tells Gacy all he had to do was ask.


Joe Gacy and Ava appear and says he's never been dishonest with what he wants. He says he wants the North American Championship, and Ava tells Lee that he inches closer and closer to becoming the greatest North American Championship with every win he picks up. She questions what that makes Gacy when he takes Lee's title away from him at Battleground, and Gacy says he's asking for a title match at the upcoming Premium Live Event. He says all Lee has to do is break the news to Bate.

Lee asks Gacy when he'll try to stop driving a wedge between himself and Bate, and Ava says the wedge has already been driven.

Bate's music hits and he appears. He says he's had enough with this rubbish and asks Gacy what his problem is with him. He says he'll see him at Battleground, and Lee tells Gacy good luck going twice in one night. Bate cuts him off and says he'd be lying if he said he didn't want a North American Championship match. Lee asks Bate why he didn't say something earlier, and Bate says that was his bad. He says they can still have a match in the spirit of competition, and Gacy asks which one of them it will be at Battleground. Lee says he'll take them both on in a Triple Threat match and says he'll see them both on May 28. On his way out of the ring, Lee tells Bate he thought he could trust him.


Back from the break, we see Von Wagner walking around backstage. He encounters Mr. Stone, who has become involved in a verbal altercation with someone. Wagner scares off the man Stone is arguing with, and Stone asks if he was sticking up for him. Wagner denies that he was doing such, and Stone pulls out a picture of him as a kid. He asks if he's ready to confront the picture, and Wagner says no.

Back at ringside, Jacy Jayne heads down. Roxanne Perez follows.

Roxanne Perez vs. Jacy Jayne In A Quarterfinals Match For The NXT Women's Championship Tournament

The bell rings and the two lock up. They go back and forth with submission holds before Jayne delivers a right hand to Perez's spine. Perez delivers a back elbow and looks to dump her out of the ring. Perez hangs on and lands on the apron before Jayne sends her crashing into the announce desk face first.


Back from the break, Jayne delivers a neckbreaker. She follows it up with a pair of shoulders to Perez's midsection, then looks for a cannonball. Perez ducks out of the way and fires off right hands on Jayne, then delivers a dropkick that sends her crashing to the outside. She then delivers a tope suicida and tosses Jayne back in the ring, then ascends to the top and delivers a crossbody. She follows it up with a Side Russian Leg Sweep before Jayne delivers a knee to her midsection and a superkick. She then delivers a spinning right hand and rains down right hands. She looks for a kick, but Perez ducks out of the way and delivers a kick of her own Jayne's midsection. She follows it up with Pop Rox for the win.


Winner: Roxanne Perez

After the match, Tiffany Stratton appears and stares down Perez. Stratton then takes notice of Gigi Dolin, who has ambushed Jayne in the ring. Officials separate Dolin and Jayne before Carmelo Hayes' music hits and himself and Trick Williams appear once again.

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams Confront Bron Breakker

Hayes says he knows traffic isn't that bad and calls Bron Breakker to the ring once again.

Back from the break, Hayes and Williams are still waiting in the ring for Breakker.

Breakker's music hits and he appears alongside an entourage of security guards. Security stands between Breakker and Hayes and Williams as Breakker explains that he didn't bring security for his own protection but rather for the protection of Hayes and Williams. Williams says the only one that needs protection is Breakker, and Breakker reminds him of his loss last week. Hayes says that's some big talk from Breakker considering he has a wall of security in front of him. He tells Breakker to blame himself because he thought he was untouchable until he got touched. He says Breakker will not take his "NXT" Championship from him, and Breakker says they fight for two different reasons. He says Hayes is fighting for the "NXT" Championship while he is fighting to embarrass Hayes in front of his family and friends. Hayes says Breakker says that with so much conviction, but there's a reason the two of them are in the main event of Battleground. He says no one is cut like they are, and says beating him will help him create the dynasty he will create over his body.


Breakker says New England has a history of dynasties coming to an end considering their history with sports teams coming to an end. He says Hayes will realize at Battleground that he's not him, but he's nothing and there's not a damn thing he can do about it.

Hayes goes flying over the top rope to level several security guards on the outside. Breakker and Hayes begin brawling as Williams is dragged away by security. Hayes and Breakker go at it in the ring. Breakker delivers a clothesline, but Hayes catches him with a low blow. He then clocks Breakker with his "NXT" Championship, and both men lay in the center of the ring as the show goes off the air.