GCW Owner Brett Lauderdale Responds To Alex Colon Calling Him Out On Twitter

Alex Colon recently aired his grievances about Game Changer Wrestling owner Brett Lauderdale on social media. The former GCW Ultraviolent Champion wrote that Lauderdale paying him $1 more than John Wayne Murdoch was a slap in the face to both wrestlers after agreeing to pay them the same amount. In response, Lauderdale said he wanted to show Colon respect by giving him the extra dollar. The GCW owner also explained at length how he had helped Colon's career over the years. 


Colon responded to Lauderdale's comments and said, "What did I do? Did u bleed in all those matches? Did u lay up in a hospital bed in Chicago covered in blood and dirt with no place to stay after or shower? I earned my opportunities. Money is a small point. Ethics and respect is another point. Act blind, that's what u do best." Lauderdale reacted and pointed out that he had offered Colon money or a room that particular night in Chicago, but "The Best of the Best" decided to pass. The former GCW Tag Team Champion then declared that Lauderdale should own up to his neglecting behavior. 

Amid Colon's claims, former GCW World Champion KTB also spoke out about Lauderdale. "The Beast" detailed how the GCW owner was disrespectful and unprofessional with him despite working for the promotion for many years. KTB hasn't performed for GCW since June 2022. Various members of the GCW roster have since reacted, including Charles Mason and ring announcer Emil Jay, seemingly poking fun at the recent claims by sharing their own colorful tales about Lauderdale.