Valhalla Credits The New Day For Being Inspiration Behind Her Character

WWE star Valhalla recently said that her character received inspiration from an unlikely source: The New Day. During an interview on the "Bleav in Pro Wrestling" show, The Viking Raiders member opened up about her character change, and how she landed on the unique name "Valhalla" after being known for years simply as Sarah Logan.


"Actually The New Day was a big inspiration behind the character," Valhalla said. "I had been fully into mom mode, farm mode, just doing my thing on my farm. And Xavier Woods was like, 'It'd be really cool if you guys had a priestess!' And they brought it to me and I was like, 'That is really cool.' And I put the character together and me and Hunter talked and I just showed up looking ridiculous like I am and he didn't say anything, so I just kept doing it." Valhalla re-debuted on WWE television last November when she appeared alongside Viking Raiders tag team members Ivar and Erik, the latter being her husband in real life. The pair celebrated their marriage in 2018 with a viking-themed wedding, in fact.


"Me and [Erik] are vikings in real life," Valhalla said. "We do viking living history. I'm a big fan of all the fantasy dramas and I read a lot of books. You could say I was training my whole life to be this character. I didn't even have to buy anything. I just gathered things that were in my house and I just showed up with it."