AEW Dynamite Results (5/17): Chris Jericho Vs. Roderick Strong, White Faces Starks

This is Wrestling INC.'s live coverage of "AEW Dynamite" for May 17, 2023.

Tonight will see Chris Jericho compete against Roderick Strong in a falls count anywhere match with Adam Cole and the rest of the Jericho Appreciation Society banned from the building. Strong is out to deal with his friend's major rival while trying to establish himself in AEW at the same time. 


The Outcasts members Ruby Soho and Toni Storm will be in tag team action on the show as they face Britt Baker and Hikaru Shida, which was a last-minute change as Jamie Hayter wasn't medically cleared to compete, altering it from the six-woman tag. The issues between Ricky Starks and Jay White will also reach boiling point tonight as the two men are set to finally compete in singles action after White has been attacking "Absolute."

Fans can also expect to hear from Don Callis tonight following his shocking actions last week where he betrayed Kenny Omega by attacking him with a screwdriver, allowing Jon Moxley to defeat him in the process.

Several of the four pillars will be in action too as Jack Perry is set to compete against Rush in singles action, while Sammy Guevara will be facing an unknown opponent. Darby Allin will also be competing as he teams up with Orange Cassidy against Lee Moriarty and Big Bill. 


Finally, Tony Khan promised a major announcement on the show last week, and following the official news regarding "AEW Collision," it is expected that it will be related to that. 

Wardlow Calls Out Christian Cage

Warldow says last week Christian made a lot of promises that he wants to see him follow through with, and he calls him out to the ring to spit in his face. The veteran then makes his way down with Luchasaurus and he aims to spit on Wardlow but he starts attacking him first. Luchasaurus then gets involved and tries to stop him, and while the TNT Champion takes control early on he ends up dropped after a low blow from Cage.


Cage then attacks Wardlow while Luchasaurus hands him a ladder which he runs into the champion head first. Cage then props up the ladder onto the middle turnbuckle and Luchasaurus Chokeslams him through it, snapping the ladder in half. They then bring the broken ladder to the middle of the ring as Cage hits the Killswitch that drops Wardlow face-first onto the ladder as Cage poses with the TNT title.

Orange Cassidy & Darby Allin vs. Big Bill & Lee Moriarty 

Moriarty starts aggressively by attacking Cassidy and they then begin exchanging pinfall attempts but both men then tag out as Big Bill just throws Allin around the ring. He responds by sending both his opponents out of the ring as he and Cassidy then dive outside the ring to attack them once more. However, as they get back into the ring it is Bill who comes out on top with a big boot to the face of Cassidy. 


He then focuses on the injured back of the champion, standing on it before throwing him into the turnbuckles. Cassidy avoids Bill in the corner but then is blocked by Moriarty, yet Cassidy reverses him as well and Allin tags in, throwing himself at both his opponents. However, he gets caught in mid-air by Bill who nails a sidewalk slam, but Allin manages to kick out. 

Moriarty and Cassidy return to action, but Cassidy takes him to the top turnbuckle as he and Allin work together to hit a double superplex, yet they then both get rundown by a double clothesline from Big Bill. Cassidy is able to set up Moriarty into the drop zone though as Allin nails a Coffin Drop while Cassidy hits Big Bill with the Orange Punch to stop interference. But, Allin then gets the headlock takeover pinfall to send a message to the champion. 

Winners: Orange Cassidy & Darby Allin

Sammy Guevara In Action

The Young Bucks are asked backstage about Kenny Omega, but they then get jumped by Blackpool Combat Club as the faction launches the tag team around the parking lot.

Backstage Arn Anderson tells Wardlow he should've been out there, but the champion says that is why he wasn't. Anderson asks what he is prepared to do, and Wardlow tells Christian they can play with ladders and he suggests a ladder match at Double Or Nothing for the TNT title against Cage. 


Orange Cassidy is then shown backstage and he says a lot of people want a shot at his title, and he tells them to go and tell Tony Khan as he will fight them all at Double Or Nothing. 

Exodus Prime vs. Sammy Guevara

Exodus Prime misses with a punch and then gets hit with a sharp knee strike. That is quickly followed up by the GTH, and just like that, this one is over. 

Winner: Sammy Guevara

Guevara gets on the microphone and says he remembers the good and bad from his childhood, but it got him here. He admits he has made mistakes that people have seen firsthand. His heart says at Double Or Nothing he will be the new AEW World Champion. 

Jeff Jarrett and his crew then come out, but before they can start talking FTR appears and push Satnam Singh off the stage and threw some tables. They then begin brawling with their challengers, but it is FTR who comes out on top. However, Karen Jarrett then appears and nails Cash Wheeler with a low blow which allows Jarrett to hit The Stroke on Dax Harwood. Singh then returns to the ring and drops them with double Chokeslams. Their attack is then rounded out with double guitar shots to the head of FTR.


Darby Allin is then shown backstage and he says it's no secret how much the upcoming title match means. However, Guevara then turns up as one of them needs to take the belt.

Toni Storm & Ruby Soho vs. Hikaru Shida & Britt Baker

The Outcasts gain control early on but Hikaru Shida turns things around with several shots to Ruby Soho which is followed by a missile dropkick. Soho steps on Shida's foot and then hits a knee strike which allows Toni Storm to tag in and stomps away on her opponent. Britt Baker is able to tag in but a distraction allows Saraya to pull the legs of Baker which sets up the hip attack from Storm. 


With Baker on the floor, Saraya nails more knee strikes as Storm then throws Baker into the barricade. She brings in Soho who almost gets caught by a roll-up straight away, but she quickly regains control and slows the pace down. Storm tags back in but runs into a big boot and a neckbreaker which allows Shida to tag in and she instantly starts trading punches with Soho, but it is Shida who comes out on top. Storm comes in and eats a forearm while Saraya does as well, and Shida follows it up with a crossbody to take out all three of them on the outside. 

Baker comes back in and hits a neckbreaker to Storm which leads to a DDT on Soho at the exact same time. She tries to follow it with the Lockjaw but Soho reverses and then hits the No Future. Storm tags in and attacks Shida, but she is then dropped with an air raid crash and then the Stomp. However, Saraya distracts the official, and that allows Storm to spray Baker in the face and then hit Storm Zero.


Winners: Toni Storm & Ruby Soho

Renee Paquette is then shown with Orange Cassidy once again and she claims 20 people spoke to Tony Khan about facing him for the International Championship and he suggests the blackjack battle royal for the title at Double Or Nothing.

Tony Khan is then shown backstage where he says today has been one of the greatest days in the history of AEW. He announces several dates for "AEW Collision," and next week he will reveal where the premiere episode will be. 

Chris Jericho vs. Roderick Strong (Falls Count Anywhere Match)

Roderick Strong attacks Chris Jericho as soon as he gets into the ring, nailing several knee strikes and then several running elbows as Jericho is unable to get his jacket. Strong then lifts Jericho up and plants him to the mat face-first as he continues the attack by dropping him onto the ring apron and then delivers another big chop. However, Jericho fires back with a few stiff shots of his own as he then just launches a water bottle at him. 


Jericho then looks for the Walls Of Jericho and he manages to lock it in, but he is able to get hold of the ropes. The fight then spills to the outside as Jericho sends Strong into the crowd and the two begin brawling up the stairs with Jericho throwing a garbage can at him, but Strong responds by throwing Jericho onto the railings. The two then continue brawling at the top of the concourse with Strong dropping Jericho onto the counter.

They then take things to the stairs where the chops between them continue on a barricade just next to them. Jericho hits a running forearm, but Strong manages to kick out. Strong then launches some plastic cutlery at Jericho and the two continue chopping each other as Strong covers Jericho's face with Mr. Softy as Strong continues to attack him. The two then brawl outside the stadium, but Adam Cole then turns up and starts attacking Jericho, throwing him into some mud as he beats down on him before hitting the Boom. Strong follows it with a jumping knee and secures the win. 


Winner: Roderick Strong

Jungle Boy Jack Perry vs. Rush

Jack Perry tries to shake hands with Rush to start but he kicks it away and sends him out of the ring before launching him around the ringside area into the barricade repeatedly. Perry is then busted wide open as Rush uses a chair outside the ring while Jose distracts the official. Back inside the ring and Rush delivers a series of headbutts in the corner as Perry refuses to give up. 


Perry attempts to fire back with a clothesline but Rush just absorbs it and then continues his attack with another headbutt. Perry then delivers a series of chops only to run into a jumping knee, but Perry finally takes Rush off his feet with a dropkick. The two men then end up on the top turnbuckle going chop for chop until Perry connects with a hurricanrana off the ropes. 

However, Jose then grabs the boot which stops Perry's momentum, but that doesn't stop Perry from catching Rush and putting him in the Snare Trap, but Rush reaches the ropes. The two then go back and forth on the ring apron until Rush throws Perry down onto the floor. Rush then attacks violently in the corner until he is pulled away by the official, which leads to Rush pushing the referee. However, while they argue Perry gets a roll-up for the win. 


Winner: Jack Perry

After the match Rush and Prestone Vance jump Perry until Darby Allin hits the ring, but he is beaten down as well. That is until Sammy Guevara evens the odds and the two pillars take care of the heels and showcase respect for each other. 

MJF is then shown backstage watching that unfold and he slams the microphone out of Renee Paquette's hand and then storms away.

Toni Storm is then shown backstage as she complains about Jamie Hayter not even turning up. She says if Hayter has any guts left she will put the title on the line at Double Or Nothing.

Jay White vs. Ricky Starks

Jay White and Ricky Starks waste no time getting into a brawl with "Absolute" coming out on top early on. However, as he follows White outside the ring, the Bullet Club Gold star drives him into the ring post, only for Starks to respond by sending White into the barricade. Back inside the ring and White hangs up Starks on the top rope, following it up with a chop, but Starks instantly responds with a back body drop. 


The fight then goes back outside the ring with White driving Starks into the ring apron while he follows it with a dragon screw inside the ring. He then slowly starts to focus on the ribs of Starks with a forearm shot which is then followed by a chop, but Starks then fires up and delivers one of his own as well as several stomps and then a big clothesline. Starks then hits a DDT after bouncing off the top rope, but the pinning combination doesn't get the result. 

White turns things around in a flash with a DDT of his own as he then hangs up Starks on the top rope and then a Urinagi, but Starks kicks out this time. Starks begins hammering several elbow strikes though until White just dumps him over the top rope to try and bring an end to the abuse. Starks connects with a swinging neck breaker when they get back into the ring, and then he hits the Chance, but White kicks out!


Starks then almost catches White with a roll-up when reversing the Blade Runner, but he does manage to hit a Spear! White then rakes the eyes of Starks which leads to Juice Robinson aiming to hit him with a chair, but Starks takes it off him and attacks him with it. However, he then uses the weapon on White as well, resulting in a DQ.

Winner (via disqualification): Jay White

Don Callis then makes his way down to the ring with security all up the ramp. He says everyone wants to hear him talk about why he did what he did, but instead, he will talk about what Kenny Omega did to him, as there is only one victim in this and it is him. Callis claims the IWGP title was because of him, he won the World Title on his first night here, and without him, there is no Omega. 

This leads to Omega coming out and he starts dropping members of the security but then Blackpool Combat Clib appears and outnumbers him. Jon Moxley says the war is already over and this is his final warning because they are the elite. The Young Bucks then appear with a variety of weapons, and this is followed by Adam Page returning! They run down the ramp and start brawling with the BCC sending them up the ramp as The Elite stand tall. 


Page says they're the heart and soul of this place, and they are The Elite. He says at Double Or Nothing it's The Elite vs. Blackpool Combat Club ... Anarchy In The Arena!