Seth Rollins & Trish Stratus Reportedly To Appear Regularly On WWE Raw

At Night of Champions, the latest in the series of shows that WWE has sold to the government of Saudi Arabia, both Seth Rollins and Trish Stratus emerged victorious, beating A.J. Styles and Becky Lynch, respectively, with Rollins winning the vacant World Heavyweight Championship in the process. With Stratus being semi-retired and Rollins being in the midst of shooting "Captain America: New World Order," though, it wasn't entirely clear what their roles would be on "WWE Raw" episodes in the coming weeks, but both appeared on Monday's show, and according to a new report from PWInsider, it doesn't end there.

Reportedly, both Stratus and Rollins are set to be on all episodes of "Raw" for the foreseeable future. With Stratus, that means that her new association with Zoey Stark isn't to set up Stark serving as her surrogate, since she won't be taking time off. Instead, it looks like they're an ongoing act that will be used to get Stark over. With Rollins, whatever filming commitments he has left on "Captain America: New World Order" apparently won't get in the way of him appearing on WWE's flagship TV show as the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Rollins' victory on Saturday made it so that he has held all of WWE's top brand-specific men's singles titles, starting with the "WWE NXT" Championship before making his way to the WWE Championship, the Universal Championship, and now the World Heavyweight Championship. The only active main roster men's title that he has not held is the "WWE SmackDown" Tag Team Championship, as all of his tag title reigns have come with the "Raw" titles.