AEW Dynamite Results (5/31): Cole & Baker Vs Jericho & Saraya, Tony Khan Announcement

This is Wrestling INC.'s live coverage of "AEW Dynamite" for May 31, 2023.

Tonight will be the post-show from the Double Or Nothing event last weekend with all of the fallout from that show expected to spill out across tonight. That includes the major mixed tag team match that has been confirmed for the show as Adam Cole and Britt Baker will get their chance at revenge against Chris Jericho and Saraya. 

Fans can also expect to hear from Don Callis and Konosuke Takeshita after they got involved in the main event on Sunday, helping the Blackpool Comba Club score the victory. Meanwhile, several of the Blackpool Combat Club members will be in action as Claudio Castagnoli, Wheeler Yuta, and Jon Moxley look to continue the momentum in trios action against Lucha Bros and Bandido.

New TBS Champion Kris Statlander is also going to be in action as she wastes no time defending her gold, with Nyla Rose stepping up to challenge her. Plus, Jay White and Juice Robinson will be speaking to the fans, continuing their story with Ricky Starks. 

Tony Khan is also going to be part of the show in some capacity as he has promised to make an announcement regarding the brand new Saturday show, "AEW Collision," although it is unknown what he has to say.

Two members of the ROH World Six-Man Champions will also be competing tonight as the Gates Of Agony compete against Orange Cassidy and Darby Allin, with both men fresh from their Double Of Nothing matches. Finally, there will be triple threat action between Swerve Strickland, Big Bill, and Trent Beretta.

Blackpool Combat Club vs. Lucha Bros & Bandido

The Blackpool Combat Club instantly take the fight to their opponents, but they fire back with a trio of superkicks as they look to follow it with a dive outside the ring, but BCC are ready and they cut them off. After a brawl on the outside Wheeler Yuta and Bandido officially start things off with the BCC star in control only for Bandido to respond with his stalling suplex while Lucha Bros work arm submissions to the other members.

The match then breaks down with one man after the other nailing shots against each other as Claudio Castagnoli gets dropped last with a backstabber from Penta. He manages to make the tag to bring Bandido back in, but Yuta avoids the diving crossbody as Castagnoli hits a spiked piledriver to Bandido on the floor. He then tags in and slowly grinds down Bandido's face into the mat. 

Moxley then comes in and begins focusing on the back of Bandido with a single-leg crab and then a running knee strike, but Bandido kicks out. Bandido fires back with an aerial attack and then Fenix tags in but Castagnoli catches him with several back elbows only for Fenix to respond with a thrust kick. Yuta then tries to get involved but he eats a kick to the jaw as they follow with stereo-thrust kicks after Penta tags in.

He nails Castagnoli with a sling blade and then a DDT to Moxley, but he then turns back into a clothesline from Castagnoli. Yuta and Bandido tag in and they go back and forth with forearm strikes until Yuta bites him, but Bandido then responds with a dropkick and then a cutter. Lucha Bros dive out of the ring to Moxley and Castagnoli as Bandido hits a Frog Splash, but Yuta kicks out. 

Bandido follows it with a knee strike to the head, but Moxley blocks the 21 Plex and Bandido is then attacked by Castagnoli from the outside as Yuta then hits a jumping knee before driving in the elbow strikes. He gets the seatbelt check pinfall and BCC gets the victory. 

Winners: Blackpool Combat Club

Bullet Club Gold Speak

The Elite are then shown backstage as Matt Jackson says the BCC brings out the worst in them. Nick Jackson says one setback won't stop them, as Adam Page is then interrupted by The Dark Order as they point out that Page is with his new best friends. Page says Kenny Omega is hurt and out of the country...but he's not in Canada.

Tony Schiavone welcomes Bullet Club Gold to the ring and Jay White says they can agree Double Or Nothing was an amazing night. He bets Ricky Starks is on top of the world after he eliminated both of them in the battle royal, but he reminds Starks that he's not the International Champion as he lost, just like he did to him. Juice Robinson then asks FTR why they went to the aid of Starks. 

It doesn't make sense to them as there's no way they're friends with Starks as he's got no friends. Starks says it's safe to assume FTR are a little slow as they're Southern boys, and they look and sound pretty dumb. He didn't think they were dumb enough to get involved in their business, but that leads to the champions making their way out. Bullet Club Gold thinks that FTR are here to apologize and to join Bullet Club Gold. 

White says if they want to join they just need to ask, but then he drops the microphone and Robinson takes a cheap shot at Harwood with a hand of quarters while White quickly goes to work attacking Cash Wheeler. Bullet Club Gold leaves the champions laying until Ricky Starks runs down and chases them off. He says next week he and Jay White will finish things themselves in singles action with Robinson kept in the back. 

Big Bill vs. Trent Beretta vs. Swerve Strickland

Tony Khan is shown backstage and he reveals that "AEW Collision" will feature...CM Punk, which is met with a mixed reaction from the live crowd. 

When the match begins, Swerve Strickland immediately gets out of the ring while Trent Beretta aims to use his agility to try and avoid him, but Bill takes control with splashes to both men as Strickland gets thrown out and Beretta eats a big boot. Bill then takes the fight to Strickland as he just launches him up the stage before nailing Beretta with a huge right hand. He continues slowly picking off both men around the ringside area, but Strickland manages to push him into the ring post as Beretta then Spears him. 

This allows the smaller wrestlers to shine as they brawl on the ring apron which ends as Beretta pulls Strickland to be booted by Big Bill. He follows that up by sending the big man to the floor and then moonsaulting off the middle turnbuckle down, but he then walks into a big kick from Strickland. All three men then end up on the second ropes as Beretta and Strickland work together to hit a huge suplex double team. 

Beretta then gets dropped with a sidewalk slam by Big Bill but Strickland breaks it up and then hits Beretta with a Flatliner. However, he misses with his finish and Beretta hits a knee strike and then a stalling piledriver but Bill breaks that pinfall attempt up. Bill then slams Beretta to the mat but that allows Strickland to hit him with the Swerve Stomp. With Bill taken down, he gets into the ring and gets the pinfall on Beretta. 

Winner: Swerve Strickland

The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn are then shown with the veteran looking to take the blame for Double Or Nothing, but the tag team tells him not to do that. They want gold back, and claim Gunn deserves to hold gold once more. 

Gates Of Agony vs. Darby Allin & Orange Cassidy

Tony Schiavone welcomes Don Callis and Konosuke Takeshita to the ring and Callis claims that he did everything for Kenny Omega and he won his titles because of him. He tells Omega that he chose his friends, and every morning he sees his scar and he blames Omega. He claims he lost a nephew but he gained a son in Takeshita. He lists people Takeshita is better than, including Kazuchika Okada and Kenny Omega. Callis says his new family will cut The Elite out of AEW.

Gates Of Agony take the fight to their opponents immediately as Toa Liona throws his opponents about before running straight through Darby Allin. Bishop Kaun then comes in and the two of them work together to crack the back of Allin as they then launch Cassidy to the floor. Liona then throws Allin into his corner and he dives and elbows Kaun and begins mounting a fight back with several kicks, but Kaun pulls him out of the ring and launches him repeatedly into the apron and barricade as Liona runs around and wipes out Cassidy.

Gates Of Agony continue to dominate Allin, dropping him from the top turnbuckle with a backbreaker and then a senton on the apron. However, Allin tries to fight back by throwing some chops at both men as he reaches out for Cassidy. It doesn't happen but he then avoids both men and shoves them into each other as Cassidy tags in. He uses his speed as well to avoid them and send the partners into each other before dropping Kaun with a DDT.

Despite that, Liona drops him with a Samoan Drop, and Gates Of Agony hit a double team with Allin making the save afterward. Allin tags in and then starts charging into each man and he then cannonballs himself into them. Kaun gets dropped by a Stundog Millionaire and then the Code Red. Cassidy dives out to Liona while Allin hits the Coffin Drop. 

Winners: Darby Allin & Orange Cassidy

Mogul Embassy then head to the ring to surround Allin and Cassidy, but that leads to Sting making his return with his bat in hand.

Kris Statlander (c) vs. Nyla Rose (TBS Championship Match)

HOOK heads out to the ring but he is cut off by Jose The Assistant as he claims they're taking their opportunity and Preston Vance and Dralistico then jump him. Jack Perry then heads out with a chair in hand to make the save. 

Toni Storm is shown backstage and she says luck had nothing to do with this win. She's done everything she needed to get to this point, there's nobody good enough to carry her bags in the locker room. 

Kris Statlander attempts to lift Nyla Rose early but it doesn't work as the challenger is able to slam the champion instead and she then suplexes Statlander into the corner as she remains in control. Rose then stomps down on Statlander in the corner before working on the knee as she then delivers a lariat as Statlander struggles to get any offense in herself. Rose then misses with a splash and Statlander follows it up with a rolling lariat and a series of strikes as Rose staggers to the corner. 

She follows that with a running forearm and then a boot to the face before hitting a Blue Thunder Bomb, but Rose kicks out. However, as Statlander goes to the top turnbuckle Rose swats her down and then hits a splash, but the champion is quick to avoid the cannonball into the corner, yet Rose manages to hit it from the apron to the floor. Rose then delivers another cannonball as Statlander leans on the barricade.

Back inside the ring and Rose Chokeslams the champion, but she manages to kick out. However, the champion connects with a jawbreaker and then a 450 Splash to pull out a win. 

Winner (and still TBS Champion): Kris Statlander

Chris Jericho & Saraya vs. Adam Cole & Britt Baker

Adam Cole and Chris Jericho immediately get into things as they go back and forth with punches and chops but Jericho takes control after raking the eyes as he then launches Cole into the barricade. However, back inside the ring Cole nails a clothesline which leads to him tagging out and the ladies come in. Britt Baker immediately throws a series of forearm strikes at Saraya as she then throws her across the ring before planting her on the mat once again. 

Saraya responds with her brutal knee strikes while Baker hangs on the second rope and she follows that with a snap suplex. She dumps Baker outside the ring but with the official then distracted the rest of The Outcasts appear and attack Baker. However, Hikaru Shida turns up and attacks them with a kendo stick, Jericho comes into the ring and talks trash to Baker but she slaps him and tags in Cole who drops him several times with clotheslines and a pump kick. 

Jericho hits a chop but Cole instantly responds with an enziguri only for Jericho to hit the Lionsault as Baker and Saraya come back in. Saraya eats a big boot, but as Baker climbs to the top turnbuckle Saraya cuts her off. However, whatever she has planned doesn't work and Baker sends her to the mat and Jericho tries to stop Baker from attacking her, he puts his body on the line but Baker dives anyway and lands on both. 

Cole then hits the ring with a backstabber to Jericho, but as he aims for the Panama Sunrise he gets caught in the Walls Of Jericho. Saraya knocks Baker off the apron, however, she gets back up and puts on her glove, putting in the Lock Jaw on Jericho until Saraya breaks it up. Jericho then hits Cole with the Codebreaker, but kicks out just in time. Baker and Saraya then come in again with a flurry of shots, but Saraya plans for Baker only for her to kick out. Jericho then aims to use the bat but he gets superkicked and so does Saraya. The couple then hit Jericho with stereo superkicks as Cole delivers the Boom. 

Winners: Adam Cole & Britt Baker