AEW's Dax Harwood Commemorates Second Anniversary Of His First Anxiety Attack

Dax Harwood's struggles with mental health have made him an outspoken advocate for mental health awareness, as well as an open, vulnerable personality on social media. As a result, it was no surprise when the AEW World Tag Team Champion took to Twitter to honor the two-year anniversary of his first panic attack.


"2 years ago, I went through my first anxiety attack," Harwood wrote. "It led to the darkest and hardest time of my entire life. I can never beat anxiety, but everyday, I can work towards being better."

Attached to the tweet were a pair of screenshots, the first of Harwood's Facebook post on that day in June 2021 when he asked for help following a near-sleepless night. Harwood also attached a longer post from his Notes app, where he went deeper on his feelings two years later.


"It lasted so long," Harwood wrote at the time. "Sleepless nights, lots of tears, lots of doctors visits but I got through it!"

In the screenshot, Harwood  can also be seen thanking all of the people that he credits with digging him out of a deep mental hole, and pleading with anyone struggling with mental health issues to seek help. "Do not be ashamed of modern medicine," Harwood wrote, saying that despite their stigma, they can be an effective tool for combating mental health struggles.

"Modern medicine, therapy and prayer all work," he said. "It takes time but trust the process."