Nigel McGuinness Paying Homage To Jay Briscoe With Magic Show

Two-time Ring of Honor World Champion Jay Briscoe — real name Jamin Pugh – sadly passed away earlier this year. Briscoe's former ROH and Pro Wrestling NOAH co-worker Nigel McGuinness recently delivered the first major public appearance of his magic show, which the former WWE commentator said he put together following the ROH Hall of Famer's passing. 

"I think the reason that so many people were shocked when he passed so untimely is he was so full of life," McGuinness told the "Wrestling with Johners" podcast. "When someone that full of life can be gone in an instant like that, it's a reality check to everybody. For me, it was an inspiration to say, 'You're not guaranteed tomorrow.' People have been saying to me for the longest time, 'You should do a magic show.' And I was waiting for the right time. It's unfortunate that it took Jay's passing to be the impetus to really put pen to paper and create this 90-minute show, that is an homage to Jay, an homage to the love of professional wrestling, and magic as well."

McGuinness and Briscoe crossed paths numerous times in the ring between 2007 and 2009. After teaming together — alongside Mark Briscoe — in various tag matches in NOAH, the pair would have their first one-on-one bout in ROH, battling over the ROH World Championship at Chaos at the Cow Palace, with McGuinness going on to retain the gold. They would collide again in 2009, first at Motor City Madness, where McGuinness came out on top, and then on ROH's weekly television show "ROH on HDNet," where McGuinness emerged victorious again. 

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