AEW Dynamite Results (6/7): Jay White Vs. Ricky Starks, Two Title Matches

This is Wrestling INC.'s live coverage of "AEW Dynamite" for June 7, 2023!

Tonight's show will once again see Orange Cassidy defend his AEW International Championship, which he has been doing on a regular basis, this time against Swerve Strickland. The challenger has been on a roll lately and will now be looking to claim his first-ever singles title in the company.


That isn't the only title match on the show though, as once again the new TBS Champion Kris Statlander will be defending her gold against Anna Jay.A.S.

Issues between Jay White and Ricky Starks have been boiling over ever since the Bullet Club Gold member arrived in the company, and tonight they're expected to be solved. White has had a numbers advantage over "Absolute" due to his partnership with Juice Robinson, but tonight they're set to go one on one with "Rock Hard" staying in the back.

AEW World Champion MJF hasn't been seen since he successfully defended his title at Double Or Nothing, but tonight he will be appearing to speak to the fans. Meanwhile, Tony Khan will also be making another major announcement, revealing the main event of the first-ever episode of "AEW Collision."


Blackpool Combat Club members Jon Moxley, Wheeler Yuta, and Claudio Castagnoli will also be in action as they take on Chaos in a six-man tag team match. Finally, after they reunited last week Jungle Boy and HOOK will be teaming up to face Preston Vance and Dralistico in tag team action.

Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Swerve Strickland (AEW International Championship Match)

Orange Cassidy tries to use his speed as an advantage with his hands in his pockets, but Swerve Strickland manages to counter everything before taking down the champion to work his injured back. Cassidy responds with a submission of his own before pulling the ropes and sending his opponent to the floor, but that works in Strickland's favor as he starts sending Cassidy into the barricade as he then slams his injured hand into the ring post.


Cassidy responds well and then dives out of the ring to attack him while he follows it with a diving crossbody back inside the ring. He tries to hit the ropes but Strickland grabs his pants and then nails him with an elbow strike. The two men then head to the top turnbuckle and both end up going face-first into the turnbuckle as they fall to the floor. However, as Cassidy tries to get back into the ring Prince Nana distracts him, and that allows Strickland to kick Cassidy in the back. 

Cassidy fires back with several elbow strikes and a superkick, but his back gives in when he tries to hit Beach Break, yet he does hit Stundog Millionaire. Cassidy tries to continue but Strickland rolls and dives up to pull Cassidy down to the mat. Cassidy attempts his slow punches but then gets a backslide which almost catches the challenger out, but he does then plant Strickland with a DDT.


Despite that, Strickland manages to drop Cassidy onto the ring apron with a Death Valley Driver and he looks for a double stomp from the top turnbuckle but Cassidy pushes away and fires back with three superkicks before DDT's the challenger to the floor from the ring apron. Cassidy then nails a diving DDT from the top turnbuckle, but Strickland kicks out! Nana then gets on the apron but the distraction backfires as Strickland ends up accidentally knocking him to the floor. Cassidy immediately hits Orange Punch and then Beach Break, but Strickland kicks out!

He then dives outside to keep up the attack but Strickland catches him and hits a brainbuster on the floor. He nails House Call and then the diving foot stomp, and this time it is Cassidy that kicks out! Strickland then goes for a pinfall and grabs the tights, but Cassidy reverses and he pulls the tights as well and he retains. 

Winner (and still AEW International Champion): Orange Cassidy

The Mogul Embassy members then hit the ring and then attack Cassidy until the lights go out and when they return Sting and Darby Allin are in the ring with the heels cleared out. 

Blackpool Combat Club vs. Chaos

As soon as Blackpool Combat Club head over the barricade Chuck Taylor throws a chair at Jon Moxley while Rocky Romero dives from the top turnbuckle out to Claudio Castagnoli. Trent Beretta brings Wheeler Yuta into the ring with a superplex and then Taylor hits a piledriver but Catagnoli breaks up the pinfall attempt. The BCC then takes control with Castagnoli's aggression, but Chaos then regains control and hug inside the ring. 


That doesn't last long as the quick tags for BCC work in their favor as they isolate Taylor, but he responds with a knee strike that allows Trent to tag in and he explodes with a Spear to Moxley and then a backdrop. Romero tags in and hits a crossbody before sending Yuta and Castagnoli out of the ring as well. However, the distraction allows Moxley to get a shot in on him until Trent returns, and thei nail double dropkicks and then more double-team moves.

Best Friends work together to hit Strong Zero, but Castagnoli breaks up the pinfall only to be thrown outside. Romero then hits several quick strikes to Moxley and then a cross arm breaker. However, while that is locked in Castagnoli catches Trent in mid-air with an uppercut in the air while Yuta attacks Taylor with with elbow strikes. While that's happening Moxley forces Romero to tap out. 


Winners: Blackpool Combat Club

Adam Page and The Young Bucks are shown backstage and they challenge the three BCC members to a six-man tag team match.

MJF Speaks

When he was told he had to contractually appear tonight he nearly offed himself as this place sucks. He says he is bored as there is no competition for him in AEW as nobody is at his level...but that leads to Adam Cole making his way out, but before he can hit his trademark pose MJF demands the music is cut. MJF says he's excited as there is finally some worthy competition for him.


MJF claims to be a big fan of Cole. He talks about being younger and watching ROH which he thought sucked but then he saw Adam Cole and he was instantly hooked and he puts over what Cole managed to achieve. However, then this guy showed up and MJF asks what happened to him. He used to be the Panama Playboy and now he's the Panama Gameboy and his balls are in Britt Baker's purse. He also mocks Cole's body and he claims Cole is so frail he makes crack whores jealous.

He then uses the famous promo Cole cut on Karrion Kross in "WWE NXT," about how he gets all the lights and the girl, and to make MJF great they just ring the bell. He read online that someone in titan towers didn't see anything in him, and that is Vince McMahon who he likes. He wasn't sure how Vince didn't see top-guy material in him, but now he sees that Vince was right.


Cole says there's lots he can comment on and he's sure Baker could beat the hell out of him. He wonders why MJF is obsessed with other people's relationships, he knows his fiance left him but come on. He says MJF is world-class...a world-class douchebag. Cole says MJF brings up his body, because of his body of work and he tells MJF to get real as he can't touch him. He suggests if he wants to go down that route they go piss in some cups and they will see who is natural or not. 

Cole says people in the back respect him as a human being, but nobody respects MJF. MJF says that's a lot of tough talk from Keith Lee's manager, but Cole says MJF won't fight him because he's better than him and everyone knows it. However, MJF claims he will wrestle him any day of the week and beat his ass and Cole says they have got themselves a match.

HOOK & Jungle Boy vs. Dralistico & Preston Vance

Dralistico and Preston Vance jump their opponents as they make their entrance for this Texas tornado match with Vance and HOOK brawling through the fans while Jungle Boy uses a cable to choke Dralistico inside the ring. He then begins whipping the masked man with that, meanwhile, HOOK delivers several knee strikes to Vance as he puts a trash can over the head of him and then hits him with a chair. 


Vance turns it around with his strength advantage while Dralistico and Jungle Boy trade big chops with each other. Vance and HOOK then head up to the higher level of the stairs, but they begin brawling their way back down as Dralistico hangs up Jungle Boy on the ropes and then stomps him down from the top rope onto the ring apron. Meanwhile, Vance and HOOK come back to the ringside area with HOOK hitting a diving punch with a steel chain wrapped around his hand. 

The connection busts Vance open and he and Dralistico showcase plenty of aggression as he nails a discus lariat to HOOK. He then wraps the chain around his neck and starts to choke him out but Jungle Boy breaks it up with a chair shot to the head as HOOK then suplexes him back through a table on the outside. In the ring, Jose The Assistant tries to get involved but gets trapped into a submission while Jungle Boy puts Dralistico in a Snare Trap for the win. 


Winners: Jungle Boy & HOOK

Tony Khan is then shown backstage as he reveals Jay White, Juice Robinson, and Samoa Joe will take on CM Punk and FTR in the main event of the first-ever "AEW Collision" episode.

Konosuke Takeshita then heads to the ring to face Damon Ace and he immediately brings him to the mat and hammers down right hands. He connects with a big elbow strike to the back of the head and then the Powerdrive Knee Strike for a quick win. Don Callis then claims everything Kenny Omega has is because of him, and this is all his fault. 

Kris Statlander (c) vs. Anna Jay. A.S. (TBS Championship Match)

Christian Cage is shown backstage and says Arn Anderson is the reason he isn't TNT Champion and he has taken something from him as Brock Anderson is shown bloodied in the locker room courtesy of Luchasaurus.


Kris Statlander starts out in control by using her power advantage to throw around Anna Jay, but she then gets out of the ring and runs away until Daddy Magic provides a distraction. Jay then tries to kick her in the face but Statlander catches it and pulls her down onto the ring apron. Back inside the ring, the champion rocks her opponents with a kick to the face, but she misses with a charge into the corner and Jay follows up with a spinning heel kick. 

Jay then connects with another kick to the face, but the champion responds and they go back and forth with strikes until Statlander comes out on top. She hits a couple of running boots and then a power slam, but as she goes to the top rope Daddy Magic provides the distraction which allows Jay to throw her down to the mat. Statlander gets distracted again and that allows Jay to lock in the Queen Slayer, but Statlander manages to power up and then whip her over the top before a lariat and backbreaker combo. Statlander then nails a piledriver to retain. 


Winner (and still TBS Champion): Kris Statlander – Taya Valkyrie is shown watching backstage, visibly upset by the result.

Jay White vs.Ricky Starks

Ricky Starks immediately attacks Jay White as he makes his way to the ring and gets the jump on him early, immediately sending him into the barricade after the match officially begins. White then starts to crawl to the top of the ramp but Starks gives chase and he attempts to throw him off the stage but White blocks it and pokes him in the eye as they head back to the ring. 


White catches Starks with an elbow strike, but "Absolute" responds with a suplex on the outside. The match once again turns as White connects with a chop as he then launches Starks into the barricade and he continues to remain in control back inside the squared circle with more chops. However, White goes for one too many and Starks responds with a stiff right hand, but he then blocks the DDT as White throws him up onto the top turnbuckle. 

From there White connects with a superplex and he then looks for the Blade Runner but Starks blocks it and then charges in with a lariat. He follows that with a big elbow and then a DDT but White kicks out. Starks looks for his finisher but that gets blocked as White hits a Urinagi, and this time it is Starks kicking out. The two then trade slaps and chops, but as Starks goes for a Spear it gets caught with a knee by White, however, the second time is the charm for Starks as this time it connects. Starks then hits the Roshambo, but he hits the official at the same time which knocks him down. The Gunns then appear and hit the 410 and White follows it with the Blade Runner. 


Winner: Jay White