WWE NXT Results 6/13 - We Hear From Bron Breakker, Six-Man Tag Team Match

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s results of "WWE NXT" on June 13, 2023, coming to you live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida!

After calling out Seth "Freakin" Rollins at the end of last week's show in an effort to receive a World Heavyweight Championship match, Bron Breakker has something on his mind to share tonight. The former "NXT" Champion is not the only one who has had their eye on Rollins' title, as Finn Balor will be facing "The Visionary" at Money In The Bank on July 1 after throwing out the challenge on last night's edition of "WWE Raw".


Baron Corbin is set to go one-on-one against Ilja Dragunov following his victory over Trick Williams last week. Corbin's intentions of securing himself an "NXT" Championship match with Williams' ally Carmelo Hayes have been well documented over the past few weeks, and Dragunov made it clear that he was looking for the same after the two came face-to-face last week.

Thea Hail became the new Number One Contender for Tiffany Stratton's "NXT" Women's Championship after eliminating Cora Jade and Dana Brooke in a Battle Royal last week. Tonight, Jade seeks her retribution as she goes head-to-head with Hail. Elsewhere in the women's division, Roxanne Perez squares off with Tatum Paxley after encountering one another in the aforementioned Battle Royal.


Mustafa Ali, Tyler Bate, and North American Champion Wes Lee will join forces to take on Schism's Joe Gacy, Jagger Reid, and Rip Fowler in Six-Man tag team action. Gacy and the rest of Schism has had it out for Lee since coming up short against Lee in a Triple Threat North American Championship at "NXT Battleground" last month, and Lee has found reinforcements in Bate and Ali over the past few weeks.

Dabba-Kato is set for action against Axiom and SCRYPTS in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match. Axiom aided SCRYPTS in picking up a win over Dabba-Kato last week, but the former rivals suffered a post-match beatdown at the hands of Dabba-Kato. Teammates Edris Enofé and Malik Blade will also collide in singles competition in an effort to get to know one another as tag team partners better.

We are live! Vic Joseph and Booker T greet audiences at home as Schism heads down to the ring. Wes Lee, Tyler Bate, and Mustafa Ali follow.

Wes Lee, Tyler Bate and Mustafa Ali vs. Schism (w/ Ava)

Lee, Bate, and Ali waste no time. They slide in the ring and go straight to work beating down Schism. Fowler hits Ali with a kick, but Lee levels him. Reid then takes him down as Gacy goes after Bate. 


The bell rings and Bate delivers an elbow off the middle rope. Ali tags in and delivers a stomp off the top rope. He follows it up with a hurricanrana before Fowler tags in and delivers a boot to Ali's midsection. Lee tags in and lands a tijeras, then hits a dropkick. Reid tags in and The Dyad delivers a double flapjack to Lee. Gacy becomes legal and executes a Uranage, then goes for a pin but Lee kicks out. Reid tags in and rains down right hands on Lee, then tags in Fowler.

Fowler connects with a vicious clothesline, then delivers a knee to Lee's midsection. Gacy tags in and hits a boot, then lands an uppercut and tags Fowler back in. Fowler delivers a kick and a knee, but Lee looks for a Sunset Flip. Fowler blocks it and tags in Reid. Reid delivers a right hand to his head, then looks for a vertical suplex. Lee escapes and tags in Bate. Bate lands a back elbow and a back body drop, then delivers another back elbow in the corner and follows it up with a German suplex. He executes a standing Shooting Star Press and the Airplane Spin, but Gacy and Fowler save Reid. Lee and Ali get in the ring and send Schism crashing to the outside, then deliver triple crossbodies over the top.


Back from the break, Fowler delivers an elbow to Bate's head before Bate plants him with a suplex. Reid and Ali then tag in, and Ali delivers a back elbow. He follows it up with a dropkick, but Reid sends him face first into the middle rope. Ali fires off a couple of chops, then sends Reid crashing to the outside. Reid trips Ali after he looks to level an interfering Fowler from the apron before Ali lands a neckbreaker and ascends to the top. He looks for a 450 Splash, but Reid rolls out of the way and sends Ali crashing face first into the middle turnbuckle. Fowler and Lee tag in. Lee fires off right hands, then executes a snapmare and a dropkick. He goes flying over the top to level Gacy and Reid on the outside, then sets up for the Kardiak Kick. Fowler rolls out of the way and Bate makes the blind tag. Fowler sends Lee crashing into Bate on the apron, which causes him to land on the floor. Gacy tags in, and Schism lands a triple swinging powerbomb on Lee. The referee counts to three, but another one makes his way down to the ring and prevents him from doing so, explaining that Bate made the blind tag. Ali and Lee level The Dyad on the outside as Bate executes the Tyler Driver '97 back in the ring on Gacy for the win.


Winners: Wes Lee, Tyler Bate, and Mustafa Ali

We then head to a video of Thea Hail arguing with Drew Gulak and Charlie Dempsey about her upcoming match with Cora Jade. Duke Hudson tells them to quiet down so he can grade papers, and Hail explains that they're heading off to train at the gym. Hail, Gulak, and Dempsey leave to do so. Hudson then leaves a voicemail for Andre Chase asking for an update on his recovery and says things are getting out of hand.

Back from the break, Bron Breakker makes his way down to the ring.

We Hear From Bron Breakker

Breakker says he made headlines for taking out the biggest star in Europe and calling out the biggest star on "Raw". He says he did both of those things to hold everyone accountable, and says Ilja Dragunov didn't look so tough after he hit him with a spear last week. He says Seth "Freakin" Rollins is only "The Visionary" until he looks into his eyes.


A fired up Dragunov then marches down the ramp ready to attack Breakker, but officials hold him back and manage to get him through the curtain.

Rollins then appears on the Titan Tron and asks Breakker what he thinks this is. He says Breakker should know better than just demanding a World Heavyweight Championship, but none the less, he likes his approach and has been in his position before. He says it would be nice to go back to where it all started and grants him a title shot next week at "NXT" Gold Rush.

We then head to a video hyping up Dana Brooke.

We head backstage to McKenzie Mitchell and Dana Brooke. Mitchell asks how long fans can expect to see Brooke on "NXT", and Brooke says she'll stay for as long as they have her. She says despite being a "Raw" Superstar, she'll show up on any brand at any time because she loves being in the ring. She says she's made lemons out of lemonade throughout her whole career and she's worked really hard. Cora Jade walks in and says if it wasn't for Brooke, she would be the number one contender for the "NXT" Women's Championship. Brooke tells Jade not to blame her for losing the Battle Royal last week, but rather blame her sense of entitlement. Jade tells Brooke no one likes her and slaps her before storming off.


Back from the break, we head backstage to Wes Lee, Tyler Bate, and Mustafa Ali discussing their win. Ali tells Lee and Bate it's time to look ahead to the North American Championship match between Lee and Bate, and suggests becoming the guest referee following what happened during their Six-Man tag team match. Lee and Bate agree.

Back at ringside, Thea Hail and Duke Hudson head down. Cora Jade follows.

Cora Jade vs. Thea Hail (w/ Duke Hudson)

The bell rings and the two lock up. Jade shoves Hail, but Hail returns the favor. Jade delivers a dropkick and locks in a side headlock. Dana Brooke makes her way out to ringside as Hail delivers a pair of arm drags. Jade sends Hail crashing into the corner, then delivers a back elbow and goes for a pin. Hail kicks out and Jade delivers a double stomp to her spine. Hail fires back with a pair of double ax handles and a suplex, then lands the Boing and another suplex. Jade rolls to the outside and Hail looks for a tope suicida, but Jade clocks her. She takes a cheap shot at Brooke, then grabs her signature kendo stick. The referee grabs the kendo stick out of her hand and tosses it off to the side, allowing Brooke to send Jade crashing into the ring steps. Hail gets her back in the ring and cinches in a Kimura Lock for the win.


Winner: Thea Hail

After the match, Drew Gulak and Charlie Dempsey appear on the ramp to congratulate Hail.

Back from the break, commentary throws it to a Tweet put out by Shawn Michaels announcing that the winner of the match between Ilja Dragunov and Baron Corbin later tonight will become the Number One Contender for the "NXT" Championship. He also noted that next week's match for the World Heavyweight Championship between Seth "Freakin" Rollins and Bron Breakker has been made official.

Back at ringside, Nathan Frazer, Dragon Lee, Noam Dar, Oro Mensah, Jakara Jackson, and Lash Legend are all waiting in the ring.

Dar announces that he is injured and Mensah will be taking his place and defending his honor in the upcoming "NXT" Heritage Cup Match.


Oro Mensah (w/ Noam Dar, Jakara Jackson, and Lash Legend) (c) vs. Nathan Frazer (w/ Dragon Lee) for the NXT Heritage Cup

The bell rings and round one begins, Frazer rolls up Mensah. Mensah kicks out and delivers a shoulder tackle, but Frazer responds with an arm drag and begins targeting Mensah's arm. Frazer rolls up Mensah to pick up the win in round one.


Round One: Frazer 1-0 Mensah

Round two begins and Mensah delivers a kick to Frazer's spine. He goes for a pin, but Frazer kicks out. He follows it up with a suplex and a chop, then lands a right hand and follows it up with a dropkick to his head. He goes for a pin, but Frazer kicks out. Jackson hops up on the apron and distracts the referee, allowing Legend to pull Bate into the corner and Mensah to land a spinning heel kick to take home round two.

Round Two: Frazer 1-1 Mensah

Back from the break, Mensah rolls up Frazer at the tail end of round three. Frazer kicks out and Mensah goes flying. Frazer lands a superkick and manages to pin Mensah, but Mensah kicks out.

Round Three: Frazer 1-1 Mensah

Round four kicks off and Frazer lands a dropkick. He goes flying off the top, but Mensah rolls out of the way. He rolls up Frazer, but Frazer kicks out. Mensah then delivers a kick off the top rope and plants Frazer with a flapjack. He looks for a powerbomb, but Frazer escapes and delivers a kick to his chest. He ascends to the top, but Mensah meets him up there and delivers a German suplex. He pins Frazer, but Frazer manages to kick out. Jackson hops up on the apron as Legend goes after Frazer, but Valentina Feroz and Yulisa Leon run down to level the two women. This allows Frazer to ascend to the top and pin Mensah to become the new "NXT" Heritage Cup Champion.


Round Two: Frazer 2-1 Mensah

Winner (and new Heritage Cup Champion): Nathan Frazer

Dabba-Kato then heads down to the ring. SCRYPTS and Axiom follow. 

Dabba-Kato vs. Axiom and SCRYPTS in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match

Axiom and SCRYPTS land a double dropkick on Dabba-Kato. The bell rings and Dabba-Kato lands a clothesline on Axiom. SCRYPTS tags in and goes flying, but Dabba-Kato plants him mid-air. He fires off a couple of right hands before Axiom tags in. Axiom and SCRYPTS deliver another double kick before Dabba-Kato delivers a kick to SCRYPTS and sends Axiom crashing into the mat. He looks for a double chokeslam, but Axiom escapes and lands an enziguri. SCRYPTS tags in and fires off right hands, then sends Dabba-Kato tumbling to the outside. Axiom tags in before SCRYPTS lands a tope suicida. Axiom tags in and goes flying, then tags SCRYPTS back in. Dabba-Kato levels SCRYPTS before Axiom tags him and dumps SCRYPTS on top of him on the outside. Axiom then executes a moonsault off the ropes, and SCRYPTS tosses him back in the ring. He ascends to the top and delivers a moonsault before Axiom lands the Golden Ratio for the win.


Winners: Axiom and SCRYPTS

After the match, Garza and Humberto blindside Axiom and SCRYPTS.

We then head to a video of Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo trying to figure out who ratted Tony D'Angelo out to authorities. 

Back from the break, Edris Enofé and Malik Blade head to the ring. 

Edris Enofé vs. Malik Blade

The bell rings and the two lock up. Enofé looks for a kick, but Blade ducks it and rolls up Enofé. Enofé kicks out as Brooks Jensen, Josh Briggs, Hank Walker, and Tank Ledger appear at ringside to watch on. Blade delivers a knee to Enofé's head. The action spills to the outside, and Enofé delivers a flying back elbow to Blade. He goes flying, but Blade ducks out of the way before he goes flying over the top rope and connects. He tosses Enofé back in the ring, then ascends to the top but Enofé meets him up there and executes a superplex. He goes for a pin, but Blade reverses the fall for the win.


Winner: Malik Blade

After the match, Blade helps Enofé up. Enofé tells Blade he knows when his birthday is: April 22. He tells Blade he loves him and the pair embrace. Booker T then grabs a mic and says he has some breaking news. He says Edris Enofé and Malik Blade, Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen, and Hank Walker and Tank Ledger will be facing off in a Triple Threat Number One Contenders match for the "NXT" Tag Team Championship. The winners will square off with Gallus the following week, which leads to the three teams brawling with one another.

Roxanne Perez then makes her way down to the ring. Tatum Paxley follows. 

Roxanne Perez vs. Tatum Paxley

The bell rings and Perez rolls up Paxley. Paxley kicks out and Perez lands a tijeras before Paxley plants Perez. She then lands a shoulder tackle and locks in a Boston Crab, but Perez escapes by rolling up Paxley. Paxley kicks out and looks to lock in the Boston Crab again, but Perez rolls her up to escape once more. Paxley kicks out and Perez delivers a crossbody. She rains down right hands before the action spills to the outside and Perez lands a tope suicida. She tosses Paxley back in the ring, then delivers an uppercut in the corner and rolls Paxley up for the win.


Winner: Roxanne Perez

After the match, Perez puts Blair Davenport on notice and tells her that she's not afraid. She says she's now looking for Davenport and she'll now hurt her like Davenport did with the rest of the women's locker room, making a promise to do so. 

Baron Corbin then heads to the ring. Ilja Dragunov follows.

Ilja Dragunov vs. Baron Corbin in a Number One Contenders Match for the NXT Championship

The bell rings and the two lock up. Corbin delivers a vicious shoulder tackle, but Dragunov fires back with a big boot and sends Corbin into the top turnbuckle face first. Dragunov executes a series of chops. Corbin sends Dragunov into the top rope, then lands a pair of clotheslines. Dragunov hits a pair of German suplexes, but Corbin fires back with a back elbow. Dragunov then executes a Constantine Special.


Back from the break, Corbin dumps Dragunov out of the ring. He chokeslams him onto the apron, then fires off elbows on his midsection. He delivers a series of right hands, then executes a few more elbows and sends Dragunov into the apron face first. He tosses Dragunov back in the ring and delivers a stomp to his spine, then lands a backbreaker. He sends Dragunov colliding with the top turnbuckle, but Dragunov delivers a series of right hands. Corbin plants Dragunov with a Death Valley Driver, then delivers a right hand to his spine.

The pair go back and forth with right hands before Corbin lands Deep Six and goes for a pin. Dragunov kicks out and ascends to the top, then lands a senton and follows it up with a DDT. He then hits a Brainbuster and a headbutt, then sets up for the Torpedo. Bron Breakker appears out of nowhere and absorbs the move, allowing Corbin to deliver End of Days for the win.


Winner (and new Number One Contender): Baron Corbin

After the match, Breakker and Dragunov brawl to the back as Carmelo Hayes appears and levels Corbin. He lands Nothing But Net and holds the "NXT" Championship up, standing tall as the show goes off the air.