Bron Breakker Learned A Lot From WWE Main Roster Vets On European Tour

Just five matches into Bron Breakker's "WWE NXT" debut in 2021, the son of WWE Hall of Famer Rick Steiner joined the main roster on a European tour. The former "NXT" Champion reflected on that experience during an interview with the "Under the Ring" podcast. 


"That was such a cool experience for me," Breakker said. "I had so much fun, just being in the locker room and just being around main roster talent. That was such an honor for me to be part of that. So fun. It was just so cool and, like you said [podcast host Phil Strum], I got to wrestle Sami Zayn [and] Tommaso Ciampa, you know, these great superstars. I got to be around all these great superstars backstage and whatnot. That's probably something I'll never forget. 

"I learned so much in the five days that we worked, and I can't thank those guys enough for — I can't remember what it was, maybe three or four months of experience, period at that point. I can't really remember, but basically, not very much experience. And the way they took me along under their wing and just kind of helped me out, gave me the pointers, and were just so nice, so giving, and just so professional. It was awesome."


The opening night of that European tour in November 2021 saw Breakker unsuccessfully challenge then-"NXT" Champion Tommaso Ciampa for the gold in London, England. The remaining nights in Liverpool, Leeds, Nottingham, and Manchester saw Breakker participate in triple threat matches for the "NXT" title, which also involved Sami Zayn.

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