Tommy Dreamer Announces Skin Cancer Diagnosis, Offers Graphic Surgery Details

Tommy Dreamer has a constant presence across wrestling between his various roles In Impact Wrestling to his on-air position with "Busted Open Radio. Yet on his "House of Hardcore Podcast" this week, he had some startling news for the wrestling world. He had just undergone a procedure to treat his third bout with skin cancer. 


Dreamer transitioned into the discussion by pointing out how shiny his forehead looked, explaining that the sheen was a byproduct of the cancerous lesions and the treatment to remove them. 

"Scary when they tell you [that] you have cancer and it's the best form of cancer, but you have to get it removed for this," he said, courtesy of "They're able to cut it out. It's called Mohs surgery. I've had it before. I've had it here on my chest, I've had it on my head, and now I have a bigger one on my head. What you're looking at is the grossness of 42 stitches. I had 23 outside and 19 inside. You don't feel it when they're cutting you. It's weird. They numb your whole head. The weirdness of it is they have to cauterize your stuff, so you could smell your skin burning." 


"The part that I didn't like," he continued, "you can hear the scalpel cutting open your head, and the worst part is you can hear them when they're putting in the stitches. It's a long task to get that many stitches, but it's in your head. They can numb it, you're not feeling it, but you can hear it. You don't feel it, but you can hear it going into your skin and the tightening of the thread. It's gross."

Dreamer noted that the cancer was one of the various reasons he'd recently taken himself off of television for Impact before getting into what he felt the cause of the lesions was. "I don't blame the sun," he added. "I do blame lack of sunscreen, having a giant forehead, but most importantly, I do blame tanning beds," stressing the importance of sunscreen in closing.