Road Dogg On Owen Hart In The Nation: 'No Other White Dude Could Have Made It Work'

The Attitude Era gave wrestlers an opportunity to express themselves, and among the WWE superstars who capitalized on the newfound creative freedom was the late, great Owen Hart. In early 1998, Hart — working as a babyface — had a lengthy rivalry with D-Generation X leader Triple H, and suffered a series of losses, but was also on the receiving end of humiliation and mockery from the racy faction


By April of that year, Hart decided to embrace the "Attitude" much like his other peers in the locker room. On an episode of "WWE Raw," Hart blindsided Ken Shamrock during a tag team bout against The Rock and Mark Henry, proceeding to bite his ear and injure his ankle. Hart then joined The Rock-led Nation of Domination faction in the process and interject himself into their rivalry with DX, thereby avenging his earlier humiliation against Triple H and co. 

On a recent episode of "Oh...You Didn't Know," WWE Hall of Famer "Road Dogg" Jesse James reviewed King of the Ring 1998, where Hart wrestled DX's X-Pac in a preliminary tourney match. When asked to recall his initial thoughts on Hart's fit with The Nation, James summed it up with one word. "Perfect," responded James. "It made perfect sense. It couldn't have been any better if you asked me. He's the perfect guy — I don't think any other white dude could have made it work. That's just the truth. I think Owen was the one guy who could."


Hart's new NOD-inspired theme song would begin with the words, "Enough is enough and it's time for a change," as the youngest member of the Hart Family embraced his new persona. 

He would remain with The Nation until its dissolution in late 1998 when The Rock — after winning his first WWE Championship — aligned himself with Vince McMahon and The Corporation.