Rob Van Dam Recalls The First Time WWE Boss Vince McMahon Was Angry With Him

During the latest "One of a Kind" podcast, Rob Van Dam revealed the first time he saw Vince McMahon angry at him. The anger came when RVD got to the building following his and Sabu's arrest. The duo were pulled over for speeding, then drugs were found in the car. It ultimately led to RVD's time as WWE Champion coming to an abrupt end, with McMahon not being impressed.

"Vince was one of the first people that I remember walking by when we got to the building and of course, I was wondering how Vince was going to feel about this," RVD said. "He was walking towards us, me and Sabu, and I was kind of like, 'Hey Vince,' and he just walked right by, his energy was like, 'Not now, not a good time.' He walked by and I was like, 'He needs some time.'" RVD admitted he wasn't planning on saying anything when he got to the building, as he had been pulled over plenty of times in the past without any issues. However, this time was different due to the position he was in within the company. Despite that, RVD was left surprised by McMahon's reaction once he had relaxed and thought things through.

"Because I had the championship, that's what made the difference and everyone already knew when we got to the building. We found that out very soon," RVD said. "He did and then later on when he came up to me and talked to his advisors and made a plan or whatever he was like, 'Rob, you're going to be suspended for 30 days. Now I want you to take those 30 days and get some rest,' he couldn't have been cooler."

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