AEW Dynamite Results (6/28): Sting & Allin Face Jericho & Guevara, Jack Perry Explains His Actions

This is Wrestling INC.'s live coverage of "AEW Dynamite" for June 28, 2023.

Tonight is the post-show following the AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door event this past weekend, therefore a lot of fallout from that can be expected. That is how the main event was created as the issues between Sting and Chris Jericho were not resolved at the PPV. During the media scrum, Jericho confronted Sting and Darby Allin demanding more time with the former WCW star in the ring, and tonight Jericho will team with Sammy Guevara to face both men. 

Fans can also expect to hear from "Jungle Boy" Jack Perry following his shocking heel turn at the event, as people might learn exactly why he decided to attack his former tag team partner, HOOK. 

Jon Moxley and Tomohiro Ishii are set to collide in what promises to be a physical singles match. Meanwhile, the Owen Hart Foundation tournament is also going to continue as Britt Baker faces Ruby Soho, continuing the issues between The Outcasts and The Originals in the process.

While a lot of the episode will be looking at the fallout from the recent PPV things will also be advancing forward as well. More of the participants in the blind eliminator tag team tournament will be announced, meanwhile, fans can look forward to hearing from MJF and Adam Cole on this show. The two men have been rivals as of late, but they are being forced to team up as part of that upcoming tournament.

Finally, a major six-man tag team match has been announced as Daniel Garcia, Matt Menard, and Angelo Parker will be joining forces to face Orange Cassidy, Keith Lee, and El Hjo Del Vikingo.

Tomohiro Ishii vs. Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley and Tomohiro Ishi immediately go face to face and start trading chops, they then trade shoulder tackles and forearm strikes as both men refuse to budge. However, Moxley sends Ishii into the turnbuckle but he bounces back with a shoulder tackle that drops Moxley, yet he responds by biting the NJPW star which he responds with by doing the same. However, Moxley then drops Ishii with a shoulder tackle of his own, following it up with some stomps to the face. 

Moxley then dumps Ishii outside the ring and follows it with a suicide dive, continuing his attack. Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta then start to look down on Ishii until Eddie Kingston makes his way out, grabbing a chair to make them back off. Despite that, Moxley regains control by dropping Ishii onto the ring apron as he then dominates in the corner of the ring. 

Ishii fires up after taking the blows and starts walking into the, dropping the BCC star with just one elbow of his own. He then places Moxley onto the top turnbuckle to deliver a superplex. Once again the two then go back and forth with forearm strikes, and while Ishii then hits a flurry of moves Moxley manages to drop his opponent with one huge blow which he follows with a piledriver, but Ishii kicks out.

Moxley then hits the elbow strikes and then a huge King Kong lariat, but Ishii kicks out immediately only for him to hammer a huge shot of his own which Moxley kicks out of. The two men then both look for a lariat, but as they hit each other they both just drop to the mat. Ishii connects with some open-handed strikes, but after he goes for another Moxley reverses it and hits a Paradigm Shift for another near fall. 

Ishii then delivers one of his own and then a huge lariat, but this time Moxley kicks out and hits a cutter. However, Ishii pops up immediately to deliver a low-running lariat but that's not enough either. Moxley then hits a knee strike before the Death Rider, but Ishii kicks out again! Moxley hits a Stomp and then another Death Rider, and this time it is enough. 

Winner: Jon Moxley

Post-match, Moxley heads to the back and shoulder barges Kingston. The two men then talk trash to each other as Moxley heads to the back.

Orange Cassidy, Keith Lee, & El Hijo Del Vikingo vs. Matt Menard, Angelo Parker, & Daniel Garcia

Renee Paquette is shown backstage as Adam Cole arrives in the building, with MJF turning up at the same time. MJF congratulates Cole for getting 'sick' at Forbidden Door, as he wishes he thought of that. He thinks they got off on the wrong foot, nobody is on his level but if there's anyone close it is Cole. He tells him to imagine what they can do as a team, and he thinks they should bond this weekend. MJF then reveals he got Cole tag team merch with a 'Better Than You BayBay shirt.'

Paquette is then shown shouting at Moxley asking what is going on between him and Kingston. He then turns up and they argue as says he has Moxley's back but he is with Castagnoli. Paquette then screams and tells Moxley to leave and she then tells Kingston to fix it as she is done. 

El Hijo Del Vikingo and Daniel Garcia start the match as Vikingo shows his agility before bouncing off the middle rope to hit an arm drag as Angelo Parker and Orange Cassidy tag in. Cassidy grabs the new comb and puts it in his pocket as he avoids a cheap shot from Daddy Magic who attacks his own partner by accident. Cassidy then tries to use the comb but Garcia tags in and stops him, taking it back.

Cassidy quickly takes control of Garcia, holding him still as Vikingo dives down with a foot stomp and then the shooting star press but Garcia kicks out. The JAS stars then take control with frequent tags, with Matt Menard slamming Vikingo down to the mat with a powerbomb. However, Vikingo makes the tag as Keith Lee leaps over the top rope to crossbody both Menard and Parker. 

They then double-team him and beat the big man down as Garcia stands on his back and dances which leads to him picking up Garcia and running him into both his partners. Lee hits a huge double-handed chop to Garcia as Vikingo comes in with a kick to the face. Vikingo and Lee then work together outside the ring, but Garcia hits a piledriver to Cassidy inside of it. 

He locks in the Dragon Tamer but Vikingo breaks it up as Menard tries to hit Lee with several chops and lariat attempts only to eat a Supernova. 

Winners: Keith Lee, Orange Cassidy, & El Hijo Del Vikingo

The Elite vs. The Dark Order

The Young Bucks and Adam Page are backstage saying they have an open challenge, but The Darker Order turn up and they accept it. Page says they'll make it a 12-man tag, but they make it clear they're here to fight them. Page tries to apologize for not talking to them, but Evil Uno points out he gave up on them as Page asks if he's their babysitter, but the Dark Order make it clear they're their opponents tonight.

Alex Reynolds kickstarts things with Nick Jackson which is even until John Silver tags in and demands Adam Page. He wants to talk things out but then they get into things with Silver hitting a back elbow strike, but he opts to tag out after that and so does Silver. Matt Jackson and Evil Uno then lock up as the bigger man drops The Elite star and then takes a cheap shot at Page while he's on the ring apron. 

The Young Bucks work together in tandem with several double team moves to take control, but they then get hit by a double clothesline from Uno. He once again wants Page to fight but drops off the apron as Uno then gets superkicked out of the ring by The Young Bucks. They both leap from the top turnbuckles and then take out everyone below them outside the ring. 

Page tags in but once again he can't fight his friends so Nick returns and he and Matt once again dominate with double-team moves. However, Reynolds reverses the next attempt and Nick accidentally kicks his brother as Uno then tags in and drops Page on the apron once again as he begins clearing house. Page then gets involved but doesn't want to fight again which leads to Uno slapping him, and that's enough as he snaps and starts fighting back.

The Dark Order work together with a flurry of moves, but Page is able to kick out at the last second. Dark Order aims for a Pendulum Bomb but Nick Jackson makes the save and Page then nails Silver with a lariat. He is conflicted about the Buckshot Lariat, and that leads to Silver reversing it and almost catching him with a pinfall attempt. Silver then nails several kicks but Page then hits the Deadeye which is followed by the Deadeye and a Buckshot Lariat.

Winners: Adam Page & The Young Bucks

After the match, the Blackpool Combat Club jumps The Elite stars as The Darker Order just walk away and leave. Eddie Kingston hits the ring to help but he gets jumped as well while Page is left bleeding. Moxley says it has been a blast but it is time for this to end and they need to push each other beyond their limits. July 19, Blood & Guts!

Jack Perry Explains His Actions

Cole and Roderick Strong are then shown backstage as he questions if Cole can trust MJF, but he says he is just playing him along. MJF then turns up and says he will keep Strong updated.

Jack Perry then makes his way out and tells AEW to turn that garbage off as the fans have ruined the song to the point we will not hear it ever again. He has a car ready to take him to the airport, he is cashing cheques, and is banging the hottest woman in the company. He questions if he turned on HOOK or if everybody turned on him, after everything he has given this place. 

He claims HOOK is an entitled second-generation pr**k, and the belt isn't even officially recognized, which is the same reason why he doesn't recognize HOOK, and that's because he is a fraud. He claims HOOK was lucky to ever stand next to him as he was a Tag Team Champion in his last duo. Perry knows what the FTW Championship means to HOOK and his family and that is why he is going to take it from him. 

Perry says when he gets his hands on HOOK he is going to beat the sh*t out of him. But that leads to HOOK making a beeline for the ring, but as he hits the ring Perry gets out and he springs away through the fans as HOOK gives chase backstage. Perry is shown sprinting backstage where he dives into a car to escape.

Ruby Soho vs. Alexia Nicole

Soho immediately drops Nicole and starts stomping away on her as she throws her out of the ring to allow the other Outcasts to get a few cheap shots in. Back inside the ring Soho plants her opponent twice but refuses to pin her. Instead, she takes the official's glove and then puts her in the Lockjaw. 

Winner: Ruby Soho

After the match they spray the 'L' onto Nicole as Soho says rookies get whatever they want around here as in terms of Baker getting another shot in the competition next week. She says Baker and Cole would have weak bast*rds if they had kids. She questions if Baker knows who she actually is and Soho points out that they have taken everything from Baker, and they will keep doing so until she has nothing.

QTV introduce Johnny TV backstage as they hype up their match on "AEW Rampage." Swerve In Our Glory are revealed to be partners again for the upcoming tag tournament.

Sting & Darby Allin vs. Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara (Tornado Tag)

Darby Allin nails Sammy Guevara with a dropkick immediately as they start brawling outside the ring while Sting and Chris Jericho fight with their bats. Sting gets the better of it but Allin then gets nailed by a cutter from the top turnbuckle by Guevara as they work together to double-team Sting. Jericho launches the Hall Of Famer into the barricade while Guevara pulls out a ladder.

Guevara then launches Allin into the ring steps as Jericho then drops him onto the ring apron. They then throw him into the stairs and he spins over them landing spine-first on top of the barricade before falling to the floor with the fans. Sting heads to the outside to help his partner and they all end up brawling back toward the barricade as Guevara suplexes Allin onto the concrete while Sting nails Jericho with a chair. 

Jericho in his "Painmaker" gimmick uses a poster from a fan to attack Sting with, shoving it into his mouth as he and Guevara then work together against Allin. As they brawl back around the ring Allin nails a huge Coffin Drop outside the ring to Guevara, as he and Sting then pull out some tables which get set up outside the ring with Guevara being placed onto them. A ladder is then set inside the ring for Allin, but Sting goes up instead and he launches himself off and crashes through Guevara.

Back inside the ring, Allin dives onto the back of Jericho while using his skateboard, but he kicks out. Jericho fights back by sending Allin into the ladder face-first, but Allin responds b doing the exact same thing to Jericho. Allin aims for a springboard Coffin Drop but Jericho nails him with his skateboard in mid-air. He follows it with a Judas Effect but Allin rolls out of the ring. Sting turns up behind him and tries to take advantage but he is put into the Walls Of Jericho, but Sting uses a bat to break it.

Sting nails a Stinger Splash, but as he goes for another he is hit with a Codebreaker, which Sting kicks out of. He misses with the Judas Effect and is hit with the Scorpion Death Drop, yet Jericho then kicks out! Sting follows it up with the Scorpion Deathlock for the win. 

Winners: Sting & Darby Allin