Kurt Angle Shares Misadventure From Traveling With Randy Orton For WWE

Throughout their storied careers, Kurt Angle and Randy Orton faced each other in the squared circle on several occasions. During a recent edition of his podcast, "The Kurt Angle Show," Angle reflected on one of their matches at Vengeance Day 2006 and detailed the origins of his long-standing friendship with Orton.


"Well, Randy and I, we started being really good friends right when he started," said Angle. "See, [Jim Ross] and Vince [McMahon] came to me and said, 'Listen, we have a kid, a little rough around the edges. We want you to travel with him.' I'm like 'Who?”"

Angle recalled finding out he was "Cowboy" Bob Orton's son and agreeing to do the deed. He admitted that although he didn't completely fulfill his duties, the two had some fun times on the road and told of one such occasion.

"One day, I went the opposite way than I was supposed to for about an hour on the highway," Angle said. "Randy's like, 'Oh my God, we're going to be late.' I turned around and go the other way."

Angle reminisced over Orton's reaction and fear of getting fined, having been tardy to other shows prior. "We finally get there, and we're an hour late," Angle said. "So, we're locked out of the arena. He busting on the window, trying to pound on it. Then, he kicks it and kicks the window open. The window and the door shatter. He goes in there and wrestles."


The Hall of Famer revealed that in the aftermath of the event, officials of the arena put in a call to McMahon and explained what had happened.

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