Former AEW Star Sadie Gibbs Announces Wrestling Return, Details Health Struggles

When AEW was getting started in 2019 and recruiting various independent wrestlers from around the world, one that got a lot of attention was Sadie Gibbs. The native of Kent, England had come up due to a Twitter spat with Will Ospreay over how Gibbs handled a death in the family while on tour with STARDOM, but it led to Matt Jackson seeing videos of her impressive aerial maneuvers, and that earned her a contract. However, since she hadn't relocated to the U.S., the COVID-19 pandemic stranded her in Australia, which led to her being one of the few cuts to date, and several months later, she retired. On Thursday, though, Gibbs announced on Instagram that, having dealt with health issues not related to wrestling, she wants to return.

"SO IT HAS BEEN FAR TO [sic] LONG!" Gibbs announced. "But I can't get this chapter of my life, out [of] my heart! I will be doing a documentary on my RETURN (yup I said it my RETURN) with @envigormedia[.}" She added that in the last two years since she retired, she's had two major surgeries, one to remove a five-centimeter tumor from her right ovary, and the other to repair issues caused by endometriosis. The gynecological issues had been the cause of sudden blood pressure drops that started while she was still wrestling.

Gibbs adds that she doesn't think she was ready for the AEW opportunity when it struck four years ago, but that "we level up and grow despite what healing needed to take place in between[;] we suck it up and know how blessed we are to have the opportunity."